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In case you hadn't heard, there's a threesome going down on Gossip Girl next week. Well, at least there will be if the episode ends up making it to air.

If the Parents Television Council (PTC) has its way, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) could fine the CW or yank the episode altogether.

The group has released an open letter to the CW objecting to the scene, which they have not seen, but are still calling "reckless and irresponsible."

"Gossip Girl routinely depicts teenagers engaging in promiscuous and consequence-free sexual behavior," PTC president Tim Winter wrote the CW.

He says the show is "now complicit in establishing a precedent and expectation that teenagers engage in behaviors ... associated with adult films."

Gulp. Gulp Again.

If Gossip Girl is bad, being right can eat it! Our intel suggests neither Leighton Meester or Blake Lively will be part of the threesome (lame!) but we're posting this pic anyway!

The PTC pleads to the show and its network to "ask yourself, how does airing this program serve your obligation to serve the public interest?"

Umm ... the public is interested in threesomes? HELLO!?

FCC rules permit the government to remove programming deemed "unsatisfactory or unsuitable or contrary to the public interest." Will it happen in this case?

Doubtful. The hype for the epsiode, "They Shoot Humphreys, Don't They," has been significant, it's still Gossip Girl, and still the CW. How racy can it really be?

It should also be noted that the CW has not publicly responded to the complaint but leaked two sneak previews from the episode with no threesome teasers.


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Sorry. The above headline is false and misleading. We just wanted to know what it felt like to act like Star, OK! Weekly or other trashy tabloids for a change.

Answer: dirty.

But the tease is inspired by an actual photo (seen below) Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart posed for in the December issue of Harper's Bazaar.

The magazine features an extensive spread of the rumored couple, acting closer and happier than we've ever seen the pair before. In a few of the shots, both Rob and Kristen are actually smiling!

While neither confirms any romantic feelings for the other in the article, hints are dropped. Said Pattinson of his co-star:

"She's a unique girl. You really don't meet many people like Kristen."

Stewart, meanwhile, said "we had a very responsive, palpable thing" when first auditioning together; and, we can only imagine, when naked in hotel rooms together.

Jokes and rumors aside, Twilight Saga fans should sit back and check out the photos below. Click on each one for the closest look you'll ever get at Robsten at its most playful and loving...

Cute Photo Shoot

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You have to hand it to South Park.

As one of our editors puts it, "as long as the world keeps doing stupid $h!t, they have unlimited material." Maybe so, but they never fail to deliver on said material.

Last week, Eric Cartman performed Lady Gaga's hit "Poker Face" and while far from sophisticated, the humor of listening to the song in his G*d-awful voice is classic.

The premise? Cartman channeled Lady Gaga while playing Rock Band, but Stan wanted the gang to join him protesting the Japanese killing whales and dolphins.

They refused, and then used the song in a montage as Stan led a group of pirates (Sea Shepard) to attack the Japanese whalers. Pretty much speaks for itself.

Here's a fan video containing both the remix and the music video ...

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Ashlee Simpson is a terrible actress. In fact, even using the word actress in the same sentence as her name is kind of insulting to female thespians everywhere.

But in addition to her lack of talent, her bad behavior helped get her booted from the new CW remake of Melrose Place, a source close to the cast tells Fox411.

"Ashlee was kicked off Melrose Place because she was a total diva on set, late all the time, and deeply disliked by fellow cast members," the insider spilled.

"It created a lot of discord among the cast.

Of course, another major issue, the source reports, was that "she could barely act." That and producers' need to bring in past stars got Ash the ol' pink slip.

On-set diva Ashlee Simpson is headed for the unemployment line.

Melrose Place producers desperately pushed for Heather Locklear's return as Amanda, but couldn't afford the actress' salary demands without cutting someone.

Choosing who had to go was not hard.

"They basically trimmed the fat and made it possible for Heather to join the show," says the snitch. "Heather is a much bigger name than Ashlee Simpson."

