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There's a chance that Kellan Lutz might not appear in the final installment of The Twilight Saga. He and Ashley Greene are holding out for a major salary bump.

Why does this bother movie fans so much? In two words: Look. Below.

At Macy's

The hunky actor appeared at a Macy's in New York City this weekend to show off his body and his new gig as a spokesman for Calvin Klein.

If anyone in Hollywood knows how to wear a white t-shirt better than Lutz, we haven't met him yet...

  • What an Arm!
  • Underwear Spokesman
  • Hunk on the Mic
  • Boxer Show-Off
  • Showing Off Underwear

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Is it possible that the most surprising move of the Cleveland Cavaliers' season wasn't superstar LeBron James quitting in Game 5 against the Celtics, but Delonte West's amorous moves on LeBron's mom, Gloria James, in the sack?

That's the rumor going around!

LeBron James Pep Rally Pic

This unsubstantiated gossip has circulated for days, and no reputable sources have reported it, but people continue to search for details on reports that Gloria James, mother of LeBron, is sleeping with his teammate and friend Delonte West.

Whether it's true or not is anyone's guess. On one hand, it's preposterous ... on the other, who can resist a couple of HOT neck tattoos?

Is LeBron James' mom Gloria sleeping with Delonte West?

Who started this rumor? West himself, angry because he doesn't get enough playing time? An irate Cavs fan bitter that James may leave via free agency? A delusional Cleveland supporter looking for an excuse for his team's early playoff exit?

Speaking of his impending free agency: Where will LeBron end up?


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Years before she became the first Muslim-American to win the Miss USA crown, Rima Fakih won another prestigious title - "Stripper 101" pole dancing champion!

Back in 2007, the sexy, newly-minuted beauty pageant queen dominated a stripper contest for local Detroit radio morning show called Mojo in the Morning.

Forget the prizes won last night. Rima Fakih earned fabulous prizes for the stripper victory: "jewelry, gift cards, adult toys and a stripper pole for home use."

Top that, Donald Trump!

In case Miss USA Rima Fakih needs a career to fall back on ...

But, lest we start thinking this ranks with Tara Conner and Carrie Prejean scandals in Miss USA lore, it's not even close. She was clothed during all pole riding.

Just the same, you can see the polished form she has, and the natural managed to walk away with a bra stuffed with dollar bills ... those are some nice tips!

Click to enlarge more pictures of Rima ... mostly pageant, not pole-related:

Rima Fakih Bikini Picture

Should Rima Fakih be allowed to keep her title?


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Tiger Woods and wife Elin are no longer speaking to each other, according to new reports that cite no named sources, but are probably believable anyway.

Both have hired divorce lawyers and things have gotten so bad that the couple uses intermediaries to communicate, a source close to both of them claims.

She's fighting for the kids in private, but tries to keep their children protected from their deteriorating marriage. Thus, Tiger and Elin refrain from arguing.

They also refrain from speaking to one another, period.

“Elin has the nannies take the children back and forth,” one source said regarding how the children are moved to and from Tiger and Elin Woods' homes.

Elin moved out of the home they shared and into a rented house about a mile away. One of Tiger’s employees goes over logistics and schedules with her.

Relations between Tiger and Elin Woods? Not exactly cordial.

“They’ve had no conflict over the kids but they’ve also had no contact,” the source said. “Elin Woods has made it very clear this is the way she wants it.”

Elin stopped going into Tiger’s house when dropping off the children, and now has their nannies take the children from house to house during the day.

“They don’t speak anymore,” the source said, noting that the relationship is growing worse. “Even on the rare times when they see each other in person.”

Elin has taken four trips away from Tiger in the past several weeks, including one to her native country (she's rumored to be moving to Sweden for good).

She stopped putting out a while ago too.

When Tiger announced his return to golf, Elin believed he wasn’t sincere about changing his life. Prior to that, it appeared the marriage could be saved.

Despite the fact that both sides have lawyers and barbs have already been traded in the looming split, there has been no Tiger Woods divorce filing. Yet.

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The stars came out for the Cannes Film Festival this weekend, as a number of movies premiered.

Some will soon hit theaters and bring in big bucks, such as Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps. But let's face it:

These events are all about the fashion!

From Javier Bardem to Diane Lane to Jennifer Hudson, actors, actresses, singers and models all turned out for the festivities. Visit the THG Style Store to purchase these outfits for yourself and grade each celebrity's look below...

  • Javier Bardem at Cannes
  • Meg Ryan at Cannes
  • Eva Herzigova Image
  • Evangeline Lilly Fashion
  • Elsa Pataky Picture
  • Camilla Belle on the Red Carpet
  • Beckinsale
  • Diane Lane in Cannes
  • Campbell in Cannes
  • Wall Street Cast

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Not only does a Kendra Wilkinson sex tape exists, but we've seen naked photos from it. Sort of hot stuff!

But while the Internet is buzzing over this video and horny men around the world count down the days until its early June release, those closest to Kendra couldn't care less.

Said Kendra’s father-in-law about the development: “I will always stand by Hank and Kendra. Kendra is a great mom. You know, she’s awesome and she loves her family and that’s all that matters.”

Clothed Kendra


Also on Wilkinson's side? Kendra’s mother, Patty, and brother, Collin.

“No one wants their daughter or sister to be seen like that, but they don’t fault Kendra for things she’s done in the past. They understand that everyone makes mistakes,” an insider told OK! Weekly. “They just see this whole sex tape thing as someone’s idea of a way to make money now that Kendra is so famous. Honestly, they aren’t surprised.”

