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Isn't it ironic that Alanis Morissette just got married, and is now pregnant as well?!

Actually no, it's not ironic at all, but neither are the things mentioned in her song by that name. A fly in your Chardonnay? That's not ironic, it just sucks.

Heigl and Baby

Anyway, congratulations to the just-wed singer! Alanis and Mario "Souleye" Treadway got married in May, and now have even more joyous news to share.

In Us Weekly's "25 Things You Don't Know About Me" section this week, the Canadian star decided to casually drop "I am pregnant!" as No. 25.

That's one way to get the word out!

"We're very excited to embark on this journey with each other," she Tweeted about her marriage in June. It likely applies to this news, as well ...

Congratulations to the newlyweds and expectant parents!

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Almost all of America is rallying around Steven Slater, the former flight attendant who ended a 20-year career in the business by telling off a passenger and emergency sliding off a plane.

A Facebook group already has over 15,000 supporters signed up to defend Slater, while 97% of THG readers polled would give him a key to New York City.

However, JetBlue is not among those rushing to the defense of their ex-employee. Far from it, in fact.

According to an internal memo uncovered by TMZ, the airline is peeved at Slater. Immediately prior to Steve's outburst, the memo confirms his plane was parked and attached to the gate; passengers were in the process of exiting when "...the forward service door was purposely re-armed and the slide intentionally deployed, endangering lives and equipment."

Also included in the document, which was sent by Vicky Stennes, VP of Inflight Experience:

"Some media outlets are portraying yesterday's event as a humorous example of what individuals may consider doing at a point in their careers -- walking off the job in a very public fashion.  However ... deploying a slide is a forceful event and yesterday's deployment endangered, and could have severely injured or even killed."

In court yesterday, Slater pleaded not guilty to multiple charges. He faces seven years in prison if convicted on them all.

Does that seem like a fair punishment? Make your voice heard below: What should happen to Steve Slater?


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Given that she's been in and out of courtrooms, jail cells and rehab centers for a good month now, it's amazing how many random Lindsay Lohan photos keep surfacing. Where does our girl even find the time for all these shoots?

Last week it was for her 6126 line. This week? Italian Vogue!

What these pictures are trying to tell us, we have no idea, and we don't mean because we can't read the text. We understand that fashion photography is supposed to be artistic and all, but can someone please explain the point here?

We can say she makes a better brunette than blonde, though ...

  • Italian Vogue Hotness
  • Double Shot of Lindsay
  • Lohan in Vogue

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From possibly dating an American sweetheart, to filming a hot TV show and recording a solo album, life is busy for Mark Salling these days.

First, sources tell Radar Online that the Glee star has gotten friendly with Selena Gomez. Based on the pair's interactions at Sunday night's Teen Choice Awards, they "may be an item," insiders confirm, considering "they were texting" throughout.

Also, "every time Mark came up on stage, she was beaming ear to ear," a witness said.

Salling, who plays the hilarious, lovable Noah "Puck" Puckerman on the Fox smash, has previously been linked to Audrina Patridge. Selena would represent a major upgrade.

Mark Salling Photo

Meanwhile, Salling's professional career is taking off. His show returns to Fox with new episodes on September 21 - and Glee spoilers reveal more of a focus on Puck than ever before - and he's announced plans for a solo album.

It will be released on October 12 and titled "Pipe Dreams." Says Salling of the CD:

“I’ve been waiting for a long time to get it out to you guys, and I hope you really feel it and enjoy it!”

Watch an interview with the actor/musician below, as he makes this exciting announcement.

Continue Reading...

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Is Mel Gibson trying to avoid sitting down for a deposition as part of the domestic violence investigation launched against him? All depends on who you ask.

Sources connected with Oksana Grigorieva, who accuses the actor of beating her, say that Gibson is going to great lengths to avoid sitting for his deposition.

Oksana's camp believes Mel does not want his deposition taken before the L.A. County District Attorney makes a decision on whether to prosecute the actor.

The D.A.'s office will make its decision on whether the police's domestic violence investigation warrants charges against him within the next couple of weeks.

Mel will almost certainly choose to assert his Fifth Amendment privilege on most, if not all, of the events surrounding the January 6 fight, TMZ speculates.

Smokin' Mel Gibson

As for the implications of that on the family case - Mel and Oksana are also fighting for custody of eight-month-old daughter Lucia - that remains to be seen.

Regardless, the deposition was scheduled more than two weeks ago, only Oksana was far from pleased to learn Mel was out of the country on a fishing trip.

Other sources dispute that Mel is intentionally avoiding his deposition, saying he will be back this weekend and the deposition should take place shortly.

The Mel Gibson rants Oksana recorded and leaked certainly prove how badly he needs help, but as far as whether he abused her? That's much murkier.

He's apparently had a P.I. grilling witnesses, or alleged witnesses, to the attack(s). Are any of them credible? That will be up to the D.A. to determine.


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Laurence Fishburne's daughter Montana didn't make her porn debut on a whim or out of desperation. It was something she had dreamed about for awhile.

She's 19, BTW.

