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Oksana Grigorieva's accusations of domestic violence may or may not be backed by witnesses who she says saw the argument in which Mel Gibson hit her.

Until that happens, however, much of the "evidence" she claims implicates the actor remains suspect - including the new photo of Oksana with a black eye.

The fact that the photo surfaced just this week is odd.

According to sources close to the situation, the idea that Oksana held back the photo on purpose during the couple's custody mediation in May is "absurd."

As one source said, "She produced photos of her mouth showing the damage to her veneers, she testified in great detail about the January 6 incident."

"If she had a black eye she would have said it."

So is she exaggerating or lying about the attack and fabricating evidence? That seems to be the implication, at least from this particular TMZ source.

The insider says, on the financial end, Oksana "held every piece of damaging evidence" over his head - notably the now-infamous Mel Gibson tapes.

That produced a $15 million deal she agreed to but later left on the table. The source said, "If there was a black eye it would have been $16 million."

Also, the settlement included a confidentiality agreement, meaning it would have done Oksana no good to withhold evidence she could never use.

Even more glaring doubts are cast by medical professionals.

Oksana supposedly emailed her lawyer about the attack right afterward, but sources also say the day after the alleged incident, Oksana's dentist never mentioned a black eye. Two days later, a pediatrician she saw also failed to observe it.

This doesn't prove Mel is innocent, and regardless, the man needs serious help. But it does cast doubt on some of Oksana's statements and motives.


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If you were worried that Lindsay Lohan was getting the VIP treatment in prison, don't be. The star's mom Dina, who visited her yesterday, says it's not true.

Dina went to see Lindsay with her sister Ali Lohan and her ex, Samanthan Ronson, then slammed reports that the 24-year-old is enjoying perks behind bars.

"She doesn't have cell phone privileges, that's absurd," Dina said, referring to reports no one actually printed. "She doesn't even have a pillow to sleep on."

Aww. Sad. They can't even touch each other, either!

"I talk to her through glass. There's a phone and we put her on speaker. I can't even hug my daughter," Dina laments. "She's treated like a common criminal."

Which she is. One who drives drunk and recklessly, then can't even make it to one freaking alcohol education meeting a week. She got hers. Just saying.

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Lindsay has the support of her mom and sister, who we expect will be in Lynwood Correctional Facility herself one day. [Photos:]

Dina acknowledged, however, that Lindsay is being treated well: "I have to say that the people inside have been pretty cool to her, guards and the inmates."

The Mean Girls star has been behind bars since July 20. The date of her release from jail is still unclear, although it is likely to be sooner rather than later.

Whenever she leaves, the star must report to rehab immediately. Her lawyer is trying to get her a temporary delay before checking in, but don't bet on it.

In any event, Lohan will likely be out of the slammer in under three weeks. Not bad for a 90-day jail sentence. Hopefully it's long enough to learn a lesson.

Do you think she's ready to be set free?


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Yesterday's appearance by Barack Obama on The View was not warmly greeted by some of the President's critics who questioned the nature of the visit.

Chief among said critics: Sarah Palin. Ripping his decision to sit down for a light interview on daytime TV amid myriad national crises, Palin Twittered:

"President with no time to visit porous US/Mexican border to offer help to those risking life to secure us, but lotso’ time to chat on The View? ... I’m headed to border in near future. Let’s see how quickly his travel schedule will allow that border visit after all.”

It might be a compelling point, if it weren't Sarah Palin.

POTUS in Action

Sarah Palin questions our President's commitment to public service.

The former Alaska Governor is referring to the region's drug wars and the debate over immigration in this country, and whether Obama should be on The View during such turbulent - or any - times is a subject many have raised, and not without validity.

With our nation burdened by two wars, immigration upheaval, rampant unemployment and the worst ecological disaster of all time, seeing our Commander-in-Chief chatting about Lindsay Lohan and Jay-Z is not as charming as it once was.

Let's not forget, though, that this criticism is coming from a woman who quit after less than a term as Alaska Governor to pursue lucrative, self-serving endeavors such as writing a memoir of her distinguished "career" and posing for In Touch Weekly.

That's her right, of course, and good for her. But for a woman clearly in love with her own celebrity and more interested in fulfilling Sarah Palin's every whim than in public service, criticism of one interview by the President is laughable.

Agree? Disagree? Weigh in below ...


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The greatness/awfulness that is Jersey Shore is back. As advertised, Season 2 features a new shore (pity Miami Beach), but the same crazy. And then some.

We were concerned that the cast's celebrity status would diminish the show's luster, but the genuineness of these characters (for better or worse) was there.

So was the entertainment. While predictable, it was great to have The Situation, Snooki, Pauly D, J-Woww, Ronnie, Sammi, Vinny and that other girl back.

Here's The Hollywood Gossip's scientific plus-minus recap ...

