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We're very sorry, Joe Jonas.

Multiple sources have confirmed that this singer is smitten with Ashley Greene, while others have reported: "Joe has been trying to date Ashley for awhile now, but it looks like it’s never going to work out for him.”

There's a good reason, however, and it's one Jonas doesn't have to take seriously: Greene is spoken for! She's actually been dating actor Brock Kelly, insiders say.

Busty Greene

"Ashley's really falling for Brock, and he's just as into her," a friend told Star Magazine. "It's new, but she thinks it could be the real thing."

Kelly appeared last year on an episode of Supernatural. Based on the photo above, there's something both super and natural about Greene, as well. Think about it.

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Vince Vaughn and Kayla Weber aren't wasting any time.

The Wedding Crashers star and his wife of less than a year, Kayla Weber, are expecting a baby following their wedding in January, a source confirmed Tuesday.

Julie Bowen and Oliver

Last September, Vaughn said after spending years as a bachelor, he was ready for his life to be about other things - like getting married and having a baby!

"It's the first time that I really want to have kids," he said.

A friend of the couple says the two, who have been together several years now, are "thrilled" about the news, and who can blame them? Kids rule.

Congratulations to the expectant couple!

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You're gonna have to step up your game, Kourtney Kardashian.

You've been surpassed as Hollywood's most shameless mother.

Amanda Bynes Twit Pic

Tori Spelling has actually opened up a Twitter account for her three-year old son, Liam. The attention-starved mother is publicizing it every chance she gets and updating its 14,000 followers with the latest one-liners from her tyke.

(In related news, 14,000 people REALLY need to get lives.)

Follow THG on Twitter today! (Please, we can't be losing to a three-year old.)

Among the Tweets "Liam" has posted:

"Mama the moon ate the sun and made it dark. Will he burp him up tomorrow so it'll be a nice day?" and "I love making jello castles. Jello wiggles and parties in my tummy."

Of course, Liam's main concern lies with his ailing father, as McDermott crashed his dirt bike earlier this month and is resting at home.

"Once Dean came home from the hospital, Liam told Dean, 'You have to stay in bed. Doctor said you're sick. You have a boo boo,'" Spelling told People. "Dean is slowly recovering. He has a long road ahead and is still in a lot of pain. He's just taking it day by day, and the kids and I are good nurses!"

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Say it ain’t so ... even though we already basically knew! Kristin Cavallari confesses that the relationships you see on The Hills are - gasp - not exactly real. At all.

“Nothing you see on TV is real,” the 23-year-old tells People.

“Fans need to understand that it’s all entertainment," she adds. "It’s all in fun. I would never actually put my close friends or a real relationship on a show.”

Right ... why would a reality show be at all real. Obviously. Gotta love throwing your employer under the bus so blatantly. LeBron James would be proud.

That's basically what's going on here.

After almost a whole season in which Kristin has pined longingly for her ex Brody Jenner, she confesses that just maybe, that wasn't completely genuine.

FAKING IT: Kristin does with all the guys. On The Hills, that is.

Gee, you're kidding. Maybe we would be caught more off guard if we didn't know he was dating Avril Lavigne and she was with cameraman Miguel Medina.

There was also the whole Justin-Bobby thing from last season, which we were expected to buy, as if she would ever hang out with that loser in real life.

But we digress.

It was the "lightheartedness" that drew her back to reality TV after Laguna Beach, she says: “I was hurt by the way I was portrayed on Laguna Beach."

"So I took a break from that kind of stuff ... But when I decided to come back and do The Hills, I told myself that it’s just a job. It’s all work. It’s all fun.”

Indeed. Just don't take it the slightest bit seriously.

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Love and light. Stay in the positive, bitch! - Ashley Holmes to Danielle Staub

Last night, Bravo offered up an unbeWEAVEable episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey. The utter insanity was highlighted by a fight between Danielle Staub and Tersea Giudice, culminating in Ashley Holmes - the 19-year old daughter of Jacqueline Laurita - yanking out Staub's hair extension.

The writers of this installment deserve an Emmy, though Holmes posted this week on her Facebook page yesterday: "YIKES... not one of my finest moments in life."

Weave Me Alone

Police were called to the scene of the chaos, which was filmed months ago.

Therefore, Laurita has had time to reflect on the events and Tweeted late last week:

"It's like at train-wreck you can't look away from... We are a disgrace! It's bad. Shameful but... a little bit humorous, dare I say, in parts. Hope we can still be friends. Lol!"

Friends?!? Bravo likely just gave you all raises and lifetime contracts. Go out and celebrate! We know where you can find a good coke whore for the occasion...

A Coke Whore

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Okay, so Stephen Colbert had nothing to do with this. But this is what the Comedy Central host's trademark On Notice board would look like if THG got hold of it.

While Daniel Tosh may have passed him in the ratings, Colbert remains the man. Surely not a man you want to cross if you're an environmental disaster, anyway.

