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You gotta see this.

A Cleveland man was apprehended on suspicion of robbery earlier this week, at which point the officers on the scene searched his pockets as they had the suspect pinned against the hood of their squad car and applied handcuffs.

You wouldn't believe what happened to an apparently important piece of evidence they left on the hood after they removed it from his coat pocket, though ...


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In light of his controversial American Music Awards performance, and subsequent ban from Good Morning America, Adam Lambert is receiving support from past American Idol contestants.

With one major exception.

Glambert Pic

We'll get to that shortly, but first a look at what those in Lambert's corner have to say...

Kevin Covais: "I honestly had no problem with Adam's AMA performance. After watching him take risks on Idol, it was about what I expected. Despite being a bit risque, I don't feel like it pushed the envelope that much further from what we normally see these days, especially on primetime television. I see no reason why he should be punished by ABC."

Jim Verraros: "[Gays] need this, and we need him. We need to have him out there - he's a gay pop singer from America. But I am torn - I don't know if I would have done that kind of performance for my first nationally televised show. I think had he done it at a more intimate club environment, it would have gone over a lot better."

Diana DeGarmo: "It should help out his career... with all of the buzz around the performance, his sales shouldn't suffer whatsoever."

Season three contestant Jon Peter Lewis takes a harsh view of Lambert, however. He told Us Weekly:

"All this nonsense about Adam Lambert's whole project being art is bogus. That idea is absurd. It's like calling Thomas Kinkade art. What a sham."

Hmmm... Kinkade is a painter. Media Arts, a publicly-traded company that licenses and sells his products, reports that 1 in 20 homes in the U.S. features some form of the man's art.

So it's unclear what point Lewis is making. If he, or any Lambert critic, is suggesting that Adam's performance might turn some people off, no one (including Lambert himself) would disagree.

But is a singer's job to satisfy the masses? Or to remain true to himself? Sounds like a debate for THG readers! Have at it in our comments section!


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Remember when Kim Kardashian was curvy, sexy and not an utter sellout?

We miss those days.

For the second time in the last few months, Kim has Tweeted a photo of herself in a bikini. The latest is accompanied with the message: "Quick Trim photo shoot today in Miami! I finally feel I've reached my goal!"

Apparently, her goal is to look at emaciated as humanly possible.

We really hope those Quick Trim bucks are worth it, Kim, as you've let curvy girls across America know the only acceptable look involves skin, bones and large breasts. Please, eat something - and try to not flush it out of your system with something no doctor on the planet would approve of...

  • Twit Pic
  • Kim Twitter Pic

Kim Kardashian before flushing her system out with an unhealthy weight loss supplement, and after. Which look do you prefer?

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If you're going to hype a show, the first step should probably be to make sure you get your star's name right. That's generally a good marketing strategy.

ABC missed the memo, though, as The Bachelor's Jake Pavelka, whose season premieres January 4, is introduced in the promo below as Jake Pav-lek-a.

Unless Jake Pavelka subscribes to the Brett Favre school of pronunciation (how that's pronounced Farve, we will never know), that's a classic blunder.

Almost making up for it, though? FIVE pilot references:

  • Welcome aboard Rose Air!
  • The new Bachelor takes flight!
  • This trip is bound to get a little bumpy!
  • This heavenly pilot is ready for takeoff!
  • Fasten your seat belts, this Bachelor needs to make a connection!

Jake, as you probably recall from last season's Bachelorette, or could have deduced in about two seconds, is a pilot. See the absurdity for yourself here ...

Will Jake be a good Bachelor?


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Katie Price, a.k.a. Jordan, dumped boyfriend Alex Reid shortly after pulling out of the British jungle reality show I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here.

The glamour girl ditched the cage fighter just two hours after quitting the show with an appropriate chorus of Queen's hit "Another One Bites The Dust."

Jordan, Boobs

"Never underestimate the Pricey, there goes another one - it's as easy as that for me," said the model, who later lamented the loss of constant banging:

"It's a shame because he was as horny as hell, and he's always been great in bed ... I'm not with him, though. I cannot live my life by anyone else."

Reid, the cage fighter and part-time cross-dresser, also confirmed the split in a bizarre statement about the relationship having "apparently ended."

"There are ongoing telephone conversations between them, but Alex has no further comment regarding the state of their relationship," his rep said.

Katie Price kicked a shocked Alex Reid to the curb.

Alex's mum, who Katie recently met, blasted her for her actions on the ITV1 show, branding her "cruel." Peter Andre might share that sentiment.

Carol Reid fumed: "He really loved her and gave up a lot for her and this is how he gets treated by her. He must be upset. I am worried for him."

Jordan, who said she "didn't want a relationship" at present, went shopping with pal Michelle Heaton in Queensland, Australia, where she's staying.

She walked off the reality show Sunday after being voted to do a seventh gruesome trial by the public. She said she'd had enough and that was it.

The model also moaned that she missed her kids back home and that she kept being reminded of Peter. Hours later, Alex Reid's ass got dumped.

Asked if he'd been watching his former wife on the show, Peter Andre said he actually hadn't: "I swear on my life I have not watched one episode."

"The kids haven't seen it either, it's on far too late for them."

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Not that Shauna Sand has an ounce of credibility, but you won't believe the latest headline-grabbing statement the nasty former Playboy model is making.

In an interview with Star, she says she nailed Chace Crawford.

