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Tiger Woods has come a long way since last Thanksgiving.

Last year, there was a car crash, a likely 9-iron to the grill and a series of revelations that led to him being crowned THG's Biggest Turkey of the year.

Amanda Bynes Twit Pic

His fake, perfect life unraveled that infamous night. This Thanksgiving, though? Just some fake Tweets about his new low-key, family-oriented life.

FACADE: The star's seemingly perfect life was anything but.

With Elin Nordegren long gone, Tiges spent a quiet holiday with his two kids, Sam, 3, and Charlie, 1½ and his mother, Kultida, a source reports.

Sounds like it went well. "I just finished a pretty tough cardio session this morning because of all the apple and pumpkin pie," the golfer Tweeted.

No word if he went creepin' on random hoes later.

True or not (you never know with Mr. Corporate), the guy clearly wants us to think he's reflected on life and is focusing on what's truly important.

It's probably accurate, at least to a point. Hard not to reexamine your life after all that. Here's hoping Woods has turned the corner internally.

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For a woman claiming she feared for her life, Oksana Grigorieva sure wrote some interesting things to Mel Gibson. Interesting emails, to be more precise.

In the months following their nuclear argument on January 6, she sounds very much like a woman scorned and not ... well, a woman fearing for her life.

O.G. Pic

The emails are significant for this reason. In them, Oksana appears in search of answers, if not in hot pursuit of Mel Gibson. Hardly fearful or threatened.

If Oksana feared Mel, she had a funny way of showing it.

Oksana, on March 30: "I don't belive (sic) that u stopped loving me just in one phonecall. U either stopped loving me a long time ago or u still love me."

Oksana, on May 2: "Until this morning I was still missing you so much and secretly wanted and hoped for us to be together again ... I still believed that you loved me."

"Now I dont. I think you knew what was going on."

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What do you do when your diva-like ways are running your family into fiscal despair? If you're Kate Gosselin, you go get your tan on in Reading, Pa.

The mother of eight was seen exiting a local tanning salon, where she channeled her inner Snooki, before heading over to do "business" at a FedEx.

Here's Kate looking lean and sort of tan ...

Kate Plus Tanning

BRIGHTER DAYS: Kate Gosselin has seen them.

We're not criticizing the tanning industry overall, but it seems like a waste of money when you've got eight mouths to feed and limited income, no?

Seriously, the children eat moldy food so you can do this!?!?

Kate, who recently admitted that her kids are under pressure lately, yet shows no apparent inclination to do anything about that, spent Thanksgiving day with the enormous brood before handing them off to their deadbeat dad.

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Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt did their thing on Thanksgiving.

What that was, we have absolutely no idea, but it appears their kinds hung out on the beach for the holiday Angelina loathes, parents nowhere in sight.

Ange J.

Pax, Shiloh, Zahara, Knox and Vivienne were all spotted at the beach, accompanied by their nannies on Thanksgiving. No sign of Ange or of Brad Pitt.

REWRITING HISTORY: Brangelina will have none of it.

Pitt did comment earlier that the family would be overseas, but did not mention specific plans. Likely because Angelina Jolie hates Thanksgiving.

“Angelina Jolie hates this holiday and wants no part in rewriting history like many other Americans,” a source said of her perception of the day.

“To celebrate what the white settlers did to the native Indians, the domination of one culture over another, just isn’t her style at all."

Apparently she put her money where her mouth is, at least.

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Jason London of SyFy's Weather Wars is heading to the altar with his actress girlfriend of more than two years, Sofia Karstens, London tells E! News.

The brother of Jeremy London sealed the deal Saturday night in L.A. when he proposed to his lady love with a ring passed down by her grandmother.

Jason London Mug Shot

Jason London and Sofia Karstens will wed next July 16.

"I love waking up with my best friend every morning," London said, with Karstens adding, "I feel so lucky to have such an amazing man in my life."

