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Crime does not pay. But it can lead to some quality photos.

Lindsay Lohan got little out of her recent court appearances but tears, humiliation and an orange jumpsuit. THG got plenty of entertainment value, though.

Fear not, Linds. We hear you're only going to end up doing 13-14 days if you behave yourself. We refuse to feel bad for you, given that it's your own fault.

Heck, maybe this will even be good for you in the end.

Click to enlarge some memorable Lindsay Lohan pictures from her court appearances, which are almost as numerous as her club appearances ... almost:

  • Lohan in the Courtroom
  • Lindsay Lohan Mug Shot 2010
  • Lohan Cries
  • Nooooo!!!
  • Living in Denial
  • Lindsay Lohan: Sad
  • Reeling
  • Lindsay Lohan Legal Pad
  • Say Whaaaaat
  • Head in Hands
  • Lindsay's Message
  • Sad Lindsay
  • Lohan at Sentencing
  • Lohan and Lawyer

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The shocking betrayal of Ali Fedotowsky by Frank Neuschaefer wasn't the last you'll see of him on The Bachelorette: He's coming to the After The Final Rose special.

That airs after the season finale August 2 and features interviews with Ali and the last man standing - if there is one - and usually the runner-up or runners-up.

Frank, who was one of the final three, left the show on this week's episode after confessing to Ali that he still had feelings for his ex-girlfriend, Nicole Caruso.

Don't get the wrong idea. Frank does not appear on the finale itself, and The Bachelorette spoilers we've read don't suggest any kind of dramatic return.

His After The Final Rose visit will just be to talk about what happened.

Frank and Ali

An aspiring screenwriter, Frank has been criticized for joining the show "for the wrong reasons." But sources close to Frank say it really was to fall in love.

“If he does [go on the special], it won’t be for fame but to stick up for his name,” a fellow Bachelorette contestant said. “He is a nice, level-headed guy."

While Frank’s last-minute departure may paint him as a villain to some fans, he went into the situation trying to do the right thing for all parties involved.

“I think he truly was falling in love with her, but he had unfinished thoughts about his ex," said the source. "I believe he made a mature decision to see her.”

In Frank's defense, it's also easy to see the scenario floated in some circles that he wanted to leave earlier, but was coerced into the dramatic exit by ABC.

He and Nicole are also still together, so maybe his decision was the right one? Or maybe they planned this whole stunt all along ... who are we to say?

We want to know what YOU say about who Ali should pick now:


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It's been a tough year for Janet Jackson, but she's happier lately.

New boyfriend Wissam Al Mana could be a big reason for that.

Janet Jackson Blackgama Ad

After splitting from longtime boyfriend Jermaine Dupri after a seven-year relationship last summer, Jackson slowly eased into this new romance. The pop star and her man were snapped soaking up the rays in Sardinia, Italy.

The 44-year-old Why Did I Get Married Too? star and the 35-year-old businessman from Qatar, who owns homes worldwide, have been quietly enjoying each other's company, according to reports. Glad she's moving on and happy!

It's nice to see Michael's sister happy again.

We're guessing Wissam Al Mana approves of Janet's new haircut too.

In non-romance news, she's currently writing True You, an exercise and nutrition book. She told Essence she "wanted to write this book because [she] wanted kids to have something to read and know that they are beautiful as they are."

A noble goal!

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Jesse James effectively trounced ex-wife Janine Lindemulder in their custody battle when a court ruled he may take their 6-year-old daughter Sunny to Texas.

That's where his other, more famous ex, Sandra Bullock, owns a home.

Lindemulder, a former porn star who lives in California, wailed when the Orange County, Calif., judge announced the decision. "I'll move! I'll move!" she cried.

"I can't get attached and let her go!"

Whether she actually will move is debatable, since she just got out of a halfway house and is likely unable to leave the state without the parole board's okay.

JJ Pic

James and Lindemulder faced off in a week-long trial.

The motorcycle mogul claims that a move to Austin would be for business purposes, although he was quoted in an online interview saying another reason is so his three children can maintain a close relationship with stepmom Bullock.

The two were set to adopt baby Louis together, but following the shocking cheating scandal that ended their marriage, Sandra will now raise the boy alone.

Lindemulder accuses James of moving to exclusively try to win back Bullock, who is close with the child, at the expense of her own relationship with Sunny.

The judge said James and Lindemulder will have joint custody but James can take Sunny to Texas at the start of her new school calendar, in mid-August.

Until then, Sunny will be with her mom, who James says is a threat to the child, or at least could be if her recurring addiction problems surface yet again.

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The Hills stars Kristin Cavallari and Stephanie Pratt won't win a lot of fashion awards for these. If there even are any fashion awards. That's unclear.

