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      It's been almost a week since Kendra Wilkinson pretended to be hurt by her sex tape in a nationally-televised interview with Ryan Seacrest.

      But, don't worry, folks: the reality star is back!!!

      Kendra Close-Up

      A day after celebrating her birthday, Kendra Tweeted to the world: "25 feels so good lolol!!"

      We have to ask: as good as Justin Frye appeared to have made you feel in this photo? lolol!!

      Wilkinson then took to her Facebook page and wrote:

      "Hey everyone…I really want to thank all of you for all the love and support you've shown me over the past few weeks!!! I love you all so much! I'm leaving the past in the past and I'm so excited for my future with my family. I'm back babyyy!!! Lolololol!!!!!"

      Thank goodness. We're so grateful to hear that someone whose famous for having posed naked, someone who pocketed well over $500,000 for her sex tape, someone who talked about it publicly every chance she got, and someone whose face appears on a tabloid cover each week is finally back.

      We've really missed her.

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      What might have been a tame episode of The Bachelorette soon became surprisingly memorable as Kasey made a complete fool of himself - many times over.

      He certainly didn't take any of the conventional routes - drunkenness, jackassery, climbing mountains Rated R style - either. No, Kasey was a unique kalamity.

      How did Ali Fedotowsky respond to his increasingly odd overtures? Who received roses at the end of the night and which two guys' dreams were krushed forever?

      THG breaks down all the action below in its plus-minus index ...

      Chris Harrison informs the guys they are headed around the world, starting in New York City. The Bachelorette's budget must really be increasing lately. Plus 4.

      Ali Fedotowsky gets an InStyle makeover. Minus only 1, because while complete cross-promotional filler, this did provide us gorgeous shots of Ali Fedotowsky.

      Kasey gets a one-on-one date and talks to the cameras about how Ali is a beautiful butterfly, "ready and open for love." It only gets weirder from there. Minus 2.

      Kasey Kiss

      KRAZY TRAIN: Kasey puts the unintentionally hilarious moves on Ali. 

      Minus 37, one point for each time he said he's there to "protect and guard" her heart. 1. Who even talks like that? 2. This will make a fun drinking game next week!

      During their private date in the museum, Kasey gets all intense about their love and continues the most god-awful singing imaginable. Plus 10 for Ali's stunned look.

      Plus 13 more for Ali calling him out on this crap. She says he's not himself. Whether that's true or not, he's not impressing her and at least she didn't placate him.

      How can he not get a rose and still stick around for the rose ceremony, though? Isn't the whole point that it's make or break? Minus 4 for making up rules on the fly.

      Roberto, Jesse, Craig, Kirk, Jonathan, Frank and Ty head to Times Square for a VIP Broadway experience and are forced to pretend they really like theater. Plus 8.

      Lauding Roberto's courage and truth, the producer chooses him for a date with Ali, then says they're going to be in The Lion King. Minus 5. A nice dinner would do.

      Plus 11 for the gratuitous, half-nude shots of Ali and Roberto Martinez, especially since the other suckers have to sit and watch a play and Roberto workin' it.

      In a driving rain, Ali reassures Frank about her feelings for him and they make out. Frank says he wants whatever she has. Barf, but Minus only 3 since we like Frank.

      A-Fed Pic

      BIG LEAGUER: Roberto rose to the occasion on Broadway's biggest stage.

      Jonathan the Weatherman freaks out more and more with each letdown. It's like a train wreck in slow motion, only the train has had 10 cups of coffee. Minus 6.

      Weatherman has a serious cow when Kirk swoops in and escorts an under the weather Ali to bed. Plus 5 for Kirk seizing the moment and Plus 2 for Jonathan tweaking.

      Sick Ali invites Chris Lambton to her suite instead of going out, which is even better for getting to know each other. Plus 9 for Chris L. making lemonade (figuratively).

      The producers are overplaying the situation with his mom a bit to make Chris look all sympathetic, but it is important, and he does seem genuine and sweet, so Wash.

      The guys notice Kasey is "missing." That's because he's at a tattoo parlor. Getting a shield guarding a heart. Plus 17, 'cause that is the lamest, most insane move ever.