Shauna Sand Bikini Photo

It all happened in 2003, years before Gossip Girl brought him stardom. Then an 18-year-old freshman at Pepperdine, Chace met actress/model Shauna.

Shuana Sand, then 32, soon took the Texas native's virginity.

"He was so incredibly beautiful. I immediately fell in love with him!" Shauna recalls of meeting the future Gossip Girl cast member at a college party in Malibu.

The couple began dating "and I gave him a key to my apartment."

Shauna Sand says she had sex with Chace Crawford.

They quickly "wore out a path to the bedroom," says she.

A friend tells Star that even though Crawford dated a girl in high school: "Chace told me, 'Shauna was the first girl that I ever had sex with! She blew my mind!'"

Although the friend says Chace and Shauna had a "secret relationship," the couple dated off and on for a year before they drifted apart. But, in 2007, after Shauna's brief second marriage ended, Shauna said the spark was reignited!

Sure. And the Shauna Sand sex tape wasn't at all staged. It says a lot about Shauna that she's trying to sponge off the fame of someone that much younger.

Interestingly, the last time that Sand was accused of banging a teenager - in that case her own stepson A.J. Lamas, her ex-husband's kid - she denied it.

She likes 'em young, but maybe the family thing made it taboo.

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Congratulations, Heidi Montag. You may no longer be the worst celebrity singer on the planet.

We feel safe making that proclamation even beforeo Gretchen Rossi records a single note, as The Real Housewife of Orange County told E! News this week that she's "getting involved in the music industry."

Does that mean posing nude on an album cover for someone else? Sadly, no.

Music producer Bryan Todd, who has helped Jordin Sparks and Ashley Tisdale record albums, confirmed a collaboration with Rossi. He simply said:

"We're going to work together on some music stuff."

In related news, we're gonna work on finding something to stuff into our ears. Really, anything will do.

Gretchen Rossi Picture

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Having already alienated his entire family, Michael Lohan has turned on Jon Gosselin and leaked an audio tape of a phone call the two had earlier this year.

In the nearly four-minute call, Jon spouts off about his contract with TLC, Hailey Glassman and Kate Major, and how he will not be "scare tactic'd." His words.

But here's the real choice quote from the call:

"I mean, I put my kids out there to every pedophile on the planet and they never got paid for it?" Jon says on tape, obtained by Radar Online. "It's disgusting."

In more ways than one.

Gosselin made that claim as part of his theory that TLC was being compensated for stories about the show that appeared in People and Good Housekeeping.

They were not. But Gosselin was upset at what he saw as TLC exploiting him and profiting off his family and wanted to get a piece of the action for himself.

  • Bad Dad
  • Mike Lohan Pic

"It's like a shopping game now," he told Lohan "Because everyone knows I talked. So like, 'Oh my God, he's free game now cause TLC doesn't give a f--k.'

Jon's rants to Lohan, who wanted to rep him, continued: "They don't! They haven't said s--t! What the f--k? Why the f--k didn't I do this, like, months ago?"

"They tried to scare tactic me. They tried to scare tactic me. Why the f--k should they get paid and not my kids? And I see now they know that I know."

"I know that they struck side deals and that none of that money went to my kids. To leak that to the public? Oh my god, Michael, can you imagine? They'd be so f--ked! Their stock would tank! That they stole from eight kids!"

As for his past relationships, Jon's ramblings were similarly (in)coherent.

"The Kate Major thing - I tried to do all the In Touch things and say... you know we're friends, it didn't work out, blah, blah. Then she goes, 'Oh, I look so bad.' You do not look bad. You look like ... you know we hung out? Still don't get it? F--k!"

The recording also makes it clear that Lohan and Gosselin were indeed pitching their own reality project, something both have denied in recent weeks.

Follow the jump to listen to the Jon Gosselin-Michael Lohan tape ...

Continue Reading...

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Adam Lambert may not be sorry for his American Music Awards performance, but he's paying a small price for it this week.

The singer had been scheduled to appear on ABC's Good Morning America tomorrow, but the show has canceled Lambert's performance, citing his lewd Sunday night spectacle in its statement:

“Given his controversial American Music Awards performance, we were concerned about airing a similar concert so early in the morning.”

Fans can still catch the American Idol runner-up before the sun rises tomorrow, though: CBS' Early Show is happy to have Lambert sing for its audience.

Silver Suited

Adam Lambert has been bumped off Good Morning America: Fair or unfair?

Said Lambert of ABC's decision: "I don't feel like I owe anyone an apology. I did something female performers have been doing for years. All of a sudden a guy does it, and it's crazy. I do think there's a slight double standard."

We agree. Did Adam cross the line at the AMAs? Yes. Any artist that shoves the face of a back-up dancer into his/her crotch is taking his/her act to an unnecessarily lewd level.

But it's hard not to wonder: if Lady GaGa did the same thing with a female band member, would she have been axed from a morning show?


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Kim Kardashian rose to fame via a sex tape and has appeared naked in Playboy.

In other words: subtly is not her strong suit.

This doesn't bode well for Reggie Bush, as the reality TV took to her blog this week and showed the world what she'd look like in a wedding dress.

Granted, Kim claimed she was just modeling her mom's 30-year old frock for humor's sake, but who is she kidding? Kardashian donned this gown for two reasons only:

  1. To let Bush know she's ready for a ring;
  2. And to give bloggers a reason to write about her.

Consider the second mission accomplished, Kim. As for the first? Reg, the engagement ball is on your half of the field...

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