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Expect a Karissa Shannon sex tape to hit the market before the year is over.

Vivid Entertainment President Steve Hirsch has confirmed he's in possession of a video that features the former Playmate getting it on with boyfriend Sam Jones III. He describes the action as "extremely erotic" and says "a reputable third party" dropped the tape off in his office.

That's the first time Spencer Pratt has ever been referred to as "reputable."

Karissa Kicks Back

Hirsch says he's "very impressed with the quality and content" of the tape. In other words: Shannon gets seriously naked and frisky in it!

Naturally, Karissa has claimed she wants the video back, and Jones said of Vivid's acquisition:

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It's no secret that Adam Lambert enjoys a good make out session. This is the guy that coined the phrase "tongue diving," after all.

Now, in a new video from the Scissor Sisters, the former American Idol star is seen making out with lead singer Jake Shears... while Katy Perry looks on and captures the lip lock on her camera phone!

It's funny stuff (and Lambert and Perry really did attend this group's NYC concert last month) and you can watch all the action below. The spit swapping takes place around the 1:15 mark:

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Joe Francis has always seemed like a John Mayer-esque douchebag. But new legal document ratchet up the insults against the Girls Gone Wild founder to a whole new level.

As first reported by TMZ, 4th Street Media - the publishing company behind an upcoming tell-all written by Ryan Simkin, a former Francis employee Ryan Simkin - has filed legal papers in preparation of Francis' attempt to block sales of Simkin's book, "FLASH! Bars, Boobs, and Busted: 5 Years on the Road with Girls Gone Wild."

Derek Lowe Mug Shot

Multiple sources have referred to Joe Francis as a rapist. It doesn't get much more scandalous than that.

The memoir outlines obnoxiously lewd stories about Francis and his associates, specifically their drug use and treatment of women.

Filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court, the documents describe Francis as:

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I'm way too good for this. They have used me about as much as I can be used.

Danielle Staub was officially let go from The Real Housewives of New Jersey this week and responded with a quote that is funny for two reasons:

New Sex Tape Star
  1. It could apply to her former life as a drug dealing prostitute.
  2. It makes it sound like she made the decision to leave.

Despite an initial friendship with Jacqueline Laurita, Staub clashed with other Housewives unlike any other cast member in franchise history. She put a positive spin on her position in an interview with Us Weekly, saying:

"I think it's time for me to move on and upward, I don't see any interest for me to be attacked like that."

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In the latest issue of Teen Vogue, Justin Bieber shows off his sweet side.

He then gives us his scary side in a new preview for CSI. Go HERE to check out the latest promo for Bieber's guest-starring stint on that CBS drama, and then read what Justin told the aforementioned magazine below...

On his CSI character: It seems like I’m this sweet and innocent kid, and then it turns out I’m the mastermind behind everything.

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What happens when someone famous for exploiting teenage pregnancy meets someone famous for exploiting the concept of true love?

Incredibly, the world does not stop spinning, as evidenced by the photo below. It was Tweeted by Jake Pavelka himself, as he ran into Bristol Palin and shared the disturbing news with the world:

Bristol Palin Shakes It

"Bristol Palin and I," wrote, a former Dancing with the Stars trainwreck contestant. "She is gearing up for the DWTS premiere on Sept. 20!"

We're amazed that there was enough room in this photo for the egos of both Bristol Palin and Jake Pavelka.

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It looks like Steven Slater won't spend any time in jail for his abrupt, anger-filled resignation from the world of flight attending.

The man who briefly rose to fame for telling passengers on a JetBlue airline to take his job and shove it appeared in a NYC court today. Facing up to seven years in prison, TMZ reports Slater agreed to a round of mental health treatment in exchange for a lesser sentence.

Specifically, one without any prison time.

The district attorney and Slater's attorney, Daniel Horwitz, agreed to meet and try to negotiate a the deal prior to the next court hearing.

If Slater is committed, that might affect his publicist's plans to arrange a reality show for his client. Actually, who are we kidding? Mental health problems didn't stop Heidi Montag from appearing for years on The Hills!

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Mocienne Petit Jackson won't have her day in court.

In July, this woman claimed to be the love child of Michael Jackson and Diana Ross' sister, Dr. Barbara Ross-Lee (no, really, she did). She even said MJ's mother concocted a plan to have her abducted in order to save the singer's reputation.

Earlier this summer, the alleged love child filed documents in court, asking for a mandatory DNA test to prove her claim.

But a Los Angeles County judge has shot down this request, thereby denying Mocienne custody of Michae's children and a cut of their inheritance, which she had also desired. Hopefully, the woman will now go away and let MJ rest in peace.

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A couple weeks ago, Glenn Beck held the Restoring Honor Rally in Washington, D.C. It was attended by approximately 100,000 people.

Now, at least that many individuals apparently support the Restoring Truthiness Rally, as a Facebook page with that number of fans has cropped up, along with a website pleading with Stephen Colbert to hold such an event.

Steve Colbert

At ColbertRally dot com, readers urge other readers to spread the word about a gathering that would "flip a mirror to the Tea Party and show them just how ridiculous they are." Continues a passage on the website:

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As previously shown, Miley Cyrus shopped and danced in Paris over the weekend.

But she also got down to business. The actress was in France to film scenes for LOL, the upcoming movie that also stars Ashley Greene. The two got wet and wild during at least one day of shooting, while Miley also spent some time in the arms of Douglas Booth, the actor to whom Cyrus has been linked romantically.

The following photo don't prove anything, though. They are based purely on the film's script:

  • LOL Scene
  • Wet and Miley
  • Booth and Cyrus
  • Filming in France
  • Splashing Stars
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