Nor should they be. Kendra herself is the one who wants to make money off it.

Not surprisingly, a pair of women that have made a living off getting naked are also behind Kendra. Said a source of Holly Madison and Bridget Marquardt:

“Holly’s been emailing and texting her to keep her head up. Bridget’s been doing the same. She knows firsthand that the past can come back to haunt you. Neither of them are making any judgments. They’re like sisters. They support each other.”

Sort of like how Kendra's ex-boyfriend, Justin, supports her in the video, up against a wall and... nevermind.

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Aptly-named fame whore Jaimee Grubbs says Rachel Uchitel has a point about some Tiger Woods mistresses using the sordid scandal for their own benefit.

She's not one of 'em, though ... she somehow claims with a straight face.

On Friday, Uchitel said a lot of the girls have been trying to sell videos and appear in celebrity boxing matches. She singled out Joslyn James in particular.

Jaimee Grubbs, mistress #2, denies she's done anything of the sort.

"I don't deny Rachel's quote that some of the girls involved with Tiger are doing it for the purpose of fame and spotlight," she says. "However, I can only speak for myself and I'm pretty sure I didn't try to gain fame by having half the world hating me."

Not sure half covers it, Jaimee, and shall we go over the things you've done to make news since leaking the infamous Tiger Woods voicemail in December?

  • Taken part in Howard Stern's Tiger mistress pageant
  • Leaked supposed Tiger Woods text messages
  • Given numerous interviews about the fling
  • Posed nearly naked for Ralph magazine

Right, totally keeping on the DL, Jaimee. Like the forthcoming Rachel Uchitel nude spread in Playboy, we're all good with fame-whoring, just don't deny it.

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Just four couples remain, and just one episode tonight before the 10th season finale and presentation of the cherished Mirror Ball trophy next week.

It's crunch time on Dancing with the Stars. Below, we break down the four pairs left standing and handicap their odds of bringing home the glory ...

Chad Ochocinco & Cheryl Burke
Why they'll win: Because #85 doesn't back down from any challenge, and he and Cheryl have formed one of the best partnerships in recent years. They've been consistent and significantly better than most of the field so far.
Why they won't: They get 7s and 8s. Nicole and Evan get 9s and 10s. If Chad and Cheryl advanced to the finals this week, it would be a surprise.
Odds: 25-1

Erin Andrews & Maksim Chmerkovskiy
Why they'll win: Fan support. Chemistry. Regardless of whether Maksim Chmerkovskiy is seeing Erin Andrews nude, there is heat on the dance floor. Not just as gimmicks, either. Erin has thrived in Maks' challenging routines.
Why they won't: You need to be brilliant, not just very good; Judges dock points for their sexy routines; Good looks could also work against them.
Odds: 12-1

  • Cheryl and Chad
  • Erin Andrews and Maksim Chmerkovskiy Image

Evan Lysacek & Anna Trebunskaya
Why they'll win: They put up one of two perfect scores this season, and he's Nicole's top competitor in terms of technical proficiency, skill and agility. If he has a great week, and/or her fans don't vote en masse, he could pull an upset.
Why they won't: Likely needs a 30. That's a tall order. Have had more slip-ups and shown more flaws, albeit relatively few, than Nicole and Derek.
Odds: 4-1

Nicole Scherzinger & Derek Hough
Why they'll win: She's the most talented, already kind of a professional dancer and a perfectionist. The ladies love Derek, and don't dislike the Pussycat Doll.
Why they won't: No reason.
Odds: 6:5

Anna and Evan

Who do you want to win Dancing with the Stars?


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Adam Lambert is preparing to go platinum again.

Following the international success of "Whataya Want From Me," Lambert will soon release a new music video on the world.

Based on the following stills from "If I Had You," it will be classic Adam all the way: space boots, spiked hair, eye make-up, lots of smoke. Everything about this unique artists we know and love.

Click on the behind-the-scenes photos above to enlarge shots of Adam in action.

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Dr. Conrad Murray, the embattled former physician of Michael Jackson, gets a lot of press, most of it terrible. This time, though, we gotta give the doctor his due.

He totally saved the day after he helped stabilize a 23-year-old mother who fell unconscious on a US Airways jet en route from Houston to Phoenix Saturday.

The doctor stabilized the young woman by using the airplane's emergency kit to set up an IV and monitored her until the plane diverted to Albuquerque, N.M.

We can't imagine he reassured her when he said "You probably know me, I was Michael Jackson's doctor," but regardless, Dr. Conrad Murray got the job done.

Ironically, Murray was on his way to meet with his lawyers to plan a defense against involuntary manslaughter charges in the Michael Jackson case at the time.

He has rejected any talk of a plea deal, making a trial likely.

.500: Hey, 1-for-2 isn't terrible... in baseball.

The woman, who was traveling with her 11 month old baby, was met at the gate by paramedics and taken to a hospital. It is believed she has recovered fully.

She responded by saying, "Thank you so much. Thank you for helping me even without knowing me." A rep for Murray's legal team, Miranda Sevcik, said:

"We're not surprised. [Dr. Conrad Murray] a good doctor, we've always said he was a good doctor, and that's what good doctors do is save people's lives."

Murray, 57, was charged in February with a felony count of involuntary manslaughter in MJ's June 2009 death. He has pleaded not guilty, and is free on bail.

He plans to argue that Michael Jackson killed himself with Propofol, with which Murray had been treating him for insomnia, while the doc was out of the room.

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