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Leslie Nielsen, an actor who starred in some of the funniest movies ever made, has passed away from complications related to pneumonia. He was 84.

Best known for his deadpan delivery of ridiculous lines, Nielsen anchored such films as Airplane! and The Naked Gun. His agent confirmed that he died near his home in Fort Lauderdale early Sunday evening, in the company of his "lovely wife and friends."

Said nephew Doug Nielsen of his uncle, who had been hospitalized for nearly two weeks prior to his passing:

"Just in this last 48 hours, the infection has gotten too much. He just fell asleep and passed away."

In Nielsen's honor, we encourage readers to submit their favorite movies quotes from the actor. We'll begin:

Frank: It's the same old story. Boy finds girl, boy loses girl, girl finds boy, boy forgets girl, boy remembers girl, girls dies in a tragic blimp accident over the Orange Bowl on New Year's Day.
Jane: Goodyear?
Frank: No, the worst.

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Steve Johnson is a wide receiver for the Buffalo Bills.

He had a chance to help his team pull off a major upset in overtime today, as a perfectly thrown pass landed in his outstretched arms. Alas, Johnson dropped the game-winning toss (see below), the Steelers went on to defeat the Bills - and Johnson pinned the blame on the Big Man upstairs.

No, we aren't referring to his offensive coordinator...

Steve Johnson Tweet

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LOL. No, we don't really believe the above headline.

Jennifer Grey is as worthy a Dancing With the Stars champion as they come. But Bristol Palin, for all that was said about her, got kind of a bad rap.

Her third-place finish was, in the opinion of many pundits and Palin haters, waaay too high. But was it actually just about right ... or not high enough?

Third-Place Finishers

America's collective reaction to Bristol's DWTS run.

We've talked at length about why she should have gone home sooner, but now, let's give the girl her due. Here's a list of reasons Bristol deserved to win it ...

  1. She improved A LOT this fall, and Jennifer Grey? Kind of a ringer.
  2. Brandy and Audrina fans could've stepped up too, and did not.
  3. She wasn't a complete stiff. Seriously. She's no Kate Gosselin.
  4. Her scores never led the pack, but were always competitive.
  5. She's not Sarah Palin, and isn't worthy of that kind of vitriol.
  6. Thanks in part to Bristol, Willow Palin went off on Facebook.
  • Caged Bristol
  • Oh, The Passion
  • Ballas and Palin
  • Mark Ballas, Bristol Palin Pic

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    Lindsay Lohan enjoyed a temporary respite from rehab this weekend. On the docket for the troubled, recovering actress? Coffee and cigarettes.

    Guess caffeine and nicotine rank pretty far down the list of Lindsay Lohan vices. Kicking her addictions to cocaine and alcohol are top priorities.

    Here's LiLo at a local Starbucks near Palm Springs ...

    Free For a Day

    Lindsay's looking (mostly) healthy these days. [Photo: Pacific Coast News]

    The 24-year-old spent Thanksgiving with her dad. While she and Michael Lohan are on better terms, he hasn't been able to get Linds to quit smoking.

    Last month, when the reunited twosome began to mend fences, MiLo sent her an electric cigarette as part of a care package, apparently to no avail.

    Oh well. Maybe that'll come after she completes her stint in rehab, which has been going on for two months-plus and seems to be working wonders.

    What do you think? Can she stay clean this time?


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    With his acoustic album hitting stores on November 26 (seriously, go download it. We'll wait here...), Justin Bieber has now released the official music video for "Pray."

    The only new single off "My Worlds: The Collection," this song is one of Bieber's more emotional ballads. As the following video depicts, it asks fans to consider issues around the world, such as war and poverty.

    It also comes on the heels of Justin's anti-bullying PSA, as this 16-year old continues to prove his maturity and perspective in a number of ways. Turns out, the causes for Bieber Fever aren't simply shaggy hair and an adorable smile...

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