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Britney Spears and Jason Trawick, her agent and boyfriend of several months, may not be engaged yet, despite the marriage rumors that persistently pop up.

But they certainly look the part of the family unit.

The couple and Britney's two sons, Sean Preston Federline and Jayden James Federline, looked happy as can be as they strolled through a park on Saturday.

It was a tender family moment ... just Britney Spears, Jason Trawick, her two sons and massive amounts of security following them around Sydney, Australia.

Still, life is good for Britney and family ...

Britney Spears and Family

Britney Spears and family out and about.

Don't think for a second, though, that the singer's handler wasn't observing her every move. Also along for the stroll was Britney's father, Jamie Spears.

Gotta keep your eyes on the cash register at all times, after all.

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Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart won't acknowledge they're a couple.

But the co-stars will give one another compliments, which is likely as close as we'll ever get to truly learning how each half of Robsten feels about the other.

In an interview with MTV, Kristen and Rob spoke about what makes them a good pair... on-screen, that is.

“He’s thoughtful," Stewart said of Pattinson. "He’s a real guy. I’ve seen him grow a lot, and I’ve seen him get more comfortable with his position [as a celebrity]. But I also don’t see any change in who he is.”

As for Kristen? Take it away, Robert:

"As we’ve been doing stuff together, I guess what I admire is that she’s more stubborn than me in a lot of ways. I mean, she really stands up for what she thinks is right and is generally on the same page with what I think is right.”

The rumored couple also posed with Taylor Lautner on the latest cover of Entertainment Weekly (above). Click on each image below for more pics from this spread:

  • From EW
  • Cute Stuff
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Her mother is attention-starved.

Her sister is 15 going on 37.

And her father might be the worst human being on the planet.

But Lindsay Lohan still swears she's loving life these days. She told E! News on Thursday night:

"I've never been happier in my life. As long as my mom, my sister and my brother are happy, then I'm good."

But what about your dad? Oh. Right. Nevermind.


Lohan even says her career is moving full steam ahead. She has a new album coming out; she just can't say when... or what songs will be on it... or who is producing it.

"I can't say anything because the person who I'm working with on the album I haven't officially signed with yet," she said.

Either that, or the CD is as real as Lindsay's happiness. Poor drug-addicted trainwreck girl.


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For the record: we don't care that Carrie Prejean is against gay marriage.

We find that stance close-minded and cruel, but she's entitled to the opinion.

An Awful Human Being

We do care, however, when someone consistently lies, whines, doesn't take responsibility and then hides behind religion as an excuse for her views and actions.

Prejean has borne all these qualities out for months, but a source has come forward with another example of her deceit: Radar Online reports that numerous naked photos and solo sex tapes of the disgraced beauty queen exist.

In an interview with Sean Hannity this week, Carrie referred to her masturbation video as "the biggest mistake of her life." But an insider says SEVEN others exist. That's a lot of big mistakes!

Might the public soon see one? Vivid Entertainment President Steven Hirsch is working on it. He told TMZ:

"The third party that brought the tape to Vivid affirmed that she was over 18 years of age at the time it was made.

In her self-serving memoir, Carries writes: “God gave us our bodies, and it’s perfectly right that we use them in ways where we can give glory to God."

Unless God is a horny young male, Prejean's actions might not match her profound bible quotes.


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Updating a previous report, Jon Gosselin formally filed a $5 million claim against TLC, saying the network's representatives "damaged his reputation and career" by "preventing him from working with other media outlets."

[collective silence in The Hollywood Gossip newsroom]

Everybody, all together now: WTF?? LOL!!

It gets better. The father of eight claims the network contacted other media outlets he'd been in touch with to persuade them to stop dealing with him.

"Their behavior has caused Jon great anguish and financial losses," says his attorney, Mark Heller, who maintains Gosselin did not have an attorney or a manager present when he signed his contract for Jon and Kate Plus 8.

"They had a cadre of lawyers so they had a one-sided agreement," adds Heller, trying to claim that the corporation railroaded an unsophisticated IT guy.

Jon's $5 million lawsuit – a counterclaim against a suit TLC filed against him – also claims the network owes him $175,000 for shows that already aired.

The Gosselins' contract, dated April 28, 2008, says he gets $22,500 for each half-hour episode and $45,000 for each one-hour episode, the lawsuit says.

So he wants the contract he signed declared void, because he's just a simpleton, yet wants to make sure he gets paid based on the contract. Okay, Jon.

Gosselin is scheduled to be in court on December 14. In other Jon news:

  • TLC's lawyers have filed court papers in Maryland asking the judge for permission to serve his former nanny Stephanie Santoro with a subpoena.
  • His rep denied the Jon Gosselin sex tape rumor surfacing earlier this week: "It is truly false," the rep said. "It's sad people are picking this up."

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Michael Jackson passed away June 25, and Dr. Conrad Murray has been the singular focal point of the police investigation into the star's death for months now.

Still, no charges have been pressed. What the heck's taking so long?

The LAPD and the D.A.'s office have two words for you: O.J.

MJ's homicide investigation is taking so much longer than expected, because, as one law enforcement source connected with the case said, "We've had bad luck with big cases like O.J. in the past, and we don't want to repeat those mistakes."

