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He turned my son against me, had me evicted from our house. I woke up, and everything was gone.

This is just one of a countless number of statements Mary Harvey made this week about her ex-husband, Steve Harvey.

In an unprecedented, sort of hilarious move, she recorded three videos on YouTube, all of which accuse the best-selling author of dastardly deeds such as infidelity and... more infidelity.

Representing the actor, attorney Bobbie Edmonds has now released a statement that refers to Mary's diatribe as containing "false, misleading, derogatory, disparaging, malicious, explicit and slanderous information about Mr. Harvey, his current wife and others."

She adds:

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Lindsay Lohan went to a strange party last week. There appears to have been a 3D theme of some kind. Samantha Ronson was there. Check out the pics.

The horror-themed soiree went down Thursday, a birthday bash for a mutual pal (pictured). The theme involved bleeding out of the eyes, or something.

According to TMZ, Lindsay and Sam both stayed only for about an hour and neither drank. Good to hear, since she's done with clubbing and all ...

Lindsay Lohan and friends: Edgy, cool and sober.

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Perhaps Macaulay Culkin has been going home alone since his break-up with Mila Kunis.

Last week, a Spanish porn star named Irene Lopez implied that she had an intimate relationship with this actor, as a photograph of the pair was snapped outside a live sex club in Barcelona.

But Culkin tells E! News there's nothing more to this story other than a woman seeking to capitalize on an everyday occurrence. He said:

"As I do with many fans, I briefly met and took a photo with Irene Lopez at her request. I have had no contact with this woman in any capacity, social or otherwise before or since that picture was taken. Any reports to the contrary are false."

Well... darn. That's just no fun at all.

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Montana Fishburne put on a show for the private investigator her dad hired to follow her around, faking a suicide attempt just to f*%k with the guy.


Last August, Montana's dad, Laurence Fishburne, was so concerned about her that he had a P.I. follow her. Apparently Montana got wind of it, too.

Montana Fishburne Playboy Picture

Sex tape star Montana Fishburne knows about putting on a show.

The investigator shot video of Montana drinking what appeared to be bleach, but it turns out she faked that whole charade just "to put on a show."

This came up in the ongoing criminal assault case against Montana, whose lawyer claims it illustrates her troubled mental state. Not a big stretch.

Shawn Chapman Holley wants to get a plea deal that involved rehab, not jail time, for Montana after she beat the crap out of her boyfriend's ex.

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As the world braces for an edgier, harder Britney, her handlers let her use her phone long enough to snap a nice Twitpic from the set of her music video Monday.

Sounds like it's going well, too.

The pop star writes: "Such an incredible experience. I think this will be one of the best videos I have ever done. Day 2 is a wrap! #HIAM video coming soon."

#HIAM, of course, is her new #1 single "Hold It Against Me." Britney Spears ended her Twitter update by posting this explosive shot from the set. Enjoy:

Britney Video Twitpic

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Nadya Suleman should have thought this through a little better.

The destitute drain on society now fears CPS will take away her kids in light of the Octomom fetish video, in which she whips a man dressed as a giant baby.

“I am scared Orange County CPS will misunderstand my intentions or my parenting abilities and take my kids away from me," Nadya told Radar Online.

Naughty Nadya

WHAT TRASH: Only Octomom finds herself in these situations.

While beating a grown man on tape for fun isn't necessarily criminal or cause for CPS' concern, her big baby co-star's checkered legal record certainly is.

David Gonzalez is currently on probation for a variety of crimes, including battery of a spouse, possession of weed and failing to provide a child restraint.

"I had no idea he had a criminal record," she said. "I thought he was a professional DJ on a reputable radio station who had come up with a funny skit."

"Instead of a lighthearted skit with a naughty edge," she said, "it turned out to be a vulgar, unprofessional video that I deeply regret playing any part in."

What about the video was misleading, Nads?

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For the first single off her upcoming album, Jennifer Hudson butchers the English language.

But does "Where You At" make up for the grammatical mistake in its title by satisfying one's craving for a beautiful ballad? Listen now and decide for yourself:

“This song to me is like what I always wanted to do vocally. As an aspiring writer, just the subject of it means so much to me. It’s simple and it’s something we say every day,” Hudson says.

Written by R. Kelly and produced by Harvey Mason Jr., the tune will be included on "I Remember Me," which hits stores on March 22. What do you think of it?

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Last night's episode of The Bachelor was all about facing fears. Or so the cue cards claimed. Who's up to the task and who's packing their bags, ladies?

The fourth installment of the season met its usual quota of tears, catty comments, unintentional comedy and awkwardly-phrased sentences from Brad.

How did it all play out? Let's break it down in THG's classic +/- recap!

Michelle Money Pic

Michelle Money is really coming into her own as an insane contestant.

The episode hilariously opens with Michelle waking up to learn she has a black eye. "I have no idea what happened," she tells Brad. Meghan thinks she's just trying to get attention ... by punching her own face?! Eh, we'll buy it. Plus 10.

Ashley S. couldn't care less how it happened, she just wishes she'd been responsible. "I want to rip her head off," she says. Girl, tone down the crazy. Minus 4.

Off to Catalina with Chantal. Where Kip-Ten fell in love. So poetic. Plus 3.

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Kyle Richards says events from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills finale were among the worst in her life.

How did the limo fight from Hell play out for others closely involved? Lisa VanderPump says in her new Bravo blog the "finale party was a complete disaster."

As a "very close friend" of her co-stars, Lisa asks viewers not to judge the siblings because even she is "not fully aware of the path that these two sisters have taken." What has life been like since the episode aired? VanderPump touched on that topic in her recent entry:

In the weeks that ensued it was very upsetting to see how everybody struggled to put their lives back together, feelings in tatters, feelings that reverberated through the family and friends like myself who hadn't witnessed this devastating altercation, not quite understanding how far this situation had deteriorated to, trying to comprehend that was not an easy task.

And when I saw this episode for the first time it cut me to the quick. Tears rolled freely.

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Listen up, gals: it's unlikely that Justin Bieber will be dating Selena Gomez forever.

Therefore, you might be curious to hear about this singer's likes and dislikes, his history with love and the opposite sex. Bieber shares a few stories related to this topics with the latest issue of Girl's Life.

Girls Life Cover

On his first kiss: “I told all my friends, ‘The first person to kiss a girl gets $10.’ So, my boys, they didn’t kiss anyone and they were like, ‘Justin, you should do it.’ I was slow-dancing with this girl and just went in! Back then, I was just some hockey-playing kid. I was lucky she even kissed me back.”

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