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Welcome to another edition of The Hollywood Gossip Week in Review. Follow THG on Twitter and Facebook for 24/7/365 coverage. Right now, let's look back at the stars, stories and scandals that made headlines this week ...

Recently Engaged

Wills and Kate are getting married. Tony and Eva are divorcing.

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It's a busy time at The Hollywood Gossip.

Point guards are cheating on Desperate Housewives. Princes are getting engaged. Our staff is busy delivering the most up-to-date celebrity gossip and news to our readers, leaving us with little time to watch television.

But the same can't be said of our friends at TV Fanatic. Below, we've posted links to their latest scoops and spoilers, while letting fans know what they can expect from their favorite shows...

Vampire Diaries Promo

Bones spoilers: The good news? A proposal is on the way. The bad news? Viewers will need to wait until February to see who it involves.

The Vampire Diaries spoilers: Before 2010 is over, we'll learn that Tyler is not the only werewolf in town. Not even close.

Glee spoilers: The Fox musical comedy is planning a big Christmas episode, and a REALLY big Super Bowl episode.

Pretty Little Liars spoilers: This ABC Family drama returns on January 3. What else will we learn about A?

True Blood spoilers: Season four doesn't air until the summer, but new characters have already been cast.

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Robert Pattinson had a message for his fans at this week's BBC Teen Choice Awards: Thank you.

In response, these fans had a message for the Twilight Saga star: AHHHHHH!!!!

Because he's getting married filming Breaking Dawn in Brazil, Pattinson was not on hand for the ceremony. But he picked up the awards for Best Dressed and Best Actor and submitted a video via satellite, thanking those who voted. If you listen closely, you can make out at least a few words he says above the screams of his admirers below;

Still, these Pattinson lovers have a long way to go if they wish to top this crazy person as the world's biggest Twilight fan.

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Paula Abdul may be gone from the American Idol judging table, but her influence on pop music remains.

In the latest example of a current artist either honoring the past or disparaging it (you decide!), Vampire Diaries star Katerina Graham has remade Abdul's classic single, "Cold Hearted Snake."

Check out the singer's original music video for it HERE and then watch Graham in action. Whose version do you prefer?

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Tony Parker, whose marriage crumbled amid a relationship with Erin Barry, says he was not blindsided when wife Eva Longoria filed for divorce this week.

"Eva and I have been discussing our situation privately," Parker told People magazine. "I was aware that she would be filing for divorce in Los Angeles."

Parker also denied a report – since retracted – that he went to court first, only to have Eva convince him not to, at which point she filed out of revenge.

Tony and Eva split amid reports of him sexting Erin Barry.

"I did not file for divorce in Texas and did not hire attorneys in either California or Texas," Parker says. "We plan to continue to keep discussions of this private."

Good luck with that.

When you have an affair with a teammate's wife - although sources close to Tony say there was only sexting and no actual sex involved - stories spiral out of control.

Erin Barry, whose husband Brent played with Tony on the San Antonio Spurs from 2004-08, is in the process of divorcing him as well. What a bizarre, sad story.

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Photos, or more accurately video screen grabs of Mel Gibson's daughter Lucia offer proof that the actor did not abuse the infant, according to his legal team.

Shot three days after the fight between Mel and Oksana Grigorieva during which she says he abused them, Gibson says the video proves she's a perjurer.

Poor Oksana

Oksana claims that during a Jan. 6 argument, Mel hit her twice, and the second blow grazed Lucia, drawing blood and creating an abrasion on her chin.

Will photo evidence clear Mel Gibson of domestic abuse charges?

Oksana Grigorieva submitted a photo in the custody case purporting to show Lucia's injury. But video from January 9 shows absolutely no evidence of an abrasion.

According to court documents, Mel's lawyers claim Oksana doctored the photo to prove a phantom injury - basically they say she's lying about Mel Gibson's abuse.

Mel admits he slapped Oksana January 6, but says it was one time, not hard, and only done to "bring her back to reality" because he feared she would hurt Lucia.

The day after the confrontation, Oksana took Lucia to her pediatrician, and made no mention of an injury, nor did the pediatrician see one. Very suspicious stuff.

Follow this link to peep TMZ's pics and see for yourself ...

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As Beyonce crooned, if you like it, you should put a ring on it.

Jessica Simpson apparently took this timeless mantra to heart.

The star, who recently announced her engagement to Eric Johnson, reportedly forked out $100,000 of her own money for a ruby-and-diamond Neil Lane band.

Jessica Simpson, Eric Johnson Pic

The future Mr. and Mrs. Jessica Simpson steppin' out this fall.

"No way could Eric, who doesn’t have a job, afford to purchase such an expensive ring,” a source said. "Yes, he made a little money in the NFL and is from a wealthy family, but unless his parents helped him out, Jessica must have paid for it."

Definitely. That MUST be what happened.

Sources add she may also fund an extravagant wedding so as not to be upstaged by ex-husband Vanessa Minnillo and Nick Lachey, who just got engaged too.

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AnnaLynne McCord is a really terrible actress. Seriously, she's just an over-reacting mess on 90210.

But the pretty star must have something going for her, right? After all, she's dated Kellan Lutz on and off for years. The answer is clear: McCord has a killer head of hair.

She can wear is straight. She can wear is curly. She can wear it up or wear it down. Any way she goes, the locks are flowing and the compliments are abundant. But what is her best look? We've given readers a pair of options to debate below:

Two Hairs

How do you prefer AnnaLynne McCord's hair?


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Ben Affleck and Matt Damon teamed up to write Good Will Hunting many years ago, earning an Academy Award and national acclaim in the process.

But the close friends have partnered on an even more important cause this week: feeding the hungry.

In the following public service announcements, Affleck and Damon reveal the startling statistic that 50 million Americans are teetering toward starvation. How can you help? Watch these videos, visit the website listed and donate whatever you can...

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Has Miley Cyrus found a new young man?

Sources tell Hollywood Life that Avan Jogia has been spotted out on multiple occasions with the singer, saying the two have been "hanging and getting closer," possibly contributing to the reasons why Miley broke up with Liam Hemsworth for the 29th time a few weeks ago.

Rumored, quasi new couple alert: Avan Jogia and Miley Cyrus.

Jogia appeared on the SyFy series Caprica and is best known for his role on the Nickelodeon show Victorious.

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