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Kourtney Kardashian has outsourced her beauty to India.

The reality star is featured in a sexy pictorial as part of that country's November issue of Maxim. Indeed, critics can say what they want about Kourtney - she's annoying, starved for attention, talentless, unashamed to exploit her child for publicity and money... - but it's hard to deny Kourtney is by far the best looking of all these Kardashian sisters.

Unfortunately, we can't even sit back and enjoy that fact because only one thought crosses our minds when looking at the pics below: Scott Disick gets to go home every night and tap this?!?

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At this point, it's no secret that Demi Lovato has been dealing with a number of issues for a very long time.

How did those problems affect this singer's relationship with Joe Jonas? Greatly, according to the latest issue of People.

A source tells that publication Joe had little choice but to end things because “Demi’s attitude and behavior were out of control.” This insider goes on to refer to Demi as “a tortured mess."

Lovato's struggles hit a climax on a plane out of Peru, as has already been detailed. She believed backup dancer Alex Welch had tattled on her partying habits and, according to this story:

"Walked onto the plane, did not look at the girl, then suddenly punched her in the face and threatened her with a slew of expletives. Demi’s manager asked her, ‘Are you in control at all?’ She said, ‘Sorry, I just lost it.’”

From there, Demi agreed to seek treatment - and now we're all rooting for her to get better.

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Nearly five years after Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey divorced, both stars got engaged this month and are totally ready for their second marriages.

Nick and Vanessa Minnillo announced their news November 1. Then, this Sunday, we learned that Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson will wed as well.

The way marriages go nowadays, particularly in Hollywood, you can't help but wonder if either will make it. Who do you think stands the better chance? 

Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson Picture

Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson are getting hitched. To other people.

As for the obligatory rumor that Jessica got engaged just to "keep up" with Nick (you know someone will report this), a source says Johnson "had been planning the engagement for awhile and the date was very special to them."

Bottom line: We wish both couples the best and hope they both last forever. But it's far from a given. Which union do you think will last longer?


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Forget Hell's Kitchen. Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay is living through Hell's Bedroom.

An affair between the reality TV star and fame-mongering mistress Sarah Symonds came to light this summer, mostly because the latter announced her plans to write a book about the relationship. (She's already the author of "Having An Affair? - A Handbook for the Other Woman.")

Derek Lowe Mug Shot

Now, Symonds has taken the unusual, hilarious, condescending step of actually reaching out to Tana Ramsay, Gordon's scorned wife.

In an open letter on her website, Symonds refers to herself as an "Infidelity Analyst" and tells Tana to "stand up for herself." It gets so much better:

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Despite mediocre performances all season, Bristol Palin has made it to the final four on Dancing With the Stars, and might not even be done this week.

"I can't believe it's been three months already," she said. Heading into tonight's waltz and paso doble double-dip, she says "I'm pretty confident now."

That confidence should come in handy this week, when the Pistol and partner Mark Ballas perform routines she describes as fierce and "pretty sexy."

The challenge, she admits, is that "I'm not a sexy girl."

Bristol Palin Shakes It

OOH, YEAH! Mark Ballas likes what he's seen from Bristol Palin so far.

"I work my butt off," she adds, dismissing any conspiracy theories surrounding her unexpectedly long run on the show, saying it's all about effort.

Besides, for every voter that would vote for her because she's her mother's daughter, "Think about all the people who hate my mom!" she said.

That's a fair point.

As for the obligatory romance rumors that engulf any Dancing With the Stars tandem, Bristol Palin says she and Mark Ballas are purely friends.

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Someone should give Melanie Brown and Stephen Belafonte Charlie Sheen's phone number.

According to a random Australian stripper, this couple has something in common with that troubled actor, as she claims to have engaged in a threesome with the former Spice Girl and her bald-headed husband.

Derek Lowe Mug Shot

The unnamed woman says she was hesitant to go back to a hotel room with the pair while they were Down Under recently, but then figured, hey, “something like that might never happen again."

Paging Charlie Sheen! Melanie Brown and Stephen Belafonte would like to make you an offer...

Brown and Belafonte were in Australia last Saturday to promote their new reality show, as the stripper says one of the couple's bodyguards came up and asked if she wanted to get into a sex act with the pair.

“It was nice. We had a nice time," the lady said.

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Either she forgot she had it on, or Rihanna has a really twisted sense of humor.

Either way, the singer posed for photo with some children when she left her hotel in New York on Saturday night wearing a nice "F**k You" necklace.

Maybe it's just part of her "Rockstar 101" persona? Somehow, we're guessing the kids' parents won't be putting this image up on the fridge ...

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Former Skid Row frontman Sebastian Bach was arrested in Ontario this morning after cops say he smashed a wine glass at a bar and got into a melee.

A melee that ended with Bach biting one of the bouncers.

According to reports, the drama began when the singer got into a "dispute" with the owner of the Peterborough, Ont., pub where he'd been hanging.

Bach was asked to GTFO the joint just after midnight, but he refused. Instead, the 42-year-old fired a wine glass at the front door. Always a smart move.

The owner of the bar and a bouncer tried to restrain the singer, and that's when things got ugly. Before he knew it, Bach bit the dude on the hand.

Bach was restrained by bar staff until cops arrived and reportedly found nearly two grams of weed on Bach. Not his best night, in other words.

He was charged with assault, possession of marijuana and mischief.

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Billy Ray Cyrus may have flipped out on wife Tish, leading to the dissolution of this couple's 17-year marriage.

But whether or not that tabloid story is true, we'll never know by asking the country singer himself. That's becaue Billy Ray has made it clear: he won't be discussing his divorce in public.

Asked about the split on WCOL's Woody & The Wake-Up Call show on Friday, Cyrus responded by storming out of the booth and saying: "God bless America, God bless our troops... Have a good day, brother." Listen to the failed Q&A below:

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A duet featuring Michael Jackson and Akon was released this morning as the first official single from the late icon's posthumous upcoming album Michael.

A handwritten note by MJ was found after his death indicating his desire that "Hold My Hand" be the first single on his next album, Epic Records said.

There's no doubt about its authenticity, either. Unlike the track that leaked earlier this month, "Breaking News," Jackson's family embraces this song.

Michael Pic

Taj Jackson, one of the star's many nephews, posted an online message Sunday saying it was the last song his uncle ever played for him in person.

"He was so proud of it," Taj said. "I'll never forget the smile he had on his face as the song played through the speakers at the Palms Hotel in Vegas."

The song may be familiar to MJ fans from the unfinished version that leaked in 2008, but Akon returned to the studio to remaster the final version.

"The world was not ready to hear 'Hold My Hand' when it leaked," Akon said of the song they originally recorded in 2007. "We were devastated."

The song is now in "its final state," Akon said. "It's a beautiful, anthemic song." Listen to "Hold My Hand" after the jump and tell us what you think ...

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