With Ashlee and Colin Egglesfield (whoe unintentionally comedic flirting made them one of our favorite TV couples) exiting in January, and Melrose legend Jack Wagner also rumored to be coming on board, are more cuts still to come?

No word on that just yet, but if the scene last night where David cries at his mother's grave is any indication, Shaun Sipos' agent better start making calls.

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This is our favorite supermarket tabloid tradition:

Not only do these celebrity gossip magazines invent sources and articles, they actually use the first person on cover stories to pretend as though the stars themselves have provided interviews and confirmation.

Our favorite example: when OK! Weekly touted Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart as giving readers a tour of "our home." Not a word was actually uttered by either actor in the article itself.

The same applies to the latest issue of this rag, as you can rest assured that neither Taylor Swift nor Taylor Lautner are quoted as saying they're in love.

Let us save you the cover price: the publication has no new information on Taylor Squared. For free, you can read all about their hockey game date and Swift's kind words about Lautner on The Hollywood Gossip.

Let us also save you the trouble of wondering about whether or not Rob and Kristen are "back on track." (They were never off track); or whether Glee stars Lea Michelle and Cory Monteith are dating. (They aren't.)

Also, Khloe Kardashian has no "baby news." There. Aren't you glad THG is around?

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She's dated Derek Jeter, starred opposite Will Smith and is very attractive.

Still, Gabrielle Union receives very little celebrity gossip attention, a fact she's clearly aiming to change in a new Men's Health magazine feature.

The actress, who recurs on FlashForward in the role of Demetri's fiancee, poses nude (and covered; damn you, buttoned shirt!) for the publication, while speaking on a number of personal issues, including: oral sex, orgasms and penis size.

Gabrielle Union Picture

We'll let Union take it from here:

On what women talk about: When you’re in the dating phase, you tell your friends everything. Was it big? Did he know what to do with it? Is he into oral? Everything. The dissection is complete.

On post-coital feelings: Nobody wants to feel like just a vessel. You want equal participation, so it’s not ‘68 and I owe ya one.’

On oral sex: If it’s a choice between a man who gives flowers and a man who enjoys giving oral, most women would take the oral. And it’s free. Oral sex is recession-proof.

On getting off: If both people can climax quickly, sex doesn’t need to go on for two hours — at some point, Law & Order is coming on! But it’s terrible if a man is two minutes and you’re nowhere close.

No way is she referencing Jeter there. That guy comes through in the clutch. Literally!


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They make us laugh. They make us cry. They occasionally make us change the channel when the wife walks in, or want to hurl the remote at the screen. What would TV be without romances ranging from depraved to desperate to delightfully boring?

Here are The Hollywood Gossip's top 10 TV couples of this fall ...

10. Violet and Auggie (Melrose Place)

Conniving Violet and recovering addict Auggie, who flirt constantly on the Melrose remake, are on this only because their "chemistry" offers so much unintentional comedy. And got both Ashlee Simpson and Colin Egglesfield fired.

9. Meredith and Derek (Grey's Anatomy)

Meredith and Derek (McDreamy) have been together so long, it's almost as if there is no relationship drama left for Grey's Anatomy to waste time on. Which is a good thing, after year after year of breakups and will-they-won't-they nonsense.

8. Betty and Don (Mad Men)

We're suckers for the period piece. And January Jones. She and Jon Hamm may look like a wholesome '50s couple, but they aren’t that innocent. Or even close.

What's not to love about Jim and Pam from The Office?

7. Jim and Pam (The Office)

These two have melted our hearts, and made us laugh along with the rest of the Dunder Mifflin gang with memorable Office Quotes from day one. When their baby arrives later this year, we might just burst from cute overload.

6. Darryl and Roxie (Eastwick)

Newbie witch Roxie (Rebecca Romijn) may be dating much younger Chad (Matt Dallas) but can’t resist a more mature, mysterious Darryl Van Horne (Paul Gross).

