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As if Dancing With the Stars' ratings weren't high enough, Audrina Patridge and Tony Dovolani are prepared to really up the sensual factor this evening.

Their rumba will be "very passionate, sensual and sultry" she writes in her blog, with emotion that should feel akin to "making love on the dance floor."

Gulp. The choice of music feels a bit awkward to us, though.

Audrina and Tony Photo

RED HOT RUMBA: Get ready for it. Tonight.

In the TV-themed week, Dancing With the Stars producers picked the theme song to The Hills, "Unwritten" by Natasha Bedingfield for Audzo and Tony.

"Every time I hear that song, it really brings back all those memories," she writes. "Now I get to create a new memory, and I'll never forget this either."

Poetic. Moreover, "Tony and I are going to bring everything that on The Hills – the drama, flirtation and relationship ups and downs – into our dance."

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It's official. Bristol Palin is no longer our favorite unwed teen mom.

She turns 20 today! Happy birthday to the mother of lil' Tripp!

Ever since her mother Sarah was nominated for Vice President in 2008, Bristol Palin has become a household name herself. Essentially for being pregnant.

  • Bristol and Mark: So Sexual
  • Palin and Ballas

HEAT: Bristol Palin and Mark Ballas bring it on Dancing With the Stars.

Between feuding with Levi Johnston, advocating for abstinence and her current stint on DWTS, it's safe to say Bristol's star is rising as she enters decade three.

Just imagine when mom runs for president in 2012 and Levi stars in more random music videos directly referencing their relationship. It's gonna be great stuff.

Click to enlarge photos of our girl and wish her birthday greetings below!

  • Bristol at the Mint
  • Bristol P. Pic
  • Bristol: Dancer With the Stars
  • Bristol Photograph
  • They Chose Life
  • Bristol Palin and Tripp Johnston

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You can't sue someone for being an awful, self-obsessed human being. Fortunately, a Georgia woman has found another reason to take Tyra Banks to court.

As first reported by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Beverly McClendon has sued Banks for $3 million because she alleges her 15-year old daughter appeared on Tyra's talk show without parental permission.

Derek Lowe Mug Shot

McClendon says her child answered an open website call to appear on an episode that centered around sex addiction, as the program's producers invited the minor on without seeking her mother's approval first.

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Pauly D ... you're fired!

Sources say the affable Jersey Shore star had the chance to get hired by Donald Trump for the upcoming season of Celebrity Apprentice, but alas, he passed.

According to reports, Pauly D decided he'd rather focus on his spin-off show with MTV, which begins filming soon if it hasn't already (reports conflict on that).

No, YOU'RE fired!

Unlike The Situation joining Dancing With the Stars, Pauly won't be making the leap to another established reality show, and instead will do his own thing.

The NBC show's producers were looking for someone with a "hip-hop background," which they ended up getting when they signed ... Lil Jon. Hey! Yeeeah!

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Hmm. Maybe we know what happened to the Lady Gaga meat dress.

A photo from the Norwegian leg of Lady Gaga's Monster Ball tour appears to show the singing sensation and rumored hermaphrodite with a slightly fuller figure.

Lady Gaga Out Cover

Rather than being critical, we'd say that change is a good thing!

Is Lady Gaga a touch heavier lately? If so ... good for her.

While she still looks incredible in her costumes, gone is the stick-thin frame that prompted worries among fans - and sparked six hospitalizations in 2009 alone.

Lady Gaga has a history of struggling with her weight, and the "dangerous diets" the singer has dabbled in amid her rise to stardom may be largely responsible.

Gaga's performances Saturday and Sunday nights in Oslo weren't affected by her fuller figure, as she still rocked all night with a plethora of costume changes. 

We're just glad that she's looking healthier.

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With long hair or a mohawk, a clean-shaved face or a beard, there's no denying it: Zac Efron is a THG favorite.

This talented actor doesn't crave the spotlight outside of work, has remained in a committed relationship with Vanessa Hudgens - and is just so gosh darn adorable!

Zac turns 23 years old today and let us be the first to send along the happiest of birthday wishes. We encourage readers to chime in and express their feelings for this grounded star, as we honor him with the following photo montage...

A Generous Star
  • Thanks, Zac
  • Beautiful with a Beard?
  • Like James Dean
  • Totally Cute Couple
  • Vanessa and Zac

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Tiger Woods' divorce payout to wife Elin Nordegren was reportedly $110 million, or approximately one million per mistress the golfer squired over the years.

Okay, that was an exaggeration on our part ... probably. The point remains, it was totally worth $110 million to get with Devon James. No regrets at all.

Fight For the Kids

For a mega-millionaire, the former Elin Woods has certainly not been extravagant, even flying commercial instead of on private jets typical for Tiger.

TIGER'S GIRL: Elin Nordegren used to be. Now she's a rich divorcee.

"She can afford a jet but didn't even consider it," a source said. "She's not cheap, she's just not throwing money around and wasting it the way some people do."

Elin Nordegren still employs nannies and other household help as she shares custody with Tiger of their two children, but has cut back on some of their hours.

The long and short of it is that she just wants to get on with life.

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There's so much more to me than who I choose to sleep with. You are so much more than your orientation. Be strong. Pay attention to the positive.

It's hard to imagine a better role model for confused, at-risk youths than Adam Lambert.

This well-spoken, talented singer is unafraid and unashamed to be true to who he is, yet he refuses to simply be labeled as a gay singer. How come?

Because, as Lambert explains in the video below, one's sexual orientation is such a small part of who one actually is. Yes, it gets better, he tells bullied teens around the world... but only if you stay strong, stay focused and never let the ignorant win.

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One day, Taylor Swift might appear on Glee.

For now, though, the young singer is making the rounds and promoting her upcoming album in a number of television and print interviews. One of the latest, with Parade Magazine, features Swift opening up about life, love and her biggest fear. Excerpts are below.

On love: Love is fascinating. Wishing for it, pining for it, and the anger that comes when you lose it. I used to think that I could figure out some pattern to love, like if you don’t text a guy back for a half hour, he’ll like you more. But there is no pattern. Absolutely nothing is predictable in love or in life.

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With Jersey Shore trash, a Caption Contest can rarely go wrong.

Who won Friday's edition? That distinction goes out to otorious, with honorable mentions going out to Rita, beth and Brandy071880. Nice job by all.

The winning entry for this photo of a gruesome South Beach twosome. Thanks to everyone for playing and good luck in the next THG Caption Contest!

Snooki, Situation Photo

"Whaddya mean is it in yet? I finished 5 minutes ago."

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