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Mel Gibson is a little unstable. That's common knowledge.

A frantic, rambling letter to Oksana Grigorieva a year before their infamous fight and his subsequent voicemail rants takes the crazy to a new level, however.

The troubled actor describes himself as "so ragged I could drink or commit a crime" and observes, eerily, that "the anger seems to be out of my control."


Mel Gibson has been aware of his anger issues for some time.

Mel said in the hand-written letter, believed to have been penned around December 2008, that "I need to do something. Something lasting, not just a band aid."

"I don't know why I'm so whacky and depressed but I need to get well and re-enter life. Please don't be upset I've gone. I'm just not myself and feel bad when I'm so f**ked up and sick. I don't want to inflict this unhealthy version of myself on you."

Wherever he had "gone" to, he apparently came back ... and got her pregnant, then split from wife Robyn, then allegedly unleashed an epic beatdown on Oksana.

He also theorizes, referencing his holistic doctor, that "Maybe it's some kind of male menopause - or Brian's s**t ... this isn't who I was meant to be - I know it!"

He concludes the letter telling Oksana Grigorieva "I love you" and, depressingly, that "I'm scared I can't get back." Their daughter, Lucia, was born a year later.

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Susan Boyle did not have a perfect day when she was scheduled to perform on America's Got Talent a couple weeks ago.

The Scottish singer reportedly suffered a meltdown upon learning she did not have permission to sing Lou Reed's "Perfect Day" on that NBC competition.

But all licensing glitches have been worked out and Boyle will actually include this ballad on her upcoming album, "The Gift." Listen to her version of it now and then cast a vote:

What do you think of the single?


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You're welcome, guys.

We know you probably don't care too much about the latest fashion trends, but this might pique your interest just the same. When Ashley Greene and Blake Lively throw down in a celebrity style showdown, everybody wins really.

The Eclipse star hit an award show in a cream Antonio Berardi dress, while The Town star hit the film's premiere in the black version. Who wore it best? Vote!

Ash and Blake

Who wore this dress the best?


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It's said that all good things must come to an end. So, too, must David Hasselhoff's attempt to bust a move on Dancing With the Stars. It was simply not to be.

Hoff gets credit for self-deprecatingly giving it his best on the season premiere, and are surprised his enthusiasm and name recognition didn't carry him.

The German contingency must not have hit the phones.

David Hasselhoff and Kym Johnson Photo

David Hasselhoff is Dancing With the Stars' first casualty.

Once again, our faith in predicting these results shows is nill. We expected Margaret Cho and Michael Bolton to be at risk, but they were safe right off the bat.

This is because the show tells you who from the bottom dancers is safe as well as the top performers in random, disjointed order. Oh well. Keeps you tuned in.

In the end it came down to Kurt Warner, Kyle Massey, The Situation and the Hoff, with the latter bidding adieu. Do you think voters made the right call?

Who are you rooting for with the Hoff down?


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50 Cent has been Tweeting like a madman lately, and some of the rapper's vast vault of wisdom really warrants a closer look. Just don't threaten the guy, or he will come after you ... in a Twitter rampage, and possibly a glock. There's no telling.

Also, the man appears to be into some kinky stuff. In case you're easily offended, we've posted some excerpts from his publicly available account after the jump.

Not sure if this imagery is something you want ...

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Spencer Pratt has finally lost it. His beard, that is.

The celebrity gossip mainstay bid farewell to his flesh-colored facial hair Tuesday, which is a shame, as his mountain man look was really starting to grow on us.

Still, these are the things people do for their wives. Spencer Pratt ditched the beard "in honor of things working out between my wife Heidi Montag and myself."

The Beard

Spencer Pratt dabbled in homelessness, but is back to his old self. BTW, dude behind him could lose some weight. Nice moobs. [Photo:]

The former MTV reality star commemorated the occasion with a YouTube video that's actually somewhat amusing. He jokes that he had grand ambitions of corporate sponsorship for the shaving, but that he was deemed "off brand." LOL.

Say your farewells to the beard after the jump ...

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Lindsay Lohan may very well be calling a jail cell home as soon as Friday.

After failing two drug tests, and this being her second probation hearing in three months, you can sort of see the penal system's side of the story there.

A bench warrant has been issued and her probation will be formally revoked Friday morning. Once it is, Lohan will likely have to wait for a full hearing.

Lindsay On Her Way

IN DEEP: Linds may be back in jail soon. [Photo:]

During the time between Friday and that event, "Lindsay could be remanded directly into custody" pending the probation violation hearing, sources say.

It's very possible that Judge Elden Fox will do that. Why?

"Last time, she was allowed to remain free on bail last time until her probation violation hearing, but Judge Fox probably won't give her that privilege because of her failed drug test, and this is her second probation violation hearing in three months."

Hard to argue with that.

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If you can stop staring at our gallery of Robert Pattinson photos for one minute, Twilight Saga fans, we have an update on the latest film in this beloved franchise.

Eclipse will come out on DVD on December 4. Included in the two-disc Special Edition will be:

  • Audio commentary w/Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart.
  • Audio commentary w/Stephenie Meyer and Wyck Godfrey.
  • Eight deleted/extended scenes.
  • A 90-minute, six-part making of documentary.
  • A picture gallery.
  • Music videos from Metric and Muse.

Take home Robert, Taylor, Kristen and company on December 4!

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We feel you, Japan. We don't want her either.

Paris Hilton is being held at a hotel tonight and cannot enter the country after being detained at the airport for hours over her guilty plea for cocaine possession.

That apparently raised red flags abroad. The ho-tel heiress flew to Japan on business and was questioned by immigration authorities as she got off the plane.

Out on Probation

Paris Hilton is stuck in Japan after her recent drug conviction caused concern. The fashion police may stop her on her way back. [Photo:]

Immigration authorities are allowing Paris to stay at an airport hotel until the matter is resolved. For her part, Hilton hasn't decided whether to stay or leave.

Paris' rep told TMZ she was "delayed by immigration authorities at a Japanese airport after arriving for business obligations planned many months earlier."

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The bid of Wyclef Jean to become the next President of Haiti has officially come to an end.

Following the ruling by country officials that disallowed the singer from entering the election, due to a lack of residency in the nation, Wyclef said he'd challenge the decision and follow through on his political dream.

But he told CBS News today:

Wyclef Jean Image

“After weeks of quiet but painstaking reflection with my wife and daughter, I have chosen to end my bid for the presidency of Haiti. This was not an easy conclusion to reach; but it is one that was thoughtfully made, taking into account many, many competing factors and weighing the course that will best advance the healing of the country and help it find the quickest path to recovery.

“Though my run for the presidency was cut short, in this way, I feel it was not in vain. It’s something we can use to improve conditions for my Haitian brothers and sisters.”

Now Wyclef will have more time to write mean songs about Sean Penn

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