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Remember Ambre Lake, the winner of Season 2 of Rock of Love on VH1? What? No? Where have you BEEN, people? Sigh. It's like we don't even know each other.

Well, she turned heads on that crappy show by agreeing to a short-lived engagement to Bret Michaels. Then she turned more this week for very different reasons.

Ambre Lake decided to voice her support for gay marriage. Which would be all good, except she did so by going topless. Right in front of a Mormon temple in L.A.

With her mouth taped shut and "Legalize Gay" written on her stomach, she got naked on Santa Monica Boulevard in protest of California's ban on gay marriage.

Police were called in to intervene.

Fortunately for all involved, Ambre Lake, who beat out Daisy de la Hoya for her 15 minutes of reality TV fame, was forced to cover up after a cop approached.

Very nicely, the officer said, "You are causing a traffic hazard."

No word on what specifically prompted this odd photo shoot. Or what Ambre Lake has been up to these days. Or why anyone would spell that name Ambre.

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Ready to get up close with Robert Pattinson?

Don't break your necks shaking your head too vigorously, ladies.

Shooting Water for Elephants

The actor is featured in USA Weekend, a USA Today-sponsored section that appears in multiple newspapers nationwide. Not bad for a guy almost no one had heard of two years ago.

In excerpts from the interview below, Pattinson dishes on New Moon, fame and life as the most beloved vampire alive. Or not alive, really...

On New Moon: "Making this movie, it's almost as if people have become more concerned with what the fans want the more successful it becomes. The first one seemed more relaxed than this one, and that one wasn't particularly relaxed."

On fame: On his fame: "I'll probably realize afterward how I could have controlled it a little bit more. But I am still like a deer in headlights."

On life as Edward Cullen: "There's something about that character that, for some reason, has sparked an interest in massive degrees in so many different people... If you want to compete with your own character, you have to really fight. I don't know if I could be bothered to fight. I just let it go by."


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Wow. What a week. We can't remember a crazier seven days of celebrity gossip since ... well, the week before this one. But it's been a wild ride just the same.

Welcome to The Hollywood Gossip's Week in Review!

Some of the highlights (and lowlights) from the past week:

  • Worst texting: David Boreanz, to Rachel Uchitel, while his wife, Jaime Bergman, was giving birth. At least he walked into some way-too-easy Bones jokes.
  • Worst excuse for justice: Travolta extortion case mistrial.
  • Worst party foul: Stephanie Pratt getting popped for DUI.
  • Best planned collaboration: Lady Gaga and Adam Lambert.
  • Best tell-all name: Unsweetined (a Jodie Sweetin memoir).
  • Best tabloid kover: Kim Kardashian "having a baby."
  • Worst acting job: also Kim, on Brothers. Wow.
  • Speaking of celebrity gossip mainstays who try to act but just can't, Ashlee Simpson-Wentz got fired from Melrose Place. Not a moment too soon.
  • She should just stick to posing for magazines. They like to pay big money for just about any reason. Exhibit A: Kendra Wilkinson pregnancy pics.

Random Sex Scandal of the Week winners Brooke Hundley and Steve Phillips!

  • ESPN analyst Steve Phillips gave us this week's random sex scandal, and it was a doozy, thanks to mistress Brooke Hundley, 22, his assistant at work.
  • Brooke went ca-ra-zy, harassing Steve's wife, Marni Phillips, with texts, calls and a letter she dropped off in person, resulting in a frenzied 911 call.
  • Speaking of 911 calls, Richard Heene, the father of Balloon Boy, was so full of BS when he first reported his son missing, we can smell it from here.
  • Police released text messages between slain NFL star Steve McNair and killer Sahel Kazemi. He was also tied to a second mistress, Leah Ignagni.
  • On a happier note, Marge Simpson Playboy photos were revealed. We know, it's all kind of weird, but people seem really interested in them.
  • These Robsten pictures are actually much hotter!
  • Man, oh man, Lindsay Lohan is a train wreck.

This is how Lindsay looks in court! Imagine her on the prowl at night!

Don't forget to follow THG on Twitter for all of the latest Hollywood news, celebrity gossip, rumors, commentary and humor as it happens, 24/7/365.


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Kristin Cavallari looks damn good in a bikini.

The same can't be said for how she looks on TV screens, however, according to The Hills fan base, which is dwindling with each passing episode.

Vegas VIP KC

MTV dredged up Kristin Cavallari, former Laguna Beach bad girl, in hopes that she could inject new life into its struggling cash cow, The Hills.

So far, the new season can be summed up in two words: Epic. Fail.

Somewhere in West Hollywood, Lauren Conrad is probably ROTFL.

Ratings for The Hills are down by a third this season, i.e. as soon as LC called it a reality TV career and the network inexplicably decided that the "reality" show could go on just as successfully if they inserted Kristin as the lead character.

Is Kristin Cavallari solely to blame for the viewership decline?

While Kristin's "return" has been disappointing for myriad reasons, Lauren leaving is probably just as big a factor behind the show's declining viewership.

Even though the show was at times contrived and she could be a bit exasperating, LC was always a real person, and one peeps generally liked watching.

Normal Lauren and insane, but entertaining Speidi struck a nice balance. Kristin Cavallari and Justin freaking Bobby as the focal point? Not so much.