      Kasey tells his competitors the bandage on his wrist is from a burn. Justin Rego of all people is sure he's lying (see Bachelorette spoilers for definition of irony). Plus 9.

      Finally kalled out, Kasey reveals his tattoo, which he says is courageous or something. Frank counters that it "doesn't prove anything except that you're nuts." Plus 7.

      TOTAL: +36. SEASON: +86.

      Roses: Chris L. (earlier); Kirk, Frank, Craig, Chris N., Roberto, Justin, Ty and Kasey.

      Out: Jesse and Jonathan. Poor Weatherman.

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      Will she or won't she?!?

      A nation held its breath going into last night's edition of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, wondering if Dina Manzo was truly exiting the show for good. We won't leave you in suspense over the development. Let's get right to a recap, Real Housewives correspondent!

      Note to readers:  I am currently visiting my sister and had to write this review from the couch in her apartment.  She sat with me as I worked and shouted random comments in my general direction.  She has never seen this show before and knows nothing about the women or the plotlines but, despite this complete and total lack of RHONJ knowledge, I found many of her insights quite relevant.  I have included some of the better ones.

      Dry your tears, everyone!  Miss Dina is done with being a Housewife in Crazy Town!  I think I will miss her because she is sort of the voice of reason, while she also delivers pretty funny one-liners.  But we found this devastating, life-changing information out at the end of the show, so I am getting a bit ahead of myself.

      The Housewives Girl

      The episode started with the conclusion of the Dina-Danielle strip mall restaurant “conversation” from last week, otherwise known as a "catfight."  In case you forgot, when we last left this little bru-ha-ha there was serious shushing going on and all the shushing was leading Dina and Danielle down a dark path of no return.

      “You know more than anybody else, I was on your team,” Dina says to Danielle.  Both women are talking, but neither is listening.  When one opens her mouth, the other only hears, “Blah, blah, blah, you bitch!”  Their voices are steadily rising until they are shouting. People in the restaurant are staring at the hot messes over in the banquette booth.  “It was embarrassing.  I mean, people are trying to eat,” Dina reflects later.

      Dina then repeats for the ten millionth time that she wants to cut Danielle out of her life.  We at home scratch our heads in confusion because isn’t Dina the one who initiated this meeting?  Danielle yells, “It’s not about me.  It’s not about cutting me out of your life.  It’s about not being able to face what you’ve done.”  Dina rolls her eyes, shouts a few more insults, and speeds off in her Mercedes.

      Exiting Dina

      My sister then pipes up, “Are they always this mean to each other?  Jesus.  This is not nice.”

      Honestly, the rest of the episode was pretty much fluff and filler between the big Dina-Danielle fight and the anticlimactic Dina exit.  Here’s what happened, in a nutshell:

      Continue Reading...

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      We make fun of Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian. A lot. Often. Pretty much every chance we get.

      But what kind of credibility would we have if we simply bashed these talentless celebrities from afar? Hilarious clips that showcase clearly scripted fights and arguments might be worthy of our mockery, but readers have told us to give full episodes a shot.

      Revenge Romance!

      Therefore, we've assigned an intern this nauseating task. She suffered in front of her TV on Sunday night and filed this report on the season premiere of Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami...

      If anyone knows how to rock reality TV, it’s the Kardashians.  These girls were built in the public eye and despite having the tabloids follow their every move, they can still film an interesting show with things we haven’t yet seen.  On Sunday, these two outspoken sisters proved they can do just that.

      Aptly titled “Back in Miami," the episode focused on the two new additions to this family: the adorable baby Mason and the infamous Scott Disick.  While we haven’t seen much from the latter yet, the previews assure us that his notorious antics are yet to come.

      While Kourtney tackles new motherhood, Khloe struggles with the fact that she’s leaving her new husband (Lamar Odom, of course) behind. 

      Honestly, while Lamar seems like a standup guy and it’s wonderful how in love he and Khloe are, the baby talk between the pair has GOT TO GO.  Producers, editors, please: my gag reflex can only take so much.  The only goo-goo ga-ga sounds should be coming from little Mason.

