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In random but true news, Eric Roberts, actor, brother of Oscar-winner Julia and father of Emma Roberts, has come out and labeled Kate Gosselin a child abuser.

“I know she's fading from the news, but hopefully someone's still got their eye on the wellbeing[sic] of her kids. Kate Gosselin is a child abuser,” Roberts said.

He expanded on his opinion to the blog Small Town Gosselins, which chronicles Kate and the eight kids she shared with now ex-husband Jon Gosselin.


Eric Roberts is no fan of "cruel horror" known as Kate Gosselin.

Calling Kate a "cruel horror," Eric certainly does not mince words.

“Thank goodness there's film of Kate spanking her kids, and apparently feeling fine about it. I say thank goodness, because behind closed doors makes it that much tougher to stop,” Roberts explained, saying their state of life is an issue.

“They have an awful mother, and a father who doesn't stop her.”

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According to reports, the Oksana Grigorieva extortion investigation is weeks away from being completed, thanks in large part to whatever's on her computer.

We don't actually know what's on it, but the L.A. County Sheriff's Department says officials are "knee-deep" in downloading and reviewing the data on it.

OG's lawyers tried to block investigators from reviewing most of the data in her computer, but a judge said it was fair game and ordered it confiscated.

OG Rollin' to Court

What is Oksana Grigorieva hiding on that thing?

One of the major downloads is almost complete, but there is still a lot of other data that must be retrieved and reviewed pertaining to the Mel Gibson case.

All the witnesses have been interviewed and when the data is reviewed it will be sent on to the L.A. County District Attorney, who will decide Oksana's fate.

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Following her divorce from Jordan Bratman, it's safe to say that Christina Aguilera is the most sought after new bachelorette in Hollywood. And it sounds like she's taking full advantage of that status!

An insider tells Hollywood Life that Aguilera has been carrying on a mostly physical relationship with Benji Madden: "It’s a sex thing. They get along really well," the source claims. "Christina likes the pace it is going and does not want anything to ruin that."

Madden, of course, has dated both Paris Hilton and Holly Madison, so we're just saying... be careful down there, Christina.

People magazine, meanwhile, reports the singer has been "quietly seeing" Matthew D. Rutler for awhile now. He worked as a set assistant on the movie Burlesque. (Watch a clip of Aguilera in that upcoming film HERE!)

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Amber Portwood’s mother and friends are worried for her safety.

The Teen Mom star is in "serious danger," they believe, given her prescription drug abuse and violent outbursts. People fear for Amber and her daughter Leah.

Farrah Abraham on the After Show

Amber has not abandoned baby Leah, but left her with ex Gary Shirley. Why? "She’s getting death threats," says a friend. "She doesn’t want Leah around that.”

The source says Amber Portwood will be on Teen Mom’s third season, even though she doesn’t want to: ”Amber has a contract that she cant get out of.”

Still, things may be looking up: “She’s seeing a therapist, and it’s going well. It’s even better that her and Gary are apart and not getting back together.”

With all the drama surrounding Amber - including the ongoing domestic violence investigation - perhaps the third season should be her last on MTV.

Then again, the network will likely milk it for all it's worth. When you have two popular shows (Jersey Shore and Teen Mom), you do what you gotta.

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Okay, our headline above is a bit misleading. Joe Jackson did not say this verbatim, but reading between the lines a bit ... that's pretty much exactly what he said.

On the same day as Michael Jackson's "Breaking News" hit the Internet, his family continues to make news for reasons entirely unrelated to his musical legacy.

Joe Jackson simply will not go away.

As part of Oprah's controversial interview with Michael Jackson's folks and kids, Joe says he never beat MJ ... he used a strap. And y'know what? He'd do it again.

Sounds to us like splitting hairs. Unless you're on the business end, in which case you're getting whooped, no matter the terminology. What an awful person.

You can follow this link to watch Oprah, who was as surprised as we were that Joe even showed his face, call out Joe. We'll have the full interview up ASAP.

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Last week, 50 Cent, who's apparently as bored as he is rich, posted an amusing set of Twitter pictures in which he posed with half a million dollars. Cash.

Not to be outdone, Verne Troyer, who we haven't heard from since he put it to Ranae Shrider on their sex tape, showed he be rollin' like a pimp as well.

Verne Troyer Sex Tape Pics

"@50cent got nutt'in on me! LOL!" wrote Mini-Me. Indeed ...

What's your response to this photo of Verne Troyer?


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We know all about Capri Anderson's present: the porn star allegedly charged Charlie Sheen $12,000 for one night in New York City, which concluded with her calling hotel security on the rampaging actor.

As for the part-time escort's past? It's just coming to light, and it includes an arrest record.

In 2003 - when she was 15 years old and went by her birth name of Christina Walsh - Anderson was arrested for possession of 20 grams of marijuana and other drug paraphernalia. She was charged with two first degree misdemeanors, but the rest of her record has been sealed because she was a juvenile at the time.

Speaking to Radar Online, an ex-boyfriend named Micah Mayell said of Anderson: "When she was in high school she looked like a sweet, innocent girl, but the truth was, she was a teenage drug dealer.”

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Victoria's Secret model Doutzen Kroes and Sunnery James, a producer and DJ, got married in a small, private ceremony in her Dutch hometown of Eastermar.

The wedding took place before the pregnant Angel's 30 closest friends and family members. The beautiful bride wore a dress by Spanish designer Pronovias.

Tamera Mowry, Adam Housley

The married couple will honeymoon on an island just north of Madagascar. James proposed to Kroes in January, and she announced pregnancy in July.

Doutzen Kroes and Sunnery James are expecting a boy in January.

Yet another Victoria's Secret angel is off the market. Sigh, and congrats!

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In Breaking Dawn, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart will engage in rough sex. Or pretend to, at least.

But while no still images of that steamy scene have been released, cameras were on hand to snap pics of these stars getting to first base while on location in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Take a look at Rob and Kristen, in character, playing a hot game of tonsil hockey over the weekend:

  • Approaching First Base
  • Bella/Edward Kiss
  • Stars on Set
  • On Location
  • Breaking Dawn Scene
  • Shooting a Scene

In real life, Pattinson and Stewart have been spotted out as a couple more often than usual over the past few weeks. We even caught them smiling one time!

Expect many more photos and interviews with the entire Twilight Saga cast to pop in 2011, as we inch closer and closer to the 11/18/11 release date of Breaking Dawn. As always, THG will be there every step of the way with the latest on this film and its beautiful stars!

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America's least favorite celebrity mom, Dina Lohan, visited the Today Show Monday after spending time at the Betty Ford Center with troubled daughter Lindsay.

Lindsay's chief enabler and de facto publicist called the facility "life-changing" and an "amazing place," and sounded surprisingly humble (for her) about her struggles.

Matt Lauer asked Dina, who spent two weeks in family sessions at the clinic, about Lindsay's condition. "Happy, relaxed. She's just a different person," Dina said.

  • D-List Dina
  • Blinded By His Own Stupidity

Are these two finally seeing the light? [Photos:]

"She's been in a couple facilities, but this one, to me, has really changed her. They get into your psyche and your family and they bring the problem to the surface."

Lauer and Lohan sparred the last time she was on Today, but this time, there wasn't too much contention, even when Matt pressed Dina Lohan on Lindsay's woes.

"When the judge said [Lindsay] needed to go here and sent her, he said to her in no uncertain terms, 'You're an addict,'" Lauer said. "Does Lindsay fully get that?"

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