En route to pick up the Sitch, Pauly D sums up Northeast winters: "Can't do nothin' in this weather. Can't tan, can't creep ... Girls stay in the house." Plus 5.

A dark brown Snooki laments that she no longer tans since "Obama put a 10% tax on tanning." Pretty sure that doesn't take effect until like 2014. Minus 4.

Jersey Shore Season 2 Cast

JWoww and Snooki ridicule Angelina's self-proclaimed "Kim Kardashian of Staten Island" moniker. "With what ass?" JWoww muses. A valid point. Plus 3.

No one expected Angelina Pivarnick back this season. She awkwardly greets Pauly D and The Situation, who reluctantly let her bunk with them. Minus 1.

Down south, Snooki discovers "life-changing" fried pickles. They did look good. Plus 2. That dude in the restaurant gets a Plus 1 for his fist-pump, too.

Ronnie and Sammi reunite. The tension is thick, lame and boring. This is totally going to be a drawn-out, painful Audrina-Justin kind of thing. Minus 7.

Pauly D does a quick pro-con on the Angelina situation: She's annoying and causes drama, but there could be a slow night with no chicks, so ... Plus 18.

While the guys are awkward but mostly tolerant of Angelina, the girls are ready to full-on brawl. Holy crap, JWoww needs to lay off the steroids. Minus 5.

As a general rule, it's hard not to smile at what a blast the guys are having with this show. The girls, meanwhile, just come off miserable and catty. Even.

One of the Boys

Cons: Annoying drama queen. Pros: Easily accessible.

Lending a hand scrubbing in the sink after a DISASTER involving Sammi’s FAVORITE white shorts, Snooki says "I feel like a pilgrim from the freakin' '20s." Plus 6.

An intoxicated Ronnie calls Sammi an "ungrateful c**t" and says she will "never f*%king win." Win what, you effing moron? Get over yourself. Minus 13.

Vinny sums up the night: "Ronnie's obliviated at this point." Plus 6.

The Situation: "Ron is at the club hooking up with grenades, which is a bigger ugly chick, and land mines, which is a thinner ugly chick, and ... loving life." Plus 11.

Sure enough, Ronnie mauls one of each. Minus 8 for the nasty close-up.

An additional Plus 12 for the previews of future episodes. Wow.

TOTAL: +26. Follow this link for the night's best Jersey Shore quotes!

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Take this, Westboro Baptist Church!

You can call Justin Bieber a sinner and an affront to God all you'd like, but you can't hold the young singer down!

Instead of wallowing in such absurd insults, Bieber is moving ahead with his career, looking to expand his audience by appearing on season two of Shaq Vs.

In that reality show, the NBA legend takes on a variety of celebrities in their fields of expertise, from athletics to dancing to cooking. In Justin's case, of course, this means singing, something O'Neal attempts to do below, joining in with Bieber for a duet during the latter's concert rehearsal in Phoenix.

It's a great clip:

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American Idol is apparently cleaning house.

Talk of who will fill Simon Cowell's vacant seat on the hit show's panel now shifts to who will replace the other two departing judges: Ellen DeGeneres and Kara DioGuardi will not be returning next season either, according to reports.

DeGeneres, who joined the show in its ninth season earlier this year, confirmed in a statement that she told Fox it "didn’t feel like the right fit for me.”

“I told them I wouldn’t leave them in a bind and would hold off until they were able to figure out where they wanted to take the panel next," she said. "It was a difficult decision to make, but my work schedule became more than I bargained for.”

The class act added: “I loved the experience working on Idol, am very grateful for the year I had, am a huge fan of the show and will continue to be.”

In the same statement, American Idol creator and executive producer Simon Fuller says, “I loved Ellen’s passion for the artists and her nurturing skills. She brought honesty and optimism to our judging panel and I will miss her greatly."

AI Crew

Next year's American Idol roster will look a lot different.

But here's where it gets interesting: TMZ reports that Kara DioGuardi has been fired from the program, which will return to a three-judge format.

Fox has not acknowledged Kara's departure in a statement, but it appears it's all but official. That leaves Randy Jackson as the last man standing.

The show will reportedly be going back to a three-judge panel of Randy and a couple of high-profile newcomers: Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler.

This so-called "nuclear option" of blowing up nearly the entire panel has been kicked around for months, but nevertheless comes as a surprise.

Stars ranging from Harry Connick, Jr., to Bret Michaels, Chris Isaak and even Jessica Simpson have been rumored to be negotiating for the job.

Looks like J. Lo and the Aerosmith frontman won out.

The only way Kara could be asked back would be if the Lopez deal fell apart, but TMZ's sources claim it is already a done deal. Crazy stuff!

What do you think of the new panel? With Simon gone, will a Randy-Steven-J.Lo tandem usher in stronger ratings in Season 10?

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Last week on the show with the most unnecessary punctuation mark in history - Bethenny Getting Married? - the titular star gave birth to daughter Bryn.