A 33 percent dropoff is fairly significant, and will be hard to reverse. At this rate, you have to think the current season of The Hills will be its last.

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Police have ID'd Rachel Lee as the "mastermind" (a bit of a misnomer, since she's busted) of the roving gang of hooligans known as Hollywood Hills Burglar Bunch.

Lee was arrested in Las Vegas Thursday, suspected of organizing a plan to steal cash, jewelry, clothing, luggage, purses and other items from several celebrities.

Paris Hilton, Orlando Bloom, Lindsay Lohan and Rachel Bilson are on her hit list. Courtney Ames, Diana Tamayo, and Nicholas Prugo are among her accomplices.

When Lee was busted, police impounded a variety of items from her father's home: laptops, photographs of a partially nude woman, photographs of Lee's friends, two hundred $100 bills, a Korean passport and a vial of marijuana.

Sources also say police found a series of items that may have been taken from various celebrities, such as a hat linked to Lindsay Lohan, jeans linked to Rachel Bilson and - here's a shocker - photos of Paris Hilton nude. LOL.

Appropriately for an accused celebrity burglar, Lee told the arresting officers she discovered she was a "person of interest" in the case only after "watching TMZ."

The Burglar Bunch, if they are indeed responsible, ransacked Audrina Patridge and Lindsay Lohan's pads this summer, and also hit Orlando Bloom in early fall.

Lee has denied being involved in any of the burglaries, but we'll see if any of her cronies roll on her. She's currently behind bars in a Clark County, Nev., jail.

The ring leader was among four arrests made earlier today in connection with the high-profile burglaries in Hollywood. All have reeked of inside jobs.


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In true douchebag fashion, Jon Gosselin has made sure his lawyer makes a huge, public deal out of him returning $180,000 he was not supposed to withdraw and would have surely kept had a judge not threaten to hold him in contempt.

No one at The Hollywood Gossip has ever been arrested for dealing heroin either, Jon, but you don't see our legal team issuing press releases bragging about it.

Jon's lawyer, Mark Heller, says his client is now in "complete compliance" with a court order that he return $180,000 he stole from a joint account with wife Kate.

The attorney says Kate's the one being shady and hiding funds.

"Unless something happens today [with Kate] she will be going through contempt proceedings Monday," Heller told People, pressing the issue with Jon's ex.

Mark Momjian, Kate's attorney, could not be reached for comment. Kate had been ordered to account for $55,000 she withdrew for household expenses.

You know you're a douchebag if you seek credit for things you're supposed to do anyway. And have really bad hair plugs and delusions about your celebrity status.

Jon accused her of harboring much more than that from book royalties. Kate charged that Jon's withdrawal left her unable to feed her kids or pay bills.

Both sides filed contempt motions against each other for allegedly violating a divorce arbitrator's guidelines for how their joint money should be spent.

These people really suck.

Meanwhile, we knew Jon thinks highly of himself - so delusionally that he thinks his time is worth $10,000 an hour - but we weren't aware it was this bad.

The moron is looking for new avenues to keep his bad hair plugs on the news after TLC renamed his show Kate Plus 8, then pulled the plug on it altogether.

He's wants a spot on celeb editions of The Amazing Race or Survivor. We're for it if CBS crews "accidentally" abandon him somewhere in the South Pacific.

Worst. Dad. Ever.


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The Hollywood Gossip celebrated the return of its Caption Contest yesterday.

Our readers did not disappoint, writing over 100 potential captions for the photo of Nadya "Octomom" Suleman below. Your winner is Lickitysplit.

Octomom, Family

Congratulations on a job well done! The winning entry appears below the photo, and you can click here to read the full list of submissions we received.

Honorable mentions go out to Texasmom, KT, and Grandma B. Thanks to everybody for their efforts and best of luck in our next Caption Contest!

Mom, why is your uterus running away?

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In late September, Miley Cyrus ran off a stage in Utah because she was sick. She later Tweeted that she was in the "worst pain" she had ever felt.

Soon after the incident, Miley's co-star, Cody Linley, told that his pal had contracted the dreaded H1N1 virus.

"The next day she told me she had the swine flu," Linley said, referring to a conversation with Cyrus following the aforementioned concert.


However, earlier today, Miley's rep wanted to make something very clear: "She did not have swine flu."

Phew. Thank goodness this manufactured drama is cleared up. If only there was some social networking site on which Miley herself could update fans about her status.

Does anyone know of anything like that?


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Note to Kim Kardashian: stick to starring in sex tapes.

The reality TV vixen makes her sitcom debut tonight, appearing as a version of herself in a scene with Michael Strahan on the abysmal sitcom Brothers.

In the scene below, she confronts - and punches! - the former New York Giants linebacker after rumors have spread that she's knocked up with his child.

“It’s something that you learn along the way,” she said of scripted acting, which is surprising considering she does it each week on Keeping Up with the Kardashians. “You do it angry, then you play along with it a little bit and do it flirty, you try and think, ‘Okay. What do they want? And how would you really do it in real life?' You just go through different scenarios in your mind."

Kim says she could see more acting gigs in her future. As for her sisters:

"Maybe not Kourtney. She’s way more low-key and not really into it. And now that she’s having a baby she probably wouldn’t. I definitely see Khloe.”

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