Nicole Greenaway left her 3-month-old daughter with a babysitter overnight two months ago. The sitter's 10-year-old daughter has since been charged with manslaughter in the baby's death. Yes, 10. How did this tragic tale happen?

Greenaway had previously trusted co-worker, Amanda Huard, to babysit her kids - baby Brooklyn and her 2-year-old sister - at Huard's Fairfield, Maine, home.

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Breathe easy, Klooney fans. All is well in beautiful paradise between George Clooney and Stacy Keibler.

A rep for the Oscar-winning star has come out and slammed a report in Great Britain's The Sun that claims the actor and the former WWE Diva have split. Simply put, the statement reads:

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Nadya Suleman has secured a new Octocrib for her giant brood at last.

The mother of 14 is moving to Palmdale, Calif., in the Antelope Valley, at the northern end of Los Angeles County. You can get more space in the 'burbs.

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Lady Gaga shaved. her. head. Half of it anyway, in honor of Terry Richardson's late mother. Seriously. This is a drastic hairstyle change, even by her standards.

"I did it for u Terry," she tweeted. "I'm sorry about ure mommy."