From the set of Spring Breakers comes this viral video of James Franco, looking like Kevin Federline pre-obesity and lip-syncing to "Love You Like a Love Song."

The actor was captured serenading the pop singer, his co-star in the upcoming film, while she shot a scene in the back seat of the car. Not distracting at all.

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Getting pregnant and married as a teenager certainly has its challenges, and Teen Mom 2's Leah Messer is apparently fed up with some of her critics.

Leah has received backlash for getting knocked up, getting married, getting divorced and now getting married again. She even got jumped recently.

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Nadya Suleman is opening up about the recent death threats and violence - some moron smashing her car window - she's encountered since going on welfare.

Nadya talked to E! News about the other night, when she started hearing some unusual noises outside of her home, but decided not call the police.

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After more than 500 episodes, The Simpsons creator Matt Groening has finally answered an age-old question: Where is Springfield, the anywhere-in-America town where Bart and Lisa have been in elementary school for over two decades?


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