In any case, where do we even begin? At the Salt premiere in Hollywood, Kristin debuted a really short dress with spiked shoulder pads. Yeah. Wow.

Stephanie, meanwhile, attended the premiere of The Extra Man in New York wearing the drapes from a house with 1970s decor. Very chic ... we guess.

Who do you think looked less bad? Vote below!

A She Pratt Pic

Who's got the better look?


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Following an incredible 2009, Taylor Swift took some time off.

But the singer is ready to take the music world by storm again, and has announced details for her upcoming album:

  • It will be titled "Speak Now."
  • It will be released on October 25.

Why that title? Swift answer the question in a live Web chat today, telling fans it “pertains to the album as a concept, and as an entire theme of the record, more than I can even tell you.”

Taylor added that she's been penning singles for the album since "Fearless" came out in 2008.

She said. “Thankfully, in the past two years I’ve experienced a lot of things that I’ve been dying to write about. A lot of things that I’ve wanted to say in the moment that I didn’t... Track by track, each song is a different confession to a different person.”

The first song off the CD will hit the radio in mid-August. Titled "Mine," Swift says it's about “my tendency to run from love. It’s a recent tendency. Every example of love in my life has ended in goodbye. The song is about finding the exception to that.”

We're just sad that exception didn't include Taylor Lautner.

** In other upcoming album news, David Archuleta has already revealed the released date for his next CD.

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Good to see Lindsay Lohan is taking her situation seriously.

Having been thrown in jail just hours ago, the much-maligned star's latest mug shot has been released, featuring our girl wearing a sharp orange jumpsuit.

She's also wearing some smart-ass smirk.

One of our all-time favorite celebrity mug shots was taken moments after Lindsay arrived at Lynwood Correctional Facility to begin a 90-day jail sentence.

According to her booking sheet, Lindsay checked in at 5'6" and 118 pounds ... Big enough to kick someone's a$$? Or will she be someone's b!tch?

Lindsay Lohan Mug Shot 2010

Lindsay Lohan's mug shot, released a little whole ago, puts to rest any doubt that this jail sentence will wipe the smirk off the brat's face ... at least for a day or two.

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Forget the Royal Wedding of the Century.

We may be looking at an all-time royal mess.

Despite engagement rumors floating over her head, Kate Middleton is reportedly considering an end to her relationship with Prince William. The reason? A four-year old photo that proves he cheated on her with British singer Natasha Hamilton.

It's unclear why this picture, which was published in tabloids at the time, is causing a stir now - but insiders say it's due to Kate's realization that William has been "disrespectful" to her for a long time, and will continue to be even if they get married.

"Kate is now being warned by royal courtiers that she must be prepared for William to follow in his philandering father's footsteps and take a mistress," a source told The National Enquirer.


The tabloid even quotes one of the Queen's advisors, who allegedly said to Middleton:

"It won't be IF he does, my dear. It will be WHEN he does - and then you must simply turn a blind eye."

Kate felt "physically ill" at this possibility, the source reports, causing her to rethink the wedding. We have no idea why. According to Mel Gibson, a woman's place is on her knees, not on some high horse.

Give William a break, girlfriend!

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Jersey Shore star Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi is seen as a diva by many.

She says it's not true, but other cast members may still be jealous.

"Myself, Pauly, Vinny and Jenny [J-Woww], we've all stayed the same," Snooki says in the new issue of Steppin' Out. "We're the closest friends in the house."

"I trust them with my life... It hasn't gotten to our heads."

But Snook points out that herself and The Situation have become more in demand as celebs, which might foster resentment with the Sammis of the world.

SNOOKIMANIA: It's no Bieber Fever, but it's pretty big.

"I know the others want the same opportunities that Mike and I get, but we don’t control those things," she says. "I can understand why the others might be jealous. They aren't doing anything, but they should still be happy for me."

Snooki does lament her newfound fame to a degree.

"I miss my old life," she sighs. "I miss being able to be around my family and at home. I miss going out with my friends and going out to a bar. I can't do that anymore. When I try to do that, I get attacked by the fans."

Sometimes literally.

"I won't open up to anyone," she says, "except my best friend who I've known since I was 2 years old and my family and management team. That's it."

Production on Seasons 2-3 of Jersey Shore came screeching to a halt as Snooki and her pals threatened to go on strike, but it's all good now. Fist-pump!

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Rachel Bilson is a moderately successful actress.

Emma Watson plays a key role in one of the biggest movie franchises in history, while also attending Brown.

Miley Cyrus is a floundering singer with an unpopular CD.

But while these young stars might not have anything obvious in common, they do share taste in the latest fashion trend: cut-off jean shorts and white button-down blouses. All three have rocked the look this summer and it's up to you to decide who did it best:


Who looks prettiest in this ensemble?


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