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Lauren Conrad is a busy woman these days.

The former star of The Hills, and future star of a new reality show, was all smiles as she proudly pulled double book promotion duty at an NYC Barnes & Noble Tuesday.

LC promoted her new book Style as well as Sugar and Spice, the latest installment of her "LA Candy" series, providing us a chance to post two Lauren Conrad pictures!

Anyone complaining? Didn't think so.

Our Candy Girl

STYLE, SUGAR & SPICE: Lauren Conrad is also sweet. Don't leave that out.

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Diana Taurasi is the best women's basketball player alive. She's also the latest female professional athlete to bare it all.

This WNBA star covers the Body Issue of ESPN the Magazine and says of the decision to pose naked: "Doing the shoot was something new and I had fun with it. For me, doing this was about facing the challenge and celebrating everything all of our bodies have been through and done."

Diana Taurasi Naked

That's one point of view. Another is that women such as Amanda Beard and Danica Patrick should be drawing attention to their athletic accomplishments, not their birthday suits.

Where do you stand? Are these athletes simply proud of their bodies, or turning themselves into sex objects instead of respected professionals? In general, should they be posing nude?


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Taylor Swift is ready to Speak Now.

That's the title of the singer's upcoming album, which will be released on October 25, and it's also just a statement of fact. She opens up to the latest issue of Glamour, answering questions about ex-boyfriend Taylor Lautner, the CD and a lot more. Excerpts follow.

On Lautner: "He's wonderful, and we'll always be close. I'm so thankful for that."

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An hour of filler. The return of Michael Bolton. The ouster of Margaret Cho.

That's last night's Dancing With the Stars summed up in one line. Not too much drama, or too big a shocker. Just the pretenders slowly being cut from the field.

We were sad to see Cho go, if only because she was personally so invested in this, as she showed during her video montage. That's what the show is all about.

Margaret Cho Photo

GIVE IT CHO BEST: Margaret sure did, and will be missed.

The other two pairs who were "IN JEOPARDY" (the show loves saying that) were Bristol Palin ("bumming hard") and Rick Fox (please). Who are the real bottom two?

Maybe it's best we don't know, but why is Rick out there? No way he could've been at the bottom, based on skills OR votes. Bristol Palin, on the other hand, likely was.

Margaret and Bristol did have the two lowest scores among this week's Dancing With the Stars performances, so you can't argue one of them deserved to go on merit.

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Miley Cyrus has gone back to blonde.

The singer/actress has never been afraid to mix up her hair color, having gone from dark to light to red and back through all three again over the years. Spotted with friends at dinner last night, though, Miley has clearly lightened her locks more than usual.

Do you like this look on her?

  • Cute as a Blonde?
  • Blonde Again


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50 Cent was shot last night ... by a photographer, at a bar, with Chelsea Handler!

The couple were seen together, and by the way they got up close and personal, they gave some serious credibility to the dating rumors going around.

Chelsea Handler and 50 Cent were seen at the Blue Nile jazz bar in New Orleans, and were getting hot and heavy in that piece - not just friends!

Fifty Cent Pic

FIDDY AND CHELSEA: What do you think? Would 50 be good with the Handler? In a crazy world, this celebrity couple just might work. We can kinda see it!

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Would you watch a spin-off reality show featuring Teresa Giudice? Bravo is reportedly mulling over such a move.

"If they can give Bethenny her own show you can bet that they will give Teresa one," an insider tells PopEater. "You can't come up with a better script than Teresa's life. She's a mother and wife going through financial troubles and having to start all over again. Everyone has been hit hard by this economy and watching Teresa and her family struggle through problems will make for great TV."

Teresa Giudice Sucks

More like nauseating TV. The Giudices have been hit hard by their own stupidity, not the economy.

Sadly, Teresa is one of the most popular Housewives in history. Magazines with her photo on the cover have sold more issues than those featuring anyone else in the franchise.

Said a TV executive when asked about a show anchored by Giudice:

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Is Rachel McAdams dating Michael Sheen? That's the rumor going around!

The Canadian star, who has dated Josh Lucas and most famously Ryan Gosling, was recently seen at a Toronto Film Festival after party with her Midnight in Paris co-star Sheen, who is perhaps best known for his role in The Queen.

Spencer Grammer and James Hesketh Photo

That and for some funny 30 Rock quotes as Liz's wannabe BF last season.

Rachel McAdams and Michael Sheen stepped out on the town!

The likely couple also took some time to take in art exhibits in the Canadian city, which also happens to have produced the beauty that is McAdams 33 years ago.

Discussing his Midnight in Paris co-star to Entertainment Tonight, he said: "All my scenes were with Rachel ... She's a genuinely lovely lady as well as being stunningly beautiful and very talented so, you know, she's got it all going on there."

What do you think? Cute couple?

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Kim Kardashian is single... and ready to mingle in The Big Apple!

As announced last night, the large-breasted reality star is moving to New York City to attend parties and sleep with professional athletes open up a new store with sister Kourtney. Asked about the spin-off by Ryan Seacrest on his radio program today, Kim focused on her love life. Or lackthereof.

"I'm really officially on my own, and I'm in a whole different city," Kim said. "I'd be down for some hookups."

  • Kim in New York
  • Big Breasts in Big Apple

She looks plastic and has the personality of a mannequin. Who could resist Kim Kardashian?!?

That sound you just heard? Athletes across NYC rushing out to purchase boxes of condoms.

Who do you think Kim will date during her time in the city?


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Trump in '12? Don't rule it out.

After a poll in the key primary state of New Hampshire asked voters if Donald Trump should run for President in 2012, the real estate mogul is considering it.

The Donald says he did not commission said poll or know who did. But he says the results were "amazing" and is already talking about rebuilding the U.S.!

Trump has some appealing qualities, the poll found. Hair? Not one of 'em.

Donald told Fox News of his positive poll portrayal: "For the first time in my life, I'm actually thinking about it [running for president]. I've seen what's going on with this country and it's never been worse. What's happening is a disgrace."

"I love this country, we have a great country, but not really great like it used to be. Let's face it, we are no longer respected the way we used to be respected, and if we keep going like this, within 10 years China is going to overtake us easily."

While we doubt he'd actually try this, it's not that far-fetched either. He's not a witch, he could finance a run with zero help and the GOP field is wide open. Ronald Reagan was in show business before he became a statesman, too. Just saying.

What do you think? Should Trump run?


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