      Granted, we don’t know the inner workings of every business move the Kardashians make, but it sucks Kourtney had to take the reigns with revamping the Miami Dash store.  However, people have their priorities and Khloe wasn’t feeling it.  On that note, Scott: Could you be more annoying?

      You already know you tread on thin ice with your girlfriend’s family, don’t piss off the one who wouldn’t hesitate to punch you in the face.  That being said, keep rocking those Patrick Bateman suits and entertaining us with your royal douchery.

      Continue Reading...

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      A judge ruled that the embattled Dr. Conrad Murray will be allowed to continue to practice medicine in California while awaiting trial on manslaughter charges.

      On Monday, Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Michael Pastor declined to grant a request by California authorities to suspend Murray's license indefinitely.

      Dr. Murray's attorneys fought the restriction, arguing that it would prompt authorities in Texas and Nevada, where he also practices, to take similar action.

      Murray, who is charged with involuntary manslaughter in the June 25, 2009 death of Michael Jackson, has been ordered not to use anesthetics on patients.

      The most surprising development Monday was the arrival of Michael Jackson's parents, Joe and Katherine, who then sat next to each other in the front row.

      Dr. Murray Photo

      The doc is still in. Who'd be treated by him is another story.

      The Jackson patriarchs didn’t speak to each other much, according to reports, and Joe appeared to have dozed off at one point. Nevertheless, it was a shock.

      After all, Joe said over the weekend that Katherine Jackson is to blame for Michael's death, since they were so close and she did not do enough to intervene.

      Then again, Murray will argue Michael Jackson killed himself, so he's not the only one finger-pointing. Joe throwing his own wife under the bus, though? Wow.

      Despicable stuff, but apparently not enough for her to cut him out of her life. Jermaine, Randy, and LaToya Jackson also attended the hearing, reports CNN.

      Yesterday's hearing was held only to determine whether Murray could maintain his California medical license, and did not directly concern the criminal case.

      The judge set August 23, 2010, as the date for the start of Murray's preliminary hearing to determine if he will stand trial on the manslaughter charge.

      The prosecutor said that hearing could last a week.

      Joe Jackson surfaces in court. No new accusations this hour.

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      For the second straight weekend, ho-tel heiress Paris Hilton flew 4,000 miles from overseas to visit ... Las Vegas. Which is just a few hours from her L.A. home.

      The reason? Cy Waits. She's dating the businessman and nightclub entrepreneur based in Sin City - and going to great lengths to keep the new romance hot!

      A week ago, Paris Hilton came in via a flight from Egypt, and over this past weekend, on a flight straight from Brazil. Says a source close to Cy Waits ...

      “It sure looks as if the new matchup is picking up steam on their fourth weekend of togetherness. They are inseparable while here in Las Vegas.”

      He and Paris Hilton went to Pure, where sister Nicky was hosting and celebrating beau David Katzenberg’s new MTV series The Hard Times of R.J. Berger.

      Hilton Milks It

      Cy Waits and Paris Hilton are really hitting it off.

      Later, Paris, Cy, Nicky and David went to hotspot LAX in the Luxor, where Shayne Lamas and Nik Richie, her husband and founder were hosting.

      “They’re taking it slow and sensibly,” one of Paris’ friends told me. “She’s happy, and that’s the most important thing. It’s not super-serious dating yet."

      “Nobody knows where this might lead. I don’t even think they do. Paris is so busy with her launch of her new Tease fragrance inspired by [Marilyn Monroe].”

      "They’re seeing each other and getting to know each other better. She thinks he is very sweet, considerate and caring and loves the fact that he’s self-made."

      That's a great little dig at former boyfriend Doug Reinhardt, heir to his family's frozen burrito fortune, but pretty much useless on his own merit.

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      Cristiano Ronaldo is causing quite the commotion at the World Cup - and we're not talking about today's key matchup between Portugal and the Ivory Coast.

      We're talking about his newest ads for Emporio Armani. Images of Portugal’s hot team captain modeling the line's fall/winter campaign have been unveiled.

