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The Bachelorette season finale is fast approaching, and there continue to be conflicting accounts as to whether star Ali Fedotowsky is engaged after it.

According to The Bachelorette spoilers we've read, she's single right now. But others, such as Us Weekly, say the finale ends with a ring on her finger.

Of course, both could be independently true.

Following the shocking 180 by Frank Neuschaefer, only Roberto Martinez and Chris Lambton are left vying for Ali's heart - with Roberto the frontrunner.

A new round of Internet reports suggest that Ali does in fact get engaged on the Bachelorette finale to Roberto, while wearing a beautiful gold gown!

Too bad this can't be independently verified.

Ali Fedotowsky, Roberto Martinez

The Bachelorette's Ali and Roberto: Are they engaged?

These same reports suggest that Roberto Martinez will propose to Ali Fedotowsky but just a few weeks after the show, Ali becomes single yet again.

Can you see it? We sort of can. Frank leaving the way he did threw her for a loop, and as infatuated as she is with Roberto, she knows it's a big risk.

We haven't listed sources here for a reason, however.

None are credible enough to warrant a mention. But the "inside" rumors about the Ali-Roberto engagement have been flying in Bachelorette forums.

Will Roberto propose, or is Chris L. ready to shock the fan community by winning her heart? If there is a proposal, do you think Ali is still engaged?

That question remains to be answered. Don't expect tonight's Men Tell All special to shed light on it, either. It's even more filler than most weeks.

Who do you think she should choose?


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Demi Lovato has a new album in the works and she has a crazy idea for it:

The 18-year old will let her music speak for her.

When asked if fans would be treated to a drastically different side to the singer, Lovato told E! News: "I don't think it's going to change my image. It's going to be what you're seeing of me right now. It's going to be very Demi."

Demi L.

Lovato added that the CD will be "more mature... definitely grown up, but in a classy way."

Mature and classy?!? Those are two words Miley Cyrus has never heard of.

We admire Demi's take on the music scene. Now, if we could only change her opinion on her fashion icon.

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Sue Sylvester. I'm A Slave 4 U. It. Is. On.

Now that the long-rumored Britney Spears episode of Glee has been confirmed for next season, creator Ryan Murphy spilled a few details at Comic Con Sunday.

"We haven't started shooting yet," Murphy said. "We start shooting our new second season on Wednesday. All I can say is that we're doing six Britney songs."

Appropriately, Brittany (Heather Morris) will be the focus of the exciting episode. Hopefully it involves her losing her mind and walking out dressed like this ...

Off Her Meds

"I don't want to say what we're doing yet because it's not airing until September," she teased, "but we're paying tribute to her in a fun and unexpected way."

As for Matthew Morrison, who lambasted the idea of the Britney episode when it first leaked? He reportedly "refuses" to do Spears songs in the episode.

Will the pop singer herself make a cameo on the hit Fox show, which paid tribute to Lady Gaga and Madonna in wildly successful episodes last season?

Don't expect any big Glee spoilers ... yet.

"I can't say," Murphy said. "Isn't that terrible? That will launch 1,000 stories!"

What Britney song would you most like to hear on Glee?


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Lindsay Lohan may get out of jail sooner than expected.

Of course, then she'll have to head straight into rehab.

The troubled star's in-patient treatment will commence almost immediately after her painstaking sentence ends, and she won't have to travel far to get there.

As part of Lohan's sentence, she will receive the court ordered 90-day treatment in California. The idea behind entering a rehab facility that's close by is simple:

So people can actually keep tabs on her progress.

Cracked Out Mess

She's handling jail well, but Lindsay still must deal with rehab.

Michael Lohan lobbied for his daughter to enter a Long Island facility, but he belongs in jail/rehab himself, so he doesn't have much in the way of credibility.

What Lindsay's camp wants to avoid is a repeat of her 2007 rehab visit to Cirque Lodge in Utah - a very respected facility, but Lohan was too unmonitored.

Rather than focusing on getting better, she treated the facility and its program like a total joke and took up with that douche Riley Giles. Remember him?

Anyway, yeah. Rehab in and around L.A. this time. It sounds like it's the best fit for her when she's released, which may be by the end of this month now.

Do you think she's served enough time in jail?


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One of our favorite stars, Sandra Annette Bullock, turns 46 today.

She's been around for many years, starring in successful hits such as Speed, While You Were Sleeping, Miss Congeniality and Crash, which received critical acclaim.

Just last year, Bullock starred in the most commercially successful films of her career, The Proposal and The Blind Side, winning an Academy Award for the latter.

She's a great actress, but that's not why we love her.

From her handling of the Jesse James cheating scandal to her efforts to help the Gulf Coast, to her sincere, laid-back demeanor, she is truly America's Sweetheart.

Click to enlarge the Sandra Bullock pictures that we put together in this little tribute below and leave a comment with your birthday greetings for the actress ...

