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Lindsay Lohan is in rehab, and in a full-time, live-in facility.

The troubled, recalcitrant star, who was set free on bail Friday night after a brief jail stint, entered a Southern California facility after an image-boosting PR stunt.

The plan is for her to stay there at least until her next court hearing October 22. At which point she could be jailed (yet again) for violating her probation.

Off to Rehab Yet Again

If she's sentenced to do time, she'll likely be set free ASAP due to overcrowding, which is exactly why Judge Elden Fox tried to deny bail for her last week.

Legal shenanigans aside, it's a good thing Lohan's in rehab. When your #1 goal in life is trying to sell pics of your ankle bracelet, you clearly need a clue.

The only question: Can she actually get (and stay) clean this time?


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Whether you believe Fantasia Barrino truly wanted to take her own life a few weeks ago, or merely popped a few pills in a PR stunt, one thing is certain: the singer is troubled and has been through a difficult year.

But she'll try to end it on a positive note, as the American Idol champion has announced a fall/winter tour. It will be titled "Back to Me," commence November 4 in Richmond and conclude on New Year's Day in St. Louis.

Fantasia in Vegas

"I'm so excited about this tour and having the chance to connect with my fans, the people that love me and have been supporting me through everything," Fantasia said in a press release. "This tour is going to be a real special, intimate experience for them and for me."

Barrino will be joined on the road by Eric Benet and Real Housewives star Kandi Burruss. Where and when can you see them in concert? Tour dates/locations follow:

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On June 11, 2007, Bryan and Jenny Masche welcomed six children into their world, three boys and three girls. Two years later, they let cameras into their home for the reality show Raising Sextuplets.

Now, following the arrest of Bryan, the couple finds itself legally separated. What the heck happened in such a relatively short period of time?

Derek Lowe Mug Shot

Relatives tell People the problems started when the family moved from Lake Havasu to Destin, Florida, which was the focus of the show's second season. And a cause for bickering between Bryan and Jenny.

"I have no idea why they did it," Jenny's uncle, Sergio Bustamante, told the magazine. "There's more support here," while Jenny's brother adds: "I don't think they put a lot of thought into it. If they had stuck here with our family support, it would have been better."

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Amy Fisher became famous for shooting her lover's wife in the face as a teenager. Then she starred in her own sex tape after she got out of prison. Living the dream.

Apparently she was so inspired by the aforementioned romp that she's making it a full-time profession. That's right, get ready for the blockbuster release of 2010:

Deep Inside Amy Fisher. Wonder what the plot is ...

SO SEDUCTIVE: A glimpse of the unrivaled passion that is Amy Fisher.

Fisher said she got to work with some of the sexiest men in porn, such as Tommy Gunn and Dale Dabone, as well as doing a girl-on-girl-scene with Lisa Ann.

“Working with Lisa Ann was absolutely amazing,” Fisher said. “She is stunning, erotic, and was an absolute thrill. I can’t wait to make more movies with her."

Dale Dabone, of course, used to give da bone to Jennifer Capriati, and blamed the tennis champ's recent drug overdose on his return to porn after a hiatus.

What does this have to do with Fisher? Nothing. We're just saying.

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This is almost as shocking as the fact that a Brittney Jones sex tape allegedly exists...

A source tells Radar Online that the woman who claims she bedded Ashton Kutcher came very close to breaking up another marriage when she worked for a property management company in Los Angeles.

  • Cheating Cover
  • Breaking Ashton News!

"She told me that she had slept with her boss and that he was married," this anonymous insider says. "She told me that his wife found out that they were spending time together after hours and so one night she followed Brittney home, confronted her and told her she knew everything."

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In her latest blog entry, Khloe Kardashian write that she's the "luckiest girl in the world." How come?

Because husband Lamar Odom celebrated the pair's one-year anniversary with a surprise vow renewal ceremony. We'll let Khloe explain how it all went down...

Malika blindfolded me  and brought me to a "secret location", I literally had NO idea where we were going. When we arrived, the car door opened and Lamar took my hand and led me to the spot where we were married one year ago. He removed the blindfold and I was just speechless -- I was beyond in shock. I knew he had a few fun surprises up his sleeve but I never could have anticipated this. I have never been more obsessed with my husband.

We wonder how a certain inmate in Pensylvania feels about this development.

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Brad Womack, just confirmed as the star of The Bachelor for a second time come this winter, is ready to give TV love another shot. He just wants you to give him one.

"I'll tell you why I'm here again - I believe it can work," the 37-year-old Texan said on The Ellen DeGeneres Show Tuesday. "I don't care if people call me an idiot."

"I don't care if they don't believe the words coming out of my mouth. I truly believe it can work. Here are 25-30 women that I never, ever would meet in regular life."

Bachelor Brad 2.0

Will you accept this ro- ... nah, forget it, get lost!

"I'm clearly doing something wrong - I'm still single. So why I not? I really do believe that this can work." Um, Brad, The Bachelor's record is currently 1-for-14 ...

Anyway, good to think positively, dude. We do think he got a bad rap in a sense the last time, since he was being honest at least, rather than putting on a show.

"It was really tough to have 13-14 million Americans call you a jerk," Brad Womack says of the fallout. "I spent a year or two, maybe three, defending myself."

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We know someone who won't be purchasing a Michaele Salahi barbie doll.

Real Housewives of D.C. socialite Lynda Erkiletian spoke to E! News this week and was asked about her controversial, self-centered co-star. What advice does she have for Salahi?

Michaele and Tareq Salahi Picture

"Get a therapist," Erkiletian said. "I think it's really unfortunate that people feel like they have to make things up to create a spotlight. I think it's better to just work for it as opposed to making it up."

Michaele recently announced - in a televised interview, of course -  that she had multiple sclerosis. But even this revelation didn't sit well with Erkiletian.

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By negotiating to pay Oksana Grigorieva and destroy the infamous Mel Gibson tapes, the actor and his legal team were merely trying to safeguard his reputation.

That's according to sources who refute claims by Grigorieva that Mel sought to buy her off and bury evidence of domestic violence during their mediation in May.

When they agreed to pay Oksana Grigorieva and daughter Lucia around $15 million in return for the destruction of "evidence," his image was the only concern.

Oksana G. Image

Oksana, who faces an extortion investigation over this, claims the mediation was not binding because lawyers cannot agree to destroy the evidence of a crime.

The alleged abuse photo of a battered Oksana was not part of the deal, however, and neither Mel or his lawyers thought domestic violence was even an issue.

Mel's team claims Team Oksana made it very clear that the $15 million was a payout to keep the racist, misogynistic and generally insane rants by Mel secret.

The photos were not included as part of the "evidence." If Mel was trying to cover up an attack on her, why didn't he insist that Oksana hand over the photos?

In any case, here are the rants in question in case you missed them:

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Over the last couple weeks, Kim Kardashian and Kris Jenner have been traveling around Europe, publicizing their reality show and proving that there are actually two things bigger than the former's backside.

The trip has taken the pair to such cities as London, Milan and Paris, all of which have likely lost a great deal of respect for America if they consider Kim to be a valid ambassador of what we have to offer.

Click on the images below and go along on a Kardashian adventure. These images chronicle the vixen's European tour, from giant beers to fuzzy hats and more...

  • Cheers from Germany!
  • Fuzzy Hat
  • European Adventure
  • In Capri
  • Press in Paris
  • Stylish in Milan
  • Posing in Paris
  • Photo Booth Pic
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