O.J. Simpson, many of you surely recall, was acquitted of double murder in 1995 despite a seemingly air tight case - one that unraveled after various blunders.

Fortunately, O.J. got his 13 years later after he kidnapped and robbed some people. But the police want to make sure Murray doesn't slip through their fingers.

This Is It

The source also pointed to the Robert Blake case, which some experts believe was also botched. But the source added, "There is not a problem with the case."

"Time is on our side. We want to do this right."

There is no pressure to speed things up, department insiders say, and as a result, the L.A. County D.A.'s office and the LAPD have been meticulously working as a unit to "anticipate defense strategies and prepare for them."

The D.A.'s office is actively involved, requesting lots of info from the LAPD as the investigation proceeds. Among the issues they are still yet to fully reconcile:

  • Officials have keyed in on Applied Pharmacy in Las Vegas, and want to make sure there were no other pharmacies sending Propofol to Dr. Conrad Murray.
  • Another issue: authorities have gone back to their medical experts for more input, as "strategies have changed" in a case they call "very complicated."

As for when the investigation will conclude, authorities are saying they'd like to end it "before the Christmas holidays," but that could get pushed to January.


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Don't expect Levi Johnston and Sarah Palin to settle their differences over turkey dinner this month. In fact, she'd probably rather give him this treatment.

The Playgirl model (day two of his nude photo shoot took place Friday) spoke about Sarah Palin's recent Thanksgiving invitation to Playgirl's editor-in-chief.

Playgirl Cover

"He said 'you could tell by her laugh she was full of it,'" Playgirl Director of Marketing Daniel Nardicio said, calling it "a nice gesture but she didn't mean it."

Johnston said it would be beyond "awkward" should he actually show up.

Palin, the grandmother of Johnston's son Tripp, says on the pretaped November 16 Oprah Winfrey Show that her daughter's ex is still "part of the family."

She suggested he join her family for the traditional November family holiday. Levi Johnston's response? Now exactly holding his breath for a real invite.

Meanwhile, Thursday's Playgirl shoot "was fantastic," Johnston's manager Tank Jones said "People are going to see more of Levi than they thought."

"There was a hockey stick involved."

Now that we'll hold our breath for.

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From Jon Gosselin lawsuits to Angelina Jolie's antics to Carrie Prejean's hissy fits and Britney Spears' devil-worship, it was a bust week here at THG.

As always, we've got it all covered in The Hollywood Gossip's Week in Review! Some of the highlights (and lowlights) from the past week in gossip:

  • Most shocking reveal: Lady Gaga with no makeup, hat, or absurd costume.
  • Least shocking reveal: Miley Cyrus is a corporate android (on Family Guy).
  • Best before-and-after pics: Sammy Sosa's apparent skin bleaching antics.
  • Worst attempt to play the victim: Brooke Hundley. Crazy stalker-mistress.
  • Best delayed reaction: Australia finally learns Britney Spears lip-syncs.
Singing Not Required

Ten years later, Australia finally discovered that Britney Spears lip-syncs in concert. Meanwhile, the rest of us learned via her hacked Twitter that she worships Lucifer.

  • Worst casting move: The new Girls Next Door, according to Holly Madison.
  • Best random sex tape almost-leak: Ojani Noa, a.k.a. the first ex-Mr. J. Lo.
  • Worst/Best TV promo of all time: Jersey Shore on MTV. Seriously, it's real.
  • Best Twitter hack of the week: The peeps who made Britney worship Satan.
  • Worst reality show idea in human history: Giving Octomom more exposure.

The world is dying for an Octomom show. Right?

  • It was apparently Turn Back the Clock week at the tabloids, several of which featured Angelina Jolie-Jennifer Aniston war. LOL. What is this, 2005?
  • The hypocritical gossip cow that keeps on giving, Carrie Prejean, tried to explain away her sex tape, then threw an absolute hissy fit on Larry King.
  • Jon Gosselin sued TLC for $5 million, claiming child labor violations and saying the contract he breached should be null since he's "unsophisticated."
  • Baby news: Mel Gibson and Oksana Grigorieva had a girl. Ashley Jensen had a boy. Tiffani Thiessen and Joey Lawrence are expecting! With others.
  • Wedding bells: Ron Livingston and Rosemarie DeWitt married, as did Marla Sokoloff and Alec Puro. Jensen Ackles and Danneel Harris got engaged!

Don't forget to follow THG on Twitter for all the latest Hollywood news, celebrity gossip, rumors, commentary and humor as it happens, 24/7/365.


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As fashion face-offs go, this has mismatch written all over it.

Lauren Conrad, who can do no wrong, and who routine racks up 30-40 point wins in our fashion polls, up against wreckalicious walking "fashion disaster" Lindsay Lohan.

But can LiLo pull an upset? Don't count her out just yet.

LC celebrated designer Rebecca Minkoff's Spring 2010 line in her polka-dotted shirt, while Lohan hit the town in L.A. in her polka-dotted blouse under a cropped blazer.

Who looked better in this style? Vote below ...


Who looked better in this style?


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