Montana Fishburne Sextape

"I had a passion inside me to do porn," she tells Us Weekly. "I didn't really want to tell too many people about it because I was afraid of their reactions when I was younger."

"I started thinking about it... when I was 16."

So driven was she that she made the Montana Fishburne sex tape now being sold by Vivid and approached the porn company with the footage herself.

"I knew they released Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton and Pamela Anderson [sex tapes]," she says of Vivid. "They are a really respected company, and I wanted to go with the best. [All those stars] motivated me in a different way."

Montana and now-estranged father Laurence Fishburne.

The adult film star also known as Chippy D says she was never interested in following in her father's footsteps: "I wasn't really into mainstream acting."

"People would ask, 'Do you want to get into acting? Do you want to be an actress?' I would say, straight up, 'No.' I knew I wanted to do adult [films]."

After filming herself having sex after she turned 18, "I watched it, I liked it," she says. "I was like, 'Wow, now I really want to do it,' after seeing myself... [I] just took it from there. I became really passionate after my first at-home video."

Montana says she "absolutely didn't make this movie to hurt my parents or bring shame to my family name" and that "this was something that I wanted to do and I think that, in time, my father will support me in my decision."

She adds that she "hasn't really talked about" the film with Laurence and that her fitness trainer mom Hajna Moss-Fishburne is all good with it.

"This isn't a reaction to anything happening with us. I see how it comes across as that. Everyone's like, 'That's crazy, why would she want to do that?' ... I just hope people like the video. I hope it does well, and they want to see more!"

They may get the chance. There's a second one out there.

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Kanye West will be returning to the scene of the crime, or at least the scene of one of the biggest jackass moves in award show history. Imma let you finish!

A year after infamously interrupting Taylor Swift's speech on stage, Kanye West is set to return to the MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday, September 12.

It's Kanye!

The Grammy-winning rapper's fifth studio album is expected to drop this fall. He debuted a video "painting" for the first single, "Power," on MTV last week.

A follow-up single is also expected to be released by West in the next couple of weeks, and that's not nearly all from the talented, egomaniac artist.

Kanye Tweeted yesterday: "More music ... I'm bout to drop a bunch of sh!t this yea ... surprise performances ... guest verses ... living in the studio."

You've been warned, award winners.

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Levi Johnston has his work cut out if he wants to be mayor of Wasilla, Alaska. Current officeholder Verne Rupright says he needs to start by keeping his clothes on.

If Levi really wants the office once held by Sarah Palin, who went on to become Alaska's Worst Governor Ever and a professional celebrity, Verne has some advice:

"Get your high school diploma and keep your clothes on," said Rupright, who has a B.A. and J.D. to his name, when contacted by celebrity gossip site TMZ.

"Voters like it that way."

  • Verne Rupright
  • Playgirl Cover

We know Levi Johnston dispatches of clothes awfully well, but can he oust Verne Rupright from the mayor's office in his hometown of Wasilla, Alaska?

The 20-year-old Levi Johnston, who just broke up with Bristol Palin, announced he'll be running for Mayor of Wasilla next year as part of his new reality show.

Might he pose a serious challenge to Rupright?

The Vietnam war veteran, who's been in public service longer than Johnston has been alive, says, "I don't know if I could handle those responsibilities when I was Levi's age. I was still trying to figure out how to put on my uniform."

He's got a tough battle ahead. We don't see anyone named Palin casting a ballot in his favor, and even his own mom, Sherry, can't vote for him after her felony drug dealing conviction last year. But it should be fun to watch.

Would you elect Levi mayor?


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Prepare for more death threats, Kim Kardashian.

The large-breasted reality star, who was legitimately threatened for posing with Justin Bieber at a White House event in May, will likely face more vitriol from a few million teenage girls when the new issue of Elle hits newsstands.

That's because it features a multi-photo spread of Kim and Justin, one whose theme Kardashian blogged today "was The Graduate, for obvious reasons, LOL."

In that 1967 movie, Dustin Hoffman's young character is seduced, and bedded, by a much older woman. It's fine if Kim wants to laugh out loud over that reference, but she better not make any other sounds out loud around Justin... if you know what we mean!

  • For Elle
  • Kim with Justin

What's Ewww? Click on the photos above to enlarge shots of Kim Kardashian and Justin Bieber at play.

Really, the only thing more nauseating than this pictorial is the official trailer for the new season of Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

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Lynne Curtin will not be returning to The Real Housewives of Orange County next season.

The facelifted reality star confirmed this news herself on Facebook today, writing:

"Rumor has it that I will not be returning for 'season 6.' That rumor is true!

"I am broken hearted! I was so let down the way this came about! We were the last to know! I guess Bravo has to do what they have to do! I thought we had a great relationship! I guess I was wrong! Its funny how fast offers came to us from other places! Thats how we found out we were not returning! Funny how life can be!"

Sources say Curtin may have been let go due to her over-use of exclamation points.

Season six of this Bravo series will likely premiere in January. New cast member Peggy Tanous will take Curtin's place on it.

Try to hold back those tears, fans.

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