Appropriately dressed (or maybe inappropriately, given the audience) in a tight red, white and blue outfit, Katy Perry rocked the 2013 Kids' Inaugural Concert Saturday.

"I'm very proud to be here and to see the Obamas and the Bidens here for four more years," Perry said during her star-spangled performance in D.C.

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Although his actual birthday was January 15, American icon Martin Luther King, Jr., celebrates it today like few others - with a national holiday in his name.

A clergyman, activist, and leader in the quest for racial equality in the U.S., he was best known for civil rights advocacy using nonviolent civil disobedience.

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Tough times call for creative measures these days.

A video has surfaced of a woman willing to do nearly anything to avoid parking fees, including pretending to be a ghost and scaring the attendant.

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A college student recently posted a photo of a surprisingly poignant, uplifting and inspiring message that she found ... taped to the stall in a women's restroom.

The student, also a Reddit user, wrote: "In a girls' bathroom stall at my university, girls have written about some of their most horrifying life experiences."

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