Sandra Pic

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Gossip Girl star and aspiring rock star Taylor Momsen turns 17 today.

Yes, still underage ... and she could not give a f*%k what you think!

The brash youngster has always been a bit of a lightning rod for controversy, but has really gone haywire in recent weeks, instigating a feud with Miley Cyrus.

Going out of her way to bash the pop star and Disney genre, Momsen made it clear that she speaks her immature mind and doesn't mind burning bridges.

There's also a separate buzz brewing over her racy new music video and whether any 16-year-old with a sense of decency should writhe around like that.

Hey, at least she's 17 now! Happy birthday, Taylor!

Taylor Momsen: From Little Jenny Humphrey to Pretty Reckless frontwoman.

  • Taylor M.
  • Taylor Momsen Image

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With Khloe Kardashian still MIA from the show that carries her name, the focus this week turned to good ol' Scott Disick.

Read on to see what the THG intern stuck reviewing Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami thought of last night's installment...

Kim Waving

Is Khloe off the show now?  Not that it matters much, since Scott is the spotlight of this scripted reality show.  Cue the ominous music, Hurricane Scott is about to hit South Florida!

In the filler episode, “Kourtney’s Denial,” Mr. Disick is constantly MIA, just like the name of his club.  Kourtney says she doesn’t care, Scott doesn’t need a babysitter, etc etc.  Then the evidence continues to mount against him.

Kim is working at the Dash.  The Dash actresses are talking about running into Scott out at night.  Kim conveniently overhears.  She reports back to Kourtney.  Kim wants Kourtney to open her heavily made up eyes and realize she’s living the life of a single mother. 

Ummm, don’t they have nannies?

Kim is also missing some expensive wine and assumes it’s Scott. Scott says he didn’t take it and Kourtney later finds the empty bottles on the roof.  How strategically placed!  Well done, E! 

After an adorable Kardashian/Jenner montage of family member bashing Scott, Kourt realizes perhaps he is just a tad out of control.

Continue Reading...

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Sex and the City 2 received worse reviews than Danielle Staub Raw.

Therefore, even the most diehard fan of this franchise should probably be relieved that a third installment is likely not on the way, as Kristin Davis was asked about it this week and told E! News:

Tokyo Premiere

"I don't think so, not that I know of. I wish it was so that we were continuing but I don't know."

Davis grew defense when the topic of the film's poor reviews and poor box office take were broached, saying: "We made 300 million internationally. There was so much hype, not coming from us, but the media hyped it up and then they tore it down."

They tore it down because it was awful and insulting! The characters, once so relatable to women around the world, have become grotesque, shallow and self-centered.

Who thought it was a good idea to watch Carrie and company flaunt their wealth and their cultural ignorance in the Middle East throughout the sequel?

With Davis saying Sex and the City 3 "is not looking great," we say: good riddance.

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Partner Angelina Jolie might have been one of a select few fans of the grizzled beard and thatch of overgrown hair that Brad Pitt sported for the past several months.

The heart throb's look didn't win too many raves from fans.

But he recently bid adieu to the homeless free-spirited look to play Oakland A's GM Billy Beane in Moneyball. We suspect the ladies exhaled collectively ... right?

Which look is better on Brad Pitt? Vote in the survey below!

  • Mr. Brad Pitt
  • Bushy Brad

Brad Pitt looks better ...


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The Mel Gibson tapes are now infamous, but many questions remain, including when they were recorded, and what event(s) sent the actor SO over the edge.

Well, sources tell TMZ that Oksana Grigorieva began secretly taping her ex-boyfriend shortly after he accused her of "messing around with the tree man."

Oksana and Mel

It all went down February 18 - all six Mel Gibson rants leaked so far.

On that date, Oksana went to Mel's house and he allegedly flew into a rage. Sources say that Gibson had quit smoking that day and was in a "terrible mood."

It bears mentioning that reports also say how Mel also tried to quit smoking the day of his alleged attack on Grigorieva and their daughter Lucia, January 6.

MAD MEL: Finally, a new theory has emerged as to when the infamous tapes were recorded, and why Mel Gibson flew into a blinding rage at Oksana Grigorieva.

On February 18 Mel became insanely jealous, accusing Oksana of an affair with her landscaper. According to Oksana, she left in fear for herself and the baby.

After she left, angry Mel began calling and she began recording.

Sources say there was no physical violence February 18 and the only violence between them occurred January 6 - which Gibson's camp disputes, of course.

All of the recordings so far - Oksana personally denies distributing the tapes, but her sister, Natalie Grigorieva, may be the leak - occurred on February 18.

Until this revelation, all we knew was that the tapes originated sometime between January 6 and May, when they nearly signed a $15 million custody deal.

Under that agreement, which Oksana agreed to but ultimately did not sign, she would have had to give Mel unmonitored visitation - and turn over the tapes.


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