In honor of Stephen, and as a new means of calling out some things in the celebrity and real worlds that really deserve it, we're putting the following On Notice!

Puttin 'Em On Notice
  1. The oil spill. Way to ruin the Gulf of Mexico, BP.
  2. The View. This program is known for its outspoken panel's controversial stances ... but their ignorant HIV comments were straight out of the early 1980s.
  3. Mel Gibson. The fact that we had a hard time deciding which insane, racist, sexist Mel Gibson tirade to link to in this article tells you all you need to know.
  4. OK! Magazine. At least make up new lies. Yeesh.
  5. LeBron James' "team." No, not the Heat. The marketing gurus who convinced him to stick it to Cleveland on national TV. Way to "build a brand," guys!
  6. The-Dream. Stop lying. We know you were creepin'.
  7. East Coast weather. Al Gore must be cackling right now. If we wanted to live in a furnace, we'd move to Arizona. At least everything there has AC.
  8. Frank from The Bachelorette. We're not gonna give away any Bachelorette spoilers here ... but it's in the previews. How can you pull that crap, man?

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If we were the cynical type, we'd say Kim Kardashian is only pretending to be Lindsay Lohan's friend these days because it makes her look like a caring individual.

After all, Kim stopped by Lindsay's house for dinner the day after Lohan was sentenced to 90 days in prison - and we challenge anyone to come up with the last time these two hung out prior to that verdict.

At the Amp Energy Bullrun Rally this weekend, Kardashian was asked about this newfound connection and told OK! Weekly: “I just think that no matter what your friends go through you just have to support your friends, no matter what.”

Speaking of support, Kim's outfit at this random event supported her curves quite well:

Hot Suit

Kardashian was also asked about Lamar Odom at the rally and had nothing but praise for her brother-in-law:

“Lamar is a really strong guy... I think it takes a real man to be able to handle living this crazy life. And having him and his wife be in it together is a lot to deal with, but everyone does a good job at it. You have to not let it really affect your life too much.”

Not affect your life too much?!? This is your life, Kim! The press and the paparazzi and the tabloid covers are how you and your family make a living.

Don't make it sound like it's a burden. That rings even more hollow than your friendship with Lohan.

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Yet another tape of angry Mel Gibson berating Oksana Grigorieva with the most vile language possible has been released. What could possibly provoke such rage?

Who knows, but the guy needs serious mental help, ASAP.

We've already heard Mel go off on his ex-girlfriend and the mother of his eighth child in two previous phone calls she clandestinely taped. Now a third has been leaked.

In it, he uses ethnic and sexist slurs in a rampage only slightly less crazed than the tape leaked Monday in which he threatens to kill Oksana and admits beating her.

Similar to the first Mel Gibson rant released online, the embattled star hurls offensive slurs left and right, referring to a Latino housekeeper/worker as a “wetback.”

  • Mean Mel
  • Oksana G.

What the heck is wrong with Mel Gibson?!

That term is one of the nicer ones used by Mel in the six-minute tape, during which the deeply troubled actor often accuses Oksana of cheating and using him.

Whether she did cheat on Mel or not is unclear, and it is worth mentioning that Oksana could have edited these tapes to paint him in the worst possible light.

This doesn't change the fact that he's a misogynistic a$$hole under investigation for domestic abuse, but there's got to be more to this than we know now.

Anyway, there are too many pieces of shocking dialogue to count, but this one in particular stands out, right before the terrifying phone conversation ends:

Mel: Go look after my child!
Oksana: She’s my child too.
Mel: Yeah I know, unfortunately you c*** w****! I hope she doesn’t turn out like you!

Disgusting and scary. Follow the jump to listen to the full six-minute tirade by Mel Gibson. Be forewarned once again that this is unsettling, awful stuff ...

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George Steinbrenner, who bought a declining New York Yankees team in 1973 and left an indelible mark on sports' most storied franchise, has passed away.

A heart attack is believed to be the cause. He was 80.

In an often tumultuous reign, in which he promised to stay out of the team's daily affairs but often did not, the Bronx Bombers won seven of their 27 titles.

Just as impressively, he build the franchise into a global powerhouse valued at over $1 billion. Having retired to Tampa, Fla., he turned 80 this past July 4.

A rep for the family said in a statement:

"It is with profound sadness that the family of George M. Steinbrenner III announces his passing. He passed away this morning in Tampa, Fla., at age 80."

George Steinbrenner, left, with former N.Y. City mayor Rudy Giuliani.

"He was an incredible and charitable man. Funeral arrangements will be private. There will be an additional public service with details to be announced."

Steinbrenner’s death comes nine months after the Yankees won their first World Series title since 2000, beating the Phillies at the new Yankee Stadium.

The magnate, whose infamous, blustering ways lessened considerably in recent years, had been in failing health since 2006, rarely appearing in public.

Introduced at the inaugural game of the new stadium he constructed in April 2009, he received an ovation, at which point shoulders shook and he cried.

Rest in peace, George.

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