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Tila Tequila is in need of serious help.

Unfortunately, she's signed up for phony help.

Tila the Tease

The troubled celebrity, whose only claim to fame these days is to dress like a skanky moron, has signed on for the next addition of VH1's Celebrity Rehab. There are just two problems:

  1. As TMZ reports, the show is having difficulty finding other stars for the new season and there may not be one.
  2. Celebrity Rehab is run by Dr. Drew Pinsky, a man interested in making money off the problems of D-listers, not actually helping them solve anything.

For now, Tila simply awaits word on whether or not VH1 will air the show again.

Until then, she'll probably lie about being pregnant again and definitely f-ck a DJ or two.

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Friends say Lindsay Lohan may not be able to comply with a court order to stay away from drugs and alcohol. As in, Linds may not be physically capable.

When the train wreck shows up in court tomorrow, Judge Marsha Revel will almost certainly lay the smack down, telling her to cut out drugs and alcohol.

Period. Legally.

Judge Marsha Revel talked Thursday about the conditions of her bail - refraining from consuming alcohol, wearing a SCRAM bracelet to monitor alcohol consumption, and submitting to random drug testing at least once a week.

A friend says that's a joke: "She can't make it through a day ... She's a mess."

Another source says Lohan "wakes up with cravings and satisfies them fast." Somehow we're not surprised. But will she be required to go clean Monday?

HoHan Style

NO CANNES DO: Lindsay Lohan going clean? Forget about it.

Probation violations aside - she's already in deep for missing her mandatory alcohol education classes - the judge could revoke bail for drinking or drugs.

If that Lindsay Lohan cocaine pic is any indication, we give it a day.

Don't ask us what the point of alcohol education classes even is when she goes out partying until the wee hours of the morning almost nightly, but hey.

Stay tuned there. In other Lindsay news, the person who wired Lohan's bail money at lightning speed last Thursday also helped Britney Spears in 2008.

Lou Taylor is considered a behind-the-scenes wheeler and dealer who pushes some pretty controversial born-again views ... and is now on Team Lindsay.

Taylor is not only considered genius in the money department, she's a huge personality with a moral force that easily rivals her Husband, who's a minister.

She is not shy at all about pushing her born again religious views, something that scared the hell out of Britney Spears. Can she do the same for Lindsay?

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Even if you take NFL legend Lawrence Taylor at his word about merely masturbating in front of a 16-year-old girl and not having relations with her, that's still shady.

It's also still criminal behavior.

Taylor's rape defense he could still mean ending up a registered sex offender.

Which makes sense. It's not as if it absolves him of wrongdoing in the situation. After all, the former New York Giant is accused of patronizing an underage hooker.

If a jury does buy Lawrence's expected argument, that he pleasured himself in front of the girl but did not have sex with her, he would qualify as a sex offender.

LT may be the football Hall of Fame's first registered sex offender.

He could be forced to register as one, too. LT's defense team is aware of this, and his lawyers are doing "everything possible to keep LT off the sex offender registry."

Taylor was arrested and charged earlier this month for his encounter with the teenage prostitute in a New York State Holiday Inn. This is pretty sickening stuff.

Taylor says she said she was 19.  Legally, that matters not. She's 16.

The incident with LT surfaced as a result of the hooker's violent fight with her pimp, Rasheed Davis, who allegedly smacked her around a bit around that time.

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We always knew Justin Bieber had a young fan base, but this is ridiculous (and adorable)!

Just a couple weeks after presenting a five-year old Adam Lambert impersonator to the world, we're excited to melt your hearts with the following video.

The subject makes Lambert's cute follower look like a senior citizen. Watch, enjoy and just try not to smile at this rendition of a Bieber classic...

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With his divorce from Sandra Bullock looming, Jesse James has reportedly turned to eBay to earn some extra cash. Been there, Jesse James. Been there.

America's Most Hated is listing rare pre-war bicycles and other belongings like West Coast Choppers memorabilia, parts and a hand-painted mini coffin.