5. Peter and Elizabeth (White Collar)

Just a few episodes in, new USA series White Collar features Peter (Tim DeKay) and Elizabeth (Tiffani Thiessen), who may struggle to make time to see each other, but always find a way to make up for lost time, if you know what we mean.

4. Bill and Sookie (True Blood)

This HBO twosome definitely wins most R-rated! Sookie (Anna Paquin) and Bill (Stephen Moyer) have lots and lots of sex. They may be madly in love, although another vampire, Eric (Alexander Skarsgard) poses a potential threat.

Stephen Moyer and Anna Paquin

Two very different but equally appealing vampire couples make our list.

3. Stefan and Elena (The Vampire Diaries)

Mystic Falls high school student Elena (Nina Dobrev) is attracted to Stefan, a vampire more than 150 years old (Paul Wesley) but after Elena learns what he really is, she recoils. There's enough tension here to carry The Vampire Diaries for years!

2. Chuck and Blair (Gossip Girl)

Leighton Meester and Ed Westwick are so great as their Gossip Girl alter egos that they may have created a new prototype for TV relationships - they are actually more entertaining together, while still growing as individuals, than apart.

1. Finn, Quinn and Rachel (Glee)

Okay, so it's more complicated love triangle than couple, but bear with us if you have not seen Glee, which is one of the best new shows of the fall season so far:

QB Finn (Cory Monteith) has a crush on Rachel (Lea Michele), he’s committed to former cheerleader Quinn (Dianna Agron) who says she’s pregnant with his baby. But football player Puck (Mark Salling) has admitted he is the baby daddy!

Agree? Disagree? Comment and add your own!


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Dr. Arnold Klein, Michael Jackson's best friend and doctor for decades, and who is also rumored to be the biological father of two of his children, is back in the news.

This time, it has nothing to do with Jackson's health or the paternity of his offspring. Klein is offering an interesting theory on Michael's 1993 child molestation case.

An MJ Pic

As you probably know, a boy accused Jackson of molesting him, which the music icon denied. The case was settled out of court; MJ was never convicted of a crime.

Michael Jackson with his old friend and dermatologist.

A key piece of evidence in the case was that the accuser could identify a discoloration on the singer's genitals. Not something you just happen to see, right?

It is this that Klein is offering an explanation for. In a discussion with TMZ, Klein says there's a perfectly good reason ... even though it's still very strange.

If you don't want to be grossed, or potentially weirded out, we suggest you stop here. If you want, follow the jump to continue reading Klein's explanation ...

Continue Reading...

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It took approximately four weeks longer than it should have, but Dancing with the Stars finally sent its two weakest competitors home this week.

Michael Irvin and Mark Dacascos were each sent packing, as the boring season will at least continue now with a quintet of worthy contestants.

Said the former NFL wide receiver. "Last night was a great night, and to see the audience here standing up as a way of saying they appreciate the hard work, it means a great deal to a lot of people right now, with the economy going the way it has."

We're not sure if any studies have proven that no-doc mortgage applicants suffering through foreclosure are comforted by D-listers dancing, but, hey, whatever makes you feel better, Michael.

Irvin Dancing

Dacascos added: "[It's] certainly much harder than it looks on television. It's a lot easier to watch it than do it."

He'll have the chance to sit back and do so next week, as Kelly Osbourne, Donny Osmond, Aaron Carter, Mya and Joanna Krupa perform two dances each.


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You think you've seen it all.

A Wisconsin woman called 911 this week to report a drunk driver ... who happened to be herself. Guess she was feeling a little guilty or having an out-of-body-experience? Whatever the reason, she ratted herself out, to everyone's amazement.

The conversation with the 911 dispatcher went as such:

Woman: "Somebody's really drunk driving down Cranton Road."
Dispatcher: "Are you behind them?"
Woman: "No, I am them."
Dispatcher: "You am them?"
Woman: "Yes, I am them."
Dispatcher: "So, you want to call and report that you are driving drunk?"
Woman: "Yeah."

Classic. Check out the news segment below on this:

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