Sacha Baron Cohen not been banned from The Academy Awards. Not yet at least.

But the actor is in hot water with the organization because he wants to walk the red carpet dressed as the main character from The Dictator, a Middle Eastern leader named General Aladeen. The Academy is less than enthused over this plan.

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And then there were 14. With 10 more to go, of course.

On last night's installment of American Idol, Randy, Steven and Jennifer broke the hearts of some contestants, while making the dreams of others come true, as they started the process of whittling 42 hopefuls down to the 24 semifinalists that will compete live next week.

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Star Jones returned to The View Wednesday.

It was her first visit to the ABC talk show since her much talked-about departure in June 2006, and the topic was one of the first to come up yesterday.

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Pilar Sanders and retired football legend Deion Sanders and engaged in an epic divorce battle, and the former just upped the antagonistic ante. BIG TIME.

According to documents obtained by TMZ, Pilar is suing Deion - for $200 million. The lawsuit stems from the Twitter rant of Deion's daughter (from another relationship) Deiondra, in which the teenager accused Pilar of cheating on her father and referred to her as a "gold diggin hoe."

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Are you ready to listen to Usher climax, THG readers?

The sexy singer has released the first song off his upcoming album, and it's got a title alluring enough to make any fan swoon.

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On April 6, the cast from American Pie will reunite for their 10th high school reunion in East Great Falls, Michigan, and so much has changed. Or not at all.

The new American Reunion trailer below shows Seann William Scott in all his glory as the sex-crazed, pot-stirring Stifler, while Jason Biggs' Jim is married with a kid.

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