Matthew Fox has been involved in a number of bizarre, potentially dangerous incidents in the past year, and it may land the former Lost star in rehab.

The actor accepted a plea deal that will allow him to avoid jail time in his Oregon DUI case if he successfully completes a "court diversion program."

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Sheryl Crow may just wanna have fun, but medical diagnoses continue to get in the way.

A rep for the former Grammy winner and breast cancer survivor confirmed today that Crow is suffering from meningioma, a treatable, benign brain tumor.

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A U.S. senator praised pending legislation proposing a nationwide ban on "bath salts," a dangerous synthetic drug that officials believe led to the recent "zombie apocalypse" bloodbath in Miami where Rudy Eugene ate most of Ronald Poppo's face.

"Dangerous drugs like bath salts are terrorizing communities and destroying lives," Sen. Chris Coons (D) said Monday. "Stricter measures must be taken to stem the growing prevalence of bath salts and other new designer drugs."

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Nicki Minaj has some NSFW words for 97.1 FM.

The rapper appeared opposite Funk Master Flex on that New York radio station this morning and addressed the beef she has with another station DJ, Peter Rosenberg, that led to her canceling her appearance at the Hot 97 Summer Jam on Sunday.

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