A male American bulldog, abandoned because he is supposedly gay, was saved from being euthanized on Thursday by a woman who will now adopt him.

The original owner apparently took the dog to Jackson Rabies Control Animal Shelter in Tennessee after he saw him mounting another male dog.

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Will there be six more weeks of winter after tomorrow morning? Or will spring come early to a nation reeling from wild weather swings in January?

Only Punxsutawney Phil knows the answer.

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America's love affair with Jennifer Lawrence only grew by leaps and bounds during her appearance last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

First, the Oscar-nominated actress plopped down and announced she was a "little drunk." She then explained that a recent X-Ray made her believe her breasts were uneven, a fact that clearly troubled the beautiful star.

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He may be the youngest member of the hottest boy band on the planet, but Harry Styles is now one year older.

The gorgeous Brit turns 19 today, as readers are encouraged to do more than just squeal over his photo below. They should send in their birthday wishes right at this very moment!

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