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Emma Watson has taken a few moments away from her Horcrux search to send a message to Harry Potter fans around the world.

The actress, who attends Brown University and seems as grounded as any child star could possibly be, has recorded the following video and sent out a stream of holiday wishes to fans.

Watch it now and then chime in: What did you think of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows?

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Leighton Meester and AnnaLynne McCord must've been browsing some How I Met Your Mother quotes recently, because both took Barney's advice and suited up!

Or rocked the jacket-and-tie look, anyway, in the 90210 star's case. The Gossip Girl Queen B went with the full-on suit. Not a look Blair Waldorf would try!

Vote on which cutie you think should win THG's latest Fashion Face-Off below and visit us regularly for all the latest in celebrity hairstyles and fashion ...

Fashion Face-Off!

Who rocks the jacket and tie look better, Leighton Meester or AnnaLynne McCord? Vote on which CW star you think rocks the suit best! View Poll »

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Ke$ha is who she is, people.

The eccentric singer makes that obvious every time she dons a unique outfit in public, or sings off-key during a live performance.

This isn't the most talented artist out there, but she is one of the most self-confident and outgoing singers to hit the stage in a long time. And you can't argue with number-one hit after number-one hit, can you? The latest is titled "We R Who We R" and the official music video for it has just been released:

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Christinna Renee Robinson is 16 and Pregnant (or was) and her baby daddy's relatives are steamed over their recent portrayal on the show by that name.

Her baby daddy's mom, Kathleen Green, says that she may sue the network, claiming that the producers schemed to make her look reckless and cold.

Reality shows manipulating footage to sell better story lines ... shocking.

Baby Destiny isn't the only one kicking and screaming ...

In a feud Farrah Abraham can sympathize with, Kathleen says MTV "defamed" the family, and that "nothing that aired is what happened" in real life.

They say MTV staged shots and heavily edited footage on the Teen Mom precursor as Christinna and boyfriend Isiah prepped for the birth of Destiny.

Kathleen is very upset with a scene involving a DNA test she bought for Christinna, claiming she came off as a bitch when MTV left out a key detail.

"They didn’t show that [Christinna] had told us she had had sex with some other guy," says Kat, calling it grounds to go after MTV for defamation.

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The Britney Spears tape upon which Jason Alexander claims his ex-wife detailed the beating she took at the hands of Jason Trawick appears to be bogus.

Alexander told Star that Spears' boyfriend beat her up, and she didn't call the cops because she feared a leak. He then leaked the tape to Radar Online.

But a highly-respected audio expert tells TMZ that Jason Alexander's tape of Britney Spears "has been electronically stepped on," i.e. doctored. A lot.

Britney Spears and Jason Trawick Together

Britney and Jason in a show of public solidarity yesterday.

Tom Owen of OWL Investigations is Chairman of the Audio Engineering Society Standards Committee of Forensic Audio. He says the tape was altered, badly.

So much so, he can't even do a meaningful voice-recognition test.

Owen says the tape has been "stepped on at least 3 times" with noise reduction, equalization and removal of aspects like timbre, sibilance and tonal qualities.

So did Alexander get punked or was he in on this from the get-go?

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Didn't Zack Taylor learn from Perez Hilton?

In June, the world's most immature celebrity blogger got himself intro trouble by Tweeting a crotch shot of an underage Miley Cyrus. Now, Taylor has gone a similar route.

The Canadia webmaster has posted the following photo on his website, claiming it was taken off Miley's iPhone when that device was stolen a few weeks ago. Taylor claims the thief in question is "leaking photos online and trying to sell other ones to various media outlets."

We claim this blogger is hard up for attention and traffic. Peep the photo below and sound off: Is there any chance it's legitimate?

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We apologize to Adam Lambert and his supporters.

We're huge fans of this singer and hate the idea of comparing him to someone as talentless as Kourtney Kardashian. But we have no choice. When we see celebrity hairstyles this similar, we're obligated to poll readers over who does it better.

Especially when both styles honor the master of the poof, Snooki herself. So we hope Lambert lovers take this with the grain of funny salt with which it's intended and cast their vote now...

Which Hairstyle Looks Best?

Adam Lambert and Kourtney Kardashian have little in common. With the exception of this hairstyle. Cast your vote on who rocks the look better. View Poll »

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Just weeks after their shocking separation, Eva Longoria and Tony Parker shared a meal at an L.A.-area hotel yesterday, sparking reconciliation rumors.

A source close to the couple says "they are not reconciling," however.

Eva at Cannes

The pair, whose marriage unraveled thanks to him sexting Erin Barry, are just ending it amicably: "It was just a friendly lunch to work out the details."

How the mighty have fallen. Tony personally, not the Spurs.

On November 17, the Desperate Housewives star filed for divorce one day after a story broke that Tony sent hundreds of racy texts to an ex-teammate's wife.

Erin Barry, the wife of ex-San Antonio Spurs guard Brent Barry, is also going through a divorce - and is repped by the same lawyer who just dumped Parker.

Despite Eva's heartbreak, a source tells Us the couple remains committed to ending their marriage with dignity: "It's been very amicable. They still get along."

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Nicole Richie is going after the paparazzi.

It starts with one particular celebrity gossip media member she has beef with, but sources say it's just the start of a bigger campaign she's waging.

Harlow Pic

KEEP YOUR DISTANCE: Nicole says the paparazzi hasn't been.

Nicole wants a permanent restraining order against Fabricio Luis Mariotto, whom she photographed stalking her 2-year-old child, Harlow, at school.

She's not scared, but Harlow is frightened beyond words, Richie says. 

Nicole told the judge how Harlow has seen Mariotto and other photogs hounding and inciting her and it's taking an emotional toll on her daughter.

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This absolutely epic, historic, life-altering cycle 15 finale of America's Next Top Model aired last night.

As over-hyped by Tyra Banks ("Do you understand how serious this is?" she asked. "This is Top Model – elevated."), the concluding episode pitted Ann against Chelsey, as the women competed to earn a spread in Italian Vogue.

In the end, the woman who dominated from the beginning - winning five back-to-back photo challenges - was crowned the season's champion. Our congratulations go out to 19-year old Ann Ward!

Ann Ward CoverGirl Ad

"I'm so happy that I can make my parents proud," said the 6'2" model, who endured many taunts about her size and gangly figure. "I won! I can't believe any of this right now."

Can you? Did Ann deserve the title? Visit our friends at TV Fanatic for a far more detailed recap of the America's Next Top Model finale.

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