      Mya Fashion Choice

      Shot on location in Madrid, where the 24-year-old sex symbol also serves as a forward for Real Madrid, the sultry shots will make their global debut in July.

      They will be on billboards in major cities including New York, Los Angeles and London, where they may cause massive car accidents due to the raw heat:

      Here is Cristiano Ronaldo shirtless, wearing only Emporio Armani underwear. The Portuguese soccer star really needs no introduction, so just enjoy the images.

      As if that weren't enough, ladies in Milan will be treated to an image from Armani Jeans featuring Cristiano this week on June 17 on a billboard on the Via Broletto.

      Come September, a short film and online commercial featuring Cristiano will also be released. We're almost talking about too much hotness to contain at this point.

      This is a guy who's smokin' even as a wax replica. That speaks volumes. He's pretty decent at football, too, from what we hear. Can he take Portugal to the title?

      Either way, perhaps Kim Kardashian should give him a second look. Ronaldo may like group sex and hookers, but at least he's not a cheater like Reggie Bush.

      Just saying. Here's another image from his Emporio Armani campaign:

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      We are as critical of Miley Cyrus as any celebrity gossip blog out there.

      And we make no apologies for our harsh assessments of this singer because, at the end of the day, they are just our opinions. Readers can take them or leave them. They're mere words.

      But there are certain lines THG (or anyone with a conscience) knows not to cross. Foremost among them: the mass leaking of photos that depict a 17-year old's private parts.

      No one taught this lesson to Perez Hilton, however, as reports allege that immature, self-serving blogger Tweeted an uncensored, bare crotch shot of Miley getting out of a car this weekend. Early this morning, he definitely posted the following message:

      If you are easily offended, do NOT click here Oh, Miley! Warning: truly not for the easily offended!

      The picture has since been removed, but claims this was it, minus the black box:

      Miley Cyrus Upskirt

      To their credit, Hilton's Twitter followers have lashed out at Perez since this post went live. Among their responses:

      • @PerezHilton posted a picture of Miley Cyrus’s VAGINA?! GOD I hope he gets arrested for posting child pornography. PLEASE.
      • @perezhilton tht is basically distr kiddie porn!!! She’s UNDERAGE!! Hope the wrong person didn’t see it... Pray, baby pray.
      • @PerezHilton You are the lowest of the low posting child pornography. Knew you were scum but this is a whole other level, you know no limit.

      Well said, people.

      Who knows why Miley wouldn't wear underwear - but taking an unauthorized picture of a 17-year old's vagina and posting it online is as illegal and immoral as it gets.

      These Tweets summed up the disgusting publicity hog that is Perez perfectly. But, hey, maybe you can do better! Leave a comment and let Perez Hilton have it. Don't hold back. Lord knows he wouldn't.

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      Following a melee at a local strip joint, Tennessee Titans quarterback Vince Young was issued a Class C assault citation in Dallas, Texas, early Sunday morning.

      No arrests are planned and the former University of Texas star's citation, while for a misdemeanor charge, likely will entail a fine that he will pay and that's it.

      The incident is said to have occurred at a Dallas strip club early Sunday morning after a man at the venue insulted, verbally or otherwise, Young's alma mater.

      A Dallas police source said that Vince Young was attempting to exchange cash, possibly for single dollar bills, at Club Onyx when all hell suddenly broke loose.

      Apparently, someone made disparaging remarks about the Longhorns, and then flashed an upside-down “Hook ‘em, Horns” hand gesture. A brawl ensued.

      Vince Young hopes the Almighty won't let the NFL suspend him.

      Today, the NFL star apologized to his teammates for the whole strip club fight, noting that he's praying to God that the NFL won't "come down hard."

      After practice today, Young said, "I just made a mistake, I made a big mistake even being there and I let that guy provoke me into doing what I did."

      "I pray to God that [league Commissioner] Roger Goodell doesn't come down hard on me, because I definitely want to be here for my teammates."

      Right, because 1. God saw the fight, and 2. Even if He did, He'd be more concerned about Young suiting up this fall than any pleas for forgiveness.

      Check out a video of the Vince Young fight here ...

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