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Mel Gibson and Oksana Grigorieva won't be battling over custody this Christmas. Well, probably. They're splitting the holiday with baby Lucia down the middle.

Lucia will spend Christmas Eve with Oksana and the day itself with Mel. The plan was hashed out after Mel was awarded additional custody this month in court.

It should go off without a hitch ... though you never know. Mel actually almost called the police on Oksana for refusing to turn Lucia over on time recently.

Either way, December 26 it is so BACK ON!


All is right in Gibsonland ... for 24 hours or so.

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Stephen Baldwin has filed a lawsuit against Kevin Costner for scheming to make money off the BP oil rig disaster. Bet you totally saw that coming!

Alec and Billy's slightly-wacko brother says Kevin duped him into selling his shares in a company that builds machines that separate oil from water.

Baldwin claims in April, he decided to become a 10 percent partner in an invention backed by Costner (one developed during his film Waterworld).

B-PEEVED: Baldwin says he got hosed by Costner.

Costner and his partners made it seem as if Costner had already sold his shares in the company, when in fact the actor was still heavily invested.

Baldwin also claims the company misrepresented that there was no deal in the works to sell the contraption to BP ... which evidently there was.

Stephen alleges he was duped into selling his shares back to the company so Costner and his partners could score a bigger profit in that deal.

BP allegedly bought the company for more than $52 million. Baldwin is suing for unspecified damages and says Kevin is totally going to hell.

Just kidding. About the second part.

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Jersey Shore star Jenni "JWoww" Farley is known for raunchy fashion. Check out her Halloween "costume" below. That's pretty much her standard outfit.

Imagine our surprise, then, to see her in a pretty purple dress at an appearance at a GNC store in NYC. JWoww! With no cleavage! Astonishing, right?

She actually cleans up well, but do you prefer it to Jenni's usual, barely-there attire? Vote on what you think her best look is in our Fashion Face-Off!

Fashion Face-Off!

JWoww: What's her best look? Trashy or classy? The Jersey Shore star actually cleans up well ... but how do you prefer your JWoww? View Poll »

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Kelly Osbourne isn't just defending Miley Cyrus from all haters. She's dressing up like this controversial actress!

While Cyrus continues to face the repercussions of her salvia-smoking, her So Undercover co-star continues to show Miley nothing but support. Via Twitter last night, Osbourne posted the following photo:

Red Carpet Look

Kelly captioned this pic with "I'm just being Miley!"

Osbourne, of course, knows all about troubled life in the spotlight. She has entered rehab on three separate occasions for an addiction to painkillers. She was also arrested for assault in August 2008.

Since then, the former reality star has turned her life around, losing a chunk of weight, becoming active in the GLBT community and making it to the finals of Dancing with the Stars. Now, as evidenced by her pose above, Kelly wants just one thing when it comes to Miley and her critics:


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MTV makes a killing promoting debauchery among dumbass kids.

Watch these Jersey Shore clips and you won't argue that. But according to a new study, two programs on the network may actually benefit society.

Chelsea Houska on Teen Mom 2

America's teen birth rate plummeted in 2009 after rising from 2005 to 2007, and experts say 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom open youths' eyes.

Teen Mom's Maci Bookout and son Bentley.

THG recently debated whether Teen Mom glorifies teen pregnancy.

According to The National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy, it may do the reverse, as 82 percent of teens say the shows help them understand the challenges of pregnancy and parenthood - and why they should avoid it.

"Entertainment media is one of the nation's favorite punching bags, but it can be and often is a force for good," says group spokesman Bill Albert.

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Michelle Williams is still struggling to find meaning in the passing of ex-husband Heath Ledger.

In an interview with Nightline that aired last night, the Blue Valentine star said: "I can find meanings in things and people and relationships that have sprung up and friendships that have strengthened. I found a lot of meaning in that... but not in ‘why.’”

Williams battled back tears at many points in the discussion, touching on a range of subjects that included the months that followed Ledger's death, as well as the state of the couple's child, Matilda.

Excerpts are below.

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Michelle Ryan is an English actress and the wife of New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan. Okay, they're two different gals. But that begs the question ...

Who's the bigger turn on? The pretty star of the UK soap EastEnders and NBC's short-lived Bionic Woman reboot or the kinky foot fetish video star?

  • Michelle Ryan (Actress)
  • Michelle Ryan Foot Fetish?

What Rex's wife lacks in youth, she makes up for with originality. So which Michelle Ryan would you rather ... y'know? Vote below ... it's TOE go time!

I'm significantly more attracted to ...


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Paula Abdul is almost back, reality TV fans.

After walking away from American Idol about 18 months ago, the beloved/loopy judge is back with Live to Dance, a CBS competition that premieres on January 4. She tells TV Guide the program, previewed below, is "about celebration."

"It's about celebrating acts that move forward as opposed to who's going home," Abdul told the publication. "We're the only show that has all ages. You could be a soloist, duo or group of any size. There are some acts that came in with 50 people! And I don't try to take them out of their element and do routines in a style they've never done before."

Abdul will be joined on the Live to Dance judging table by Kimberly Wyatt and Travis Payne, while the singer also says there will be 90-foot "Dance Domes" under which contestants will perform.

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It's one of only two guarantees in this world, so when a celebrity leaves us, it's never entirely surprising. But that doesn't make it any less tragic.

From household names to those we barely got to know, and from aging stars to those taken far too soon, we bid farewell to so many in 2010.

Here's a list of notable celebrity deaths of 2010. If we left anyone off, it was just a mistake, not a snub. Leave a comment and we'll add them:

Alex Chilton

Alexander McQueen (pictured)

Andrew Koenig (pictured)

Andrew Koppel

Andy Irons

Blake Edwards

Bob Guccione

Corey Haim

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Kendall and Kylie Jenner are featured in the February issue of Teen Vogue.

The former kept most of her clothes on for the shoot, while the latter made us frightened to imagine a spin-off featuring these two at some point: "It's something to think about," Kylie said.

Somewhere, the dollar signs in Kris Jenner's eyes just lit up.

  • Kendall Pic
  • Kylie Pic

Kendall also dished on the designer hand-me-down process she and her sibling enjoy.

"Whenever our sisters are done with clothes, they give me and Kylie stuff," she says. "Khloé has my shoe size, so I've gotten some amazing Louboutins from her. And Kim gave me a black snakeskin Balenciaga for my birthday."

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