This week, she actually had to take care of Bryn. The celebration of life continued, sure. But would the struggles of caring for a newborn overwhelm her?

Take it away, THG Real Housewives correspondent....

Ah, the sweet and precious introduction of a new reality television star. This time it’s a one-day-old baby who is about as big as an artichoke. 

This is little Bryn Hoppy, Bethenny and Jason’s daughter. She was born five weeks early and is a cute little pipsqueak. Her parents are, of course, totally in love. This episode marked a change in Bethenny - away from non-stop snark and fast-paced sarcasm and towards sweet, goo-goo baby love bliss and sleep-deprived incoherence.  

The Housewives Girl

At the beginning, Jason’s parents came to visit their new grandchild at Lenox Hill Hospital, evidently the hospital where all the rich people go in New York City.

Bethenny announces the baby’s name is Bryn, after Jason’s late brother, Bryan.

Jason’s mom is very emotional and it’s a sweet moment. But then Bethenny makes us laugh again as she and Jason wrangle with the new breast pump.

She says, “I never thought that when I was in da club with Jason that he would be my breast pumping assistant.” I love Bethenny’s ability to keep us laughing, even when she was crying the moment before.

Little Bryn is so teeny-tiny and adorable.

She reminded me of my beloved ‘80s-vintage Cabbage Patch Preemie as Jason gently rubs her back and whispers to her about all they will do in the future—dance classes, yes, but basketball and golf too. “My little chickpea,” Jason calls Bryn.

He makes Bethenny laugh until we fear she’ll pop a stitch.  This new family is definitely in a good place.  No signs of postpartum nuttiness from Bethenny, at least not yet. She doesn’t seem the type to go all Brooke Shields on us.

Continue Reading...

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Katie Holmes may be ready for baby #2, but it ain't happening anytime soon. Don't let the cover below fool you, this is just boilerplate Life & Style crap.

If you actually read the article, it cites as "evidence" this quote: "It's just fabulous," she told Life & Style at an NYC screening of The Extra Man July 19.

"I'm very lucky. Very lucky."

She is referring, of course, to motherhood, not the fact that she's pregnant. Which she isn't. Although she did play into the magazine's hand a little bit.

BABY #2 IS COMING: For some other person, maybe. We can see L&S' confusion - touching one's stomach and liking ice cream are tell-tale symptoms.

Mrs. Tom Cruise has been playing an expectant Jackie O in the History Channel miniseries The Kennedys and is "positively beaming" during production.

In Canada, she's been "spotted fondly rubbing her prosthetic belly" and cooing over kids on set while spending mother-daughter time with Suri Cruise.

According to the publication, Katie has "made no secret" of the plan to give Suri a sibling. They've recycled this quote for four years now. Just saying.

What nonsense. At least they gave Jennifer Aniston the week off.

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A former USC Trojan, football star Matt Leinart may be putting his former mascot to use in a different way with Ali Fedotowsky ... if you know what we mean!

We mean sex. Protected style.

Rumors are circulating that The Bachelorette star does not find love and happiness and picks no one the finale of the reality show Monday night.

Might this be further proof?

According to Star, when Ali met the Arizona Cardinals quarterback at a July 15 at a charity event, sparks flew after they talked "by themselves."

Ali Fedotowsky and Matt Leinart pose for a photo. Oooh!

By the end of the night, the jock scored Ali's digits: "Matt finally asked for Ali's phone number and she happily gave it to him," a witness says.

"He promised that he'd call her; she must be over the moon about catching the eye of such a hot guy!" Well, unless she's engaged, of course.

There are rumors if her rejecting both guys, or that Roberto Martinez proposes, but they didn't make a go of it and she's already single again.

We also theorize that perhaps she still hasn't decided.

Guess we'll find out soon enough ... and we may very well be surprised. But we would be astonished if Matt Leinart were at all a factor in this.

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On Pretty Little Liars, Lucy Hale makes it clear that she can keep a secret.

But the 21-year old actress held nothing back in an interview this week with WhoWhatWear dot com. She talked to the website about her fashion tastes and those of celebrities she admits. A few excerpts follow:

On her fashion evolution: “When I was 16, I wasn’t a risk taker; I was very basic, just jeans and t-shirts. I loved fashion, I loved looking at it, and I could admire the people who took those risks, but I could never do it. I’m proud of myself that I’m willing to take the extra step and do something a little different now.”

On her style icons: “I love the classic [style icons] like Kate Moss and Sienna Miller, but I really admire girls my age, like Vanessa Hudgens and Miley Cyrus, for their everyday style.”

On her style staple: “I like to look really feminine - I’m all about dresses, heels, hair and makeup - but then again, I’m also obsessed with my Steve Madden motorcycle boots. I’m still finding myself and figuring out what my signature style is. There’s nothing I wouldn’t try at this point.”

Hale, Lucy
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