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Kim, Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian krashed Saturday Night Live this week. Sort of.

As played by cast members Abby Elliott, Nasim Pedrad, and Vanessa Baye, the sisters appeared with Seth Myers on Weekend Update and explained what happened with their prepaid credit card debacle.

They also apologized for other canceled, family-sponsored products, such as the Kardashian birth control pill and temporary back tattoo. The funny segment, posted below, is a spot-on spoof, with one exception:

Where's the talk about rubbing mayo on your vagina?

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Brendon Villegas is really sorry.

The former Big Brother contestant pulled a Brett Favre last month, sending photos of his penis to some random woman online... who proceeded to pass these pics on to the rest of the World Wide Web.

In response, Brandon's girlfriend - fellow Big Brother housemate Rachel Reilly - broke up with him and his viral unit. But Brandon wants Rachel back, in the worst, most tear-filled, hilarious, pathetic way.

Explaining how he was blackmailed into exposing himself, Brandon tells Rachel he REALLY wants to make things right between the pair. Watch the apology for yourself:

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Josh Duhamel wants those who have been bullied to see there is light at the end of the tunnel. Unless you're a flight attendant who bothers him while he texts. In which case, get out of his face. Things will not get better then by any means.

While an interview Fergie's hubby gave at a Trevor Project benefit lends another voice to an important topic, it's hard to take seriously in light of last week's drama.

Anyway, check it out after the jump ...

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Was last week's tabloid report about Britney Spears being abused by her boyfriend a creation of someone in the star's camp as a means of generating buzz?

Probably not, but stranger things have happened.

To be clear, we're not saying Britney Spears or Jason Trawick was in on it, or that anyone was for that matter. But it's a bit coincidental how it played out.

  • A Real Eye-Opener
  • Jason Trawick-Britney Spears FIGHT!

The timing and details of this story? Awfully strange.

Flash back to last week. Star reported that Britney phoned her ex, Jason Alexander, confessing that Trawick attacked her. Radar then posted the audio.

Spears' camp decried the rumor, analysts declared the tape bogus, and Brit Tweeted that everyone involved can "kiss my lily white southern Louisiana ass!"

Then came this interesting Tweeted tidbit, too: "I'm almost done with my new album and it will be coming out this March. I AM IN L-O-V-E WITH IT!"

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This is a sobering thought for many: there are allegedly photos of Ke$ha nude floating around the Internet.

According to The Associated Press, two German hackers have been nabbed trying to sell unreleased tracks of various artists, while officials say the suspects are also accused of blackmail attempts against Ke$ha, threatening to release compromising photos of that singer unless she helped to promote one of them, an aspiring DJ.

  • Face Painted
  • Blue Lipped

Ke$ha is a master of various looks. One of them, reportedly, doesn't involve any clothing.

Duisburg chief prosecutor Rolf Haferkamp says two men used malicious software to break into computers containing music and personal information for dozens of recording artists, including such stars as Ke$ha, Lady Gaga and Justin Timberlake.

Police were tipped off to this scheme by followers of Kelly Clarkson, who reported they were contacted via fan websites and offered the chance to purchase new, unreleased material by the former American Idol.

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The Glee cast is a hit on both sides of the Atlantic.

With the exception of Chris Colfer, who was stuck in Los Angeles filming scenes for an upcoming episode, all of the young, lovable stars of this Fox hit performed their Grammy-nominated version of "Don't Stop Believing" on last night's episode of X Factor in Great Britain.

Check out Lea Michele, Cory Monteith and company in action now:

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Kim Zociak is pregnant and pretty much engaged to Kroy Biermann.

But The Real Housewives of Atlanta asked viewers to ignore this current fact last night and go back in time to when Kim was pretending to be a lesbian with Tracy Young. Our critic has all the details in this review of the episode titled "Auto Tuned-Up."

Following the explosive events of last week, this week's drag race was relatively tame.  Kim calls "gal pal" Tracy and invites her to come down to Atlanta and hold her hand while she goes back in for some vocal lessons from Jan Smith.  Kim swore she'd never step foot in her studio again but given the fact that she promised Kandi she'd work on her "singing," Kim has no choice. 

Sheree decides she's going to further her "acting" career by maybe doing a play for free, getting an agent and getting some headshots.

Stressed out about his restaurant, 50-year-old Peter is becoming more and more annoyed by Nene's constant presence in his and Cynthia's lives.  Cynthia is just being a good friend and lending Nene her ear while she deals with Gregg's betrayal, but 50-year-old Peter doesn't see it that way. 

Annoyed because he feels he has to make an appointment with his own fiancee to speak to her, he wants Cynthia's undivided attention.  50-year-old Peter advises Cynthia not to get too caught up in Nene's marital drama.  He lays down the law: no more Nene when I'm in the house!  Prickly Pete needs to chill out.

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As Michael Jackson fans surely know by now, the late King of Pop worked with Akon, recording a track called "Hold My Hand" before he passed away, and the song will appear on the forthcoming posthumous album Michael.

Follow this link to hear the full song. Now, here's a 30-second teaser for the music video, blending vintage MJ footage with recently-filmed material ...

What do you think of the "Hold My Hand" collaboration?


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Looks like Andrew Garfield won't be the only change coming to Spider-Man.

That British actor, and star of The Social Network, will take on the title role in the next installment of this franchise, as it reboots itself and focuses on a younger version of Peter Parker.

Emma Stone has also landed a key role in the movie, taking over the character of Gwen Stacy from Bryce Dallas Howard. And she'll do so with blonde hair.

Compare the redhead's new look with her former one below and sound off on which you prefer.

Which Hairstyle Looks Best?

Emma Stone has dyed her red hair blonde for a role in the new Spider-Man movie. Which color do you prefer on this rising star? View Poll »

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Under fire thanks to everyone from Bosnia to Chelsea Handler, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt bundled up twins Knox and Vivienne for a trip to NYC Saturday.

Flying into the city from Paris, the family hit up Lee's Art Shop in Manhattan, where the children appeared wide-eyed at the crowd that surrounded them.

Little Knox even mirrored his dad's style for the trip. Check it out:

Brangelina and the Twins!

BROOD-ING: Brangelina and two of their biological offspring brave the New York cold and crowds. Sweet family, no? [Photo: Pacific Coast News Online]

"It's just double the fun. It's surprising just how soon their personalities have started emerging," Pitt said of the couple's twins. "But it's really important that everyone gets their individual time as well as group time together."

Jolie has been making the rounds promoting The Tourist. Watch the trailer here.

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