Taking Jesse Back!

No word if the hat from the Jesse James Nazi pic is available.

The Web site quotes one of James' buyers as leaving encouraging feedback after a transaction: "And the Oscar for best eBaying goes toooo... thanks."

Whatever that means.

Jesse James is looking to make some money online. Who isn't?

"Jesse is trying to lead a very quiet life now," a source tells Us of Sandra Bullock's cheating soon-to-be-ex. "He wants to get back to a normal routine."

While James may be pinching pennies, Bullock, on the other hand, has pulled out all the stops to spoil her four-month-old adopted son, Louis Bardo.

Settling into her new mom role, the actress recently spent $248 on baby clothes during a 45-minute boutique shopping spree in Austin, Tx., May 14.

Bullock, who confirmed her divorce and adoption of Louis the same day, looks committed to immersing herself fully and quickly into life sans Jesse.

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We don't know what's more surprising, that Dancing with the Stars would actually have one of its contestants' fiancees come on the show, or that Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi are actually still together months after The Bachelor ended.

Vienna and Jake haven't had much time to celebrate their engagement, as he joined the Dancing with the Stars cast about 10 minutes after The Bachelor finale.

But at least Tuesday night, Vienna Girardi will get in on the ratings action reunite with her man again, according to Chelsie Hightower, Jake's partner this season.

“We had our second rehearsal today and surprisingly, Vienna isn't nervous at all,” says Hightower. “If it were me, I think I’d be vomiting all night, not sleeping."

"But Vienna is doing really well and she’s so excited.”

Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi Pic

Like all of the other season 10 couples, she and Pavelka will take to the floor together and perform one last dance - theirs is the Viennese Waltz - at the finale.

Girardi and Dmitry Chaplin will join them on the floor, "then Dmitry and I will hand Jake and Vienna over to each other,” Hightower says. Someone kill us now.

“It’s a slow, romantic waltz - a simulation of a pre-wedding dance.”

The future Mr. and Mrs. Jake Pavelka have not made any formal wedding arrangements, but do plan to set up residence in L.A. when DWTS ends next week.

“She’s a great girl,” Chelsea says of Vienna, who was said to be completely devastated by Jake's elimination a few weeks ago. “They are very happy together.”

Will Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi last?


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Ready to return to the set of Adam Lambert's "If I Had You?"

Earlier this week, we gave fans a look at the artist's upcoming music video for that single, via this series of photos from it.

Now, we've returned with even more eccentric shots of Adam and his back-up singers/dancers. An insider describes the video as “Willy Wonka meets Thriller meets Interview With The Vampire,” which sounds like the sort of thing Lambert would come up with.

Looks like it, too...

Click to enlarge the photos above and check out Adam in all his decked-out glory.

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Is Tiger Woods already back on the dating scene? That's the rumor, and it appears that this prowling, swingin' single has a type: Elin Woods look-alikes.

Well, that's not entirely true.

During his marriage to Elin, he's been putting it to any waitress with a pulse. But lately, he's reportedly been spotted with a blonde, Elin-esque beauty.

The golfer was spotted earlier this week with a blonde beauty on the golf course in his gated community. Is he back in the game off the course as well?

Tiger and Elin Woods have both hired lawyers and have been estranged, especially lately, since his cheating was exposed. They are no longer speaking.

This isn't likely to help matters: "Tiger was on the golf course the other day, hitting balls," an eyewitness dished. "He was with a very pretty blonde."

"She looked a lot like [Elin Woods]. She was sitting in the golf cart while he played. They were talking and laughing and obviously having a good time."

While this is highly suspect due to the bulging disk in his neck, he's also been seen back in the nightlife scene in Orlando several times in recent weeks.

"Tiger has been out frequently," another source said. "He particularly likes Embers, a restaurant/bar. He doesn't want to stay home alone anymore."

While there was no overt sign of romance between Tiger and his mystery blonde, witnesses say it marked a shift in direction for Tiger's personal life.

