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Is Demi Moore being Punk'd? The actress seems to think she's in a stable marriage, but Star Magazine swears otherwise.

For the second time in a month, that tabloid has accused Ashton Kutcher of cheating on his beautiful spouse. First, it was just a make-out session with some random blonde. Now, it's full-on tender intercourse with a girl he met at a bowling alley!

Cheating Cover

The publication claims Kutcher got the number of a 21-year old while actually out with Moore and step-daughter Rumer Willis at Lucky Strike Lanes in July. Days later, she was allegedly taking it from the actor on a couch in the home he shares with his wife.

Says the unnamed woman who totally exists: “I felt totally comfortable in his arms. It was tender and nice - not some random sex act.”

That's a nice thing to say. This imaginary woman seems much sweeter than the made-up mistress with whom Brad Pitt is cheating on Angelina.

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Oh, Heidi Montag. We missed you.

This photo spread of the surreality star frolicking in the ocean, wearing next to nothing and clasping her ginormous fake boobs is a throwback to the good ol' days.

Heidi went for a dip in Costa Rica last week and - wouldn't you know it - her bikini simply wasn't strong enough. But, thankfully, she barely staved off disaster!

Crazily, cameras captured the whole thing:

  • Heidi Gets Ready
  • Whoa! Never Saw That Coming!
  • Enormous Fake Boobs
  • Got 'Em!

Poor Heidi. Can't a girl just go for a swim in peace without paparazzi clamoring for the shot of her two-piece falling off? [Photo:]

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The Situation, a.k.a. Mike Sorrentino from MTV's fist-pumping hit Jersey Shore, has been denied in his bid to trademark ... The Situation. Tough break, Sitch.

According to Us Weekly, he went to the US Patent and Trademark Office to try to make his name official, primarily so he can market his own clothing line.

Unfortunately, he was turned down by the USPTO due to the fact a Memphis clothing retailer already uses that name. Ooh, now that's a tough Situation!

We Got The Situation

REJECTED! The Situation may score with many average-looking girls he meets at clubs, but he couldn't score a trademark from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

On the plus side, Sorrentino is still partnered with Dilligaf by Bohica Bill, which feels he embodies their motto: "Let's not take things so seriously every day." 

Well, except for GTL and staying FTD to get the girls who are DTF in MIA.

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Shaquille O'Neal is involved in some weird ass stories.

The Big Shamrock may or may not be engaged to Hoopz, may or may not have had an affair with Vanessa Lopez, and may or may not have hacked an employee's computer and attempted to frame him by planting child porn on that piece.

Derek Lowe Mug Shot

Shawn Darling is suing Shaq for intentional infliction of emotional distress, invasion of privacy and civil R.I.C.O. (a racketeering charge) in Miami, Florida.

Some of Shawn's explosive allegations:

  • O'Neal conspired with active law enforcement to frame Darling for a criminal offense and destroy any evidence that Darling had against O'Neal.
  • Shaq hacked the voicemails of Darling and Vanessa Lopez, who is currently suing O'Neal, deleting Lopez's messages and changed her password.
  • O'Neal used law enforcement contacts to obtain restricted information about another mistresses, Alexis Miller, while he was legally fighting her.
  • Shaq physically disposed of a personal computer holding evidence of many transgressions while married to Shaunie O'Neal in a lake behind his home.

Darling worked for O'Neal from 2007-2009 as his personal IT guy and claims he was originally hired to work on "different O'Neal family projects."

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Fenway Park has been the site for a disappointing Boston Red Sox season.

But the stadium actually played host to a talented group of individuals last night, as Ben Affleck and Jon Hamm led the cast of The Town on to the red carpet for a unique movie premiere.

The Town Cast

With a giant screen placed along the third base line, fans sat in baseball seats and cheered excitedly at various points in a film that pays homage to the city of Boston itself, specifically Charlestown.

Many males also hooted and hollered over Blake Lively because, well, just look at that dress! But the movie was even more engrossing than this star's cleavage. Read The Town review now and then check out more photos from the event:

  • Jeremy Renner Pic
  • At The Town Premiere
  • Rebecca Hall Photo
  • Fenway Premiere
  • The Town Premiere Pic

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Danielle Staub continues to exploit the gay community in a despicable manner.

The recently-fired Real Housewife has been spotted getting close to Lori Michaels, appearing often in public with the singer and using the quasi relationship as yet another means to make headlines. Are they actually a couple?

"I have to keep that for my show," Staub told Radar Online of her upcoming spin-off series. "I think it's going to be a really nice element to add to my show... You're going to see the truth of my sexuality revealed."

Danielle Staub: Possibly gay, definitely awful.

Rumors state that Danielle will host a WealthTV (that's a network, apparently) take on Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous, "but with a twist,” she says, that will include "socializing with the rich and famous celebrities."

And, yes, Staub will supposedly use this platform to announce her sexual orientation, treating the personal tidbit like a scripted storyline, as opposed to the difficult life announcement it is for so many individuals.

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Looks like Britney Spears is about to be free at last.

After a hearing yesterday, a judge is gearing up to dissolve the conservatorship in place since February 2008, which puts all her decisions in her father's hands.

"Everyone involved believes she has the necessary proof that she is competent to be in charge of her affairs," says a source, and "she's more than ready."

Totally Capable

FREE BRITNEY: It looks inevitable ... but is it a good idea?

While the consensus appears to be that Spears has earned the chance to control her own life, will Fernando Flores' sexual harassment lawsuit impede this at all?

"One has nothing to do with the other," attorney Andrew Wallet, who's been overseeing Britney's financial affairs along with her dad Jamie Spears, tells E! News.

Spears' camp has thumbed its nose at the allegations, and is likely to countersue the ex-bodyguard. So don't expect that to hinder Brit's forthcoming freedom.

Free Britney?


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Can an adult movie star go mainstream? Sasha Grey sure hopes so.

Following a lead performance in Steven Soderbergh’s 2009 movie The Girlfriend Experience, this long-time porn actress joined the Entourage cast this season and covers the latest issue of Playboy.

Unlike other women famous for getting naked, Grey is clearly proud of her (literal) body of work and makes no excuses for the path she's taken to get here. Are you listening, Karissa Shannon? Check out Grey's Playboy cover below:

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Sorry, Prince Poppycock. No offense, Michael Grimm. You really are very good, Fighting Gravity.

But last night's America's Got Talent performance show should have proved that Jackie Evancho deserves to the next champion of this reality competition.

The young artist - who describes herself as a "classical crossover singer" and says she could do pop songs, too - put on another incredible performance. We don't understand the words, but we know a once-in-a-generation-talent when we see it. Watch now:

Should Evancho walk away with the title?

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Wow. You don't see Lady Gaga bottled up too often. Get it?!?!

Celebrity fragrances are nothing new. Paris Hilton and other stars have made a fortune by slapping their name on them. But Lady Gaga entering the mix?

Gaga at the Piano

Something about that seems off to us. Maybe because she's got actual singing talent? Or because we're afraid her signature scent will be sirloin steak?

In any case, Coty Inc. signed her to a "multi-product deal" and the first scent in her collection is due to hit shelves in Spring 2012. Brilliance takes time.

Stephen Mormoris, senior VP of global marketing, called The Fame singer "a fascinating cultural force" who will make a splash in the fragrance market.

What do you think her fragrance will smell like? Fireworks? Frog legs? Lobsters? The inside of a jail cell? Used fishnets? Various cuts of meat? Discuss!

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