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No wedding date has been set for Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo. But the former has a plan for when discussions turn to this recently-engaged couple's nuptials.

"I want it to be about her," Lachey told People. "Any guy will tell you that it's probably more about the bride than the groom. It's just about celebrating your love for each other."

Totally Smitten

And Lachey certainly has a lot of love for Minnillo. "She's my soulmate in every way," he said, adding:

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It doesn't get any more random and hilarious than this.

A slew of utterly random celebrities - from David Faustino to the non-Britney Jason Alexander to Alfonso Ribeiro to Tonya Harding - have gathered to promote a Norwegian TV show titled Gylne Tider. That translates to "Good Times."

Which is exactly what's on the horizon for all who watch this video.

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Pretty Wild star Alexis Neiers' probation was revoked after her recent black tar heroin arrest. That will usually do it. She was ordered to be held without bail.

Pending a hearing Thursday, she'll be chilling in jail. The E! reality star had been on probation after being arrested in a celebrity burglary ring last year.

Alexis Neiers was arrested this week when she failed to check in with her probation officer, cops came to her home in response and found her with heroin.

The Burglar Bunch

BLING RING: Also known as the Burglar Bunch, these tools broke into a lot of celebrity homes. It's not Alexis Neiers' (top right) last visit to our celebrity mug shots page.

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Might the next American Idol be included in the videos below? It's certainly possible.

The new season of this Fox juggernaut kicks off in January, with changes that include two new judges and the elimination of the top 24 round.

With the loss of Simon Cowell, along with the possible loss of viewers who listen to Sarah Palin, the 10th season should be an interesting one for Idol. In the following two promos, we get our first look at a few auditions, as well as snippets of J. Lo and Steve Tyler offering up critiques.

Watch and prepare to be impressed.

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Welcome to another edition of THG's Caption Contest!

When Justin Bieber (sans mustache) is seen blow drying some dude's hair ... we have no idea what the heck is going on. That's why we want your captions!

All you have to do is think of a caption for the picture and fire off a comment below. Leave one. Leave 20. It's up to you. We'll announce a winner Monday!

Blow Dryer

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We understand that the body parts on Kourtney, Khloe and Kim Kardashian are pretty much all these professional celebrities have going for them.

Still, can someone tell these reality stars to stop talking about their vaginas in public?

Book Signing Photo

It was bad enough that we had to watch Kourtney give Khloe a bikini wax.

Then, last night, the sisters appeared on Conan and brought up a Twitter discussion two of them had about spreading mayonnaise on one's private region. Kim actually had to be the voice of reason and tell her siblings:

"Don't you guys realize that most of our fans are under the age 18 and you are bad influences on them? Talking about putting mayonnaise on your thing is not appropriate."

Below, watch the entire exchange, laugh at Conan's expression and shake your head over the state of a society that holds these women in such esteem.

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Sarah Palin. Kate Gosselin. It's a TLC reality show crossover like no one in their right mind ever imagined or wanted to see by any means other.

As if Kate dragging her brood to our northernmost state weren't exciting enough ... they're going on an Alaskan camping trip with Sarah Palin!!

First, here are the kids en route to the wilderness, where they will likely explode with rage and inform the locals that Santa doesn't exist ...

Then it's time for the clash of titans on Sarah Palin's Alaska. "I have never camped for real," Gosselin admits in the below clip, and it shows.

Crying for decent food and grimacing as American's favorite mama grizzly fires her trusty rifle, Kate longs for the comforts of Pennsylvania.

Hey, what's she supposed to do? Bears lurking are nearby. BEARS, people. Sarah tells us, "She's going to be relying on me to protect her."

We've seen what happens when boys come near Willow Palin. Ursine creatures beware. Watch a clip of Kate on Sarah Palin's Alaska here:

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JWoww used to date Thomas "Tom" Lippolis. There were references made to him on Jersey Shore on more than one occasion. Then they broke up.

Lippolis, who says he also served as JWoww's manager, is looking for some money from the deals he says he helped get her - including with MTV.

JWoww's ex claims he helped the Jersey Shore star score a deal worth $17,500 an episode, although she never paid him a cent for his services.

Thomas Lippolis and JWoww

Tom Lippolis says JWoww owes him serious coin.

Tom claims that while he was the business manager of JWoww (Jenni Farley), he locked down deals with MTV, clubs, a tanning company and a plastic surgeon.

In the lawsuit, Lippolis claims he was the "sole negotiating agent" with JWoww's Jersey Shore deal and more, but she left him out to dry after they broke up.

Now, he wants $350,000 to make it right. A JWoww source says Tom did negotiate her tanning or MTV contracts, but says he was paid for services rendered.

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Alleged actor Josh Duhamel was escorted off of a plane after refusing to turn off his BlackBerry yesterday. Hey ... there are crucial NBA scores to check, alright?

Duhamel was on a flight from New York to Kentucky when a flight attendant asked him to turn off his phone before takeoff. Indignant, he would not do so.

Derek Lowe Mug Shot

A passenger says he was "very rude," even "taunting the attendant." And you wonder why Steven Slater peaced out in hilarious, illegal fashion this summer.

DUHAMEL-NO, he won't go! Wait, actually he will ...

According to TMZ, the flight attendant asked Fergie's husband to turn off the device three separate times, and the third time, Josh laughed at his request.

Duhamel's reaction infuriated the attendant, who then called for backup. The plane, which was already on the runway, was turned back to the gate.

Officers boarded and escorted Duhamel off. Passengers were pissed, and rightfully so ... this was a bigger waste of time than any episode of Las Vegas.

Duhamel's rep told TMZ, "He's sorry." How moving.

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Both Ashley Greene and her shirt open up in the latest issue of Cosmopolitan.

The Twilight Saga beauty, who is famously dating Joe Jonas these days, poses on the cover of this sex-themed magazine and gives fans a bit of side boob action. This is nothing compared to the view Greene gave us in August of 2009, of course.

Off to Vancouver

Note to male orgasm virgins: Stare at this photo long enough and you'll shed that label.

Inside the issue, Greene is asked about marriage and said she's "indifferent" to the concept.

"I think sometimes people get married so they can say they have that person forever, but a ring doesn't ensure that you'll stay together... Watch, now that I've said that I will be the first of my friends to get married!"

Your move, Joe.

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