"She sat in the cart laughing and chatting with Tiger for a long time," the eyewitness said. "They were very comfortable with each other, relaxed."

The source adds this classic dig: "It didn't look like the kind of scene you would see if Tiger and Elin were living together and happy, that's for sure."

So far, no official movement on the Tiger Woods divorce front. But expect it soon.

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Things must be getting serious between Jon Gosselin and Ellen Ross, his newest play thing girlfriend ... or at least they're reaching the Jon equivalent of serious.

After all, Radar Online reports the reality TV father introduced Ellen to six of his kids Friday. No word if Mady and Cara boycotted by choice or just had other plans.

Ellen Ross and Jon Gosselin were spotted picking up his sextuplets from the school bus in Reading, Pa., and according to reports, the kids weren’t too fazed at all.

Eh, that's not too surprising. They've already read about Jon and Deanna Hummel. And Hailey Glassman, and Stephanie Santoro. And Morgan Christie, and ...

Speaking of Hailey, Ellen kinda looks like her, no? Peep it:

Jon Gosselin and Ellen Ross

ELLEN ROSS: So Jon Gosselin's type ... desperate, likely disturbed.

In fact, the six kids were supposedly happy to be meeting daddy’s “new friend” - they were all smiles and laughs and obviously happy to be seeing their father.

Hey, it's not something you can take for granted with this dude.

Jon has been adjusting to his life as a single dad, showing the kids around his new apartment, looking for a job and even introducing the brood to his new girl.

He even went out of his way to see them on their birthday.

Granted any father should do that, and he wanted credit and sort of threw Kate under the bus afterward, but still. Progress, people. Even baby steps are good.

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Welcome to The Hollywood Gossip Week in Review, where our staff takes a look back on the last seven days in celebrity gossip, Hollywood news and rumors.

Some of the highlights from May 15-21 include ...

  • Lindsay Lohan missed an L.A. court date partying in Cannes, claimed her passport was stolen, made bail, avoided arrest, and may be dating Indrani.
  • The Kendra Wilkinson sex tape has proved to be a hot ... seller. Justin Frye was outed as the dude on it, and a number of RSNFW pics were leaked.
  • Rima Fakih was crowned Miss USA 2010. The first Muslim-American winner was allowed to keep her title despite her past as a stripper pole champ.
  • Rumors surfaced that LeBron James' mom, Gloria, was doing his teammate, Delonte West. The James' lawyer denies it. Calvin Murphy says it's true.

Rima Fakih is your new Miss USA, controversy and all.

  • Dr. Arnold Klein says Michael Jackson chose who he loved. Dr. Conrad Murray actually helped save a life this time - some woman on board a flight!
  • The great Justin Bieber truly transcends all racial boundaries. But is Greyson Chance, 12, already the second coming of Biebs ... or of Lady Gaga?
  • The recovering Bret Michaels had a stroke. Get well soon, B.
  • God totally hates Kim Kardashian. Seriously We have proof.
  • Jennifer Aniston posed, sweaty, for some sexy SmartWater.
  • Food dude Juan Carlos Cruz may have tried to off his wife.
  • The New Miley Cyrus
  • Chad Ochocinco Shirtless

The sights of Dancing with the Stars this week.

Jensen and Danneel made it official. Audrina and Ryan officially split.

  • It's over: Audrina Patridge and Ryan Cabrera called it quits, as did Amanda Seyfriend and Dominic Cooper; Hef booted those Shannon Twins.
  • Wedding bells: Valerie Bertinelli and businessman beau Tom Vitale are engaged; CW hotties Jensen Ackles and Daneeel Harris got married!
  • Baby news: Amy Adams had a girl; Claudia Schiffer had a girl (her third child); Drew Lachey had a boy (second child); John Travolta and Kelly Preston are expecting; Chris Daughtry and wife Deanna are expecting twins!
  • R.I.P.: Ronnie James Dio.

NOTE: Don't forget to follow THG on Twitter and Facebook for all the latest news, celebrity gossip, rumors, commentary and humor as it happens, 24/7/365!

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