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Come on Star.

At least the recent cover story about how Jason Trawick abused Britney Spears had shock value, even if it was lacking in some areas (namely facts).

Same with the new story about someone getting Amber Portwood pregnant. Unconfirmed, but certainly eye-opening ... and more or less believable.

But Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise on the rocks for the 47th time? Yawn. 

Katie Leaves Tom!

The worst part? Star can't even get its verb tenses straight.

First of all, you know it's not true. Second, TomKat is sooo 2008.

Also, hack tabloid editors, they can't be SEPARATED if she hasn't even left him yet, which the sub-heading implies by saying she's "leaving" Tom. Weak.

If you've got the goods on a Teen Mom pregnancy scandal AND the Miley Cyrus bong video (and the latter actually exists!), why not lead with those instead?

Pick it up, guys. You're capable of so much better.

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Sarah Palin may be able to see Russia from her house, but don't count on the professional celebrity to move there any time soon.

This former governor wouldn't be able to handle a spotlight on her personal life that doesn't net her a hefty sum.

Indeed, there's clearly no privacy at all for political figures in that nation, as Alina Kabayeva graces the January 2011 cover of Russian Vogue.

Who the heck is Alina Kabayeva? She's the alleged mistress of Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, a 27-year old former Olympic gymnast who many believe is the mother of Putin's love child.

Somewhere, Levi Johnston has seen this magazine cover and has booked himself a flight to Russia.

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Kate Gosselin lies. 

It's unclear if she's delusional and believes the nonsense that comes out of her mouth, or she's deliberately trying to do spin control, but either way, she lies.

Not only did she try to deny Collin and Alexis Gosselin were expelled from school, the kids' situation is actually worse than what has been previously reported.

Kate Gosselin and Sextuplets

THE GOOD OLD DAZE: Like their mom's reverse mullet / dead opossum weave, the children's carefree times and smiling faces are things of the past.

One of the expelled Gosselin kids physically harmed an adult at the school TWO TIMES, creating a situation left administrators no choice but to purse expulsion.

The nature and extent of the adult's injuries are unclear, but the situation was severe enough that it contributed heavily to the school's decision to expel them.

Both of Gosselin children were also abusive to other children in the school - beyond telling them Santa doesn't exist - creating an untenable situation overall.

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They're fast, they're furious - and they're almost back!

On April 29, Paul Walker and Vin Diesel will lead the way in the fifth installment of The Fast and the Furious franchise.

Titled Fast Five, this edition will take the crew to Rio De Janeiro. It will also feature Dwayne Johnson as a federal agent tasked with bringing down Walker and Diesel's thieves. Check out the newly-released trailer now and get revved up, readers...

On the upcoming movie front, we've also posted recent previews for Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides and Thor. Sit back, munch on some popcorn and enjoy!

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Sorry, straight men everywhere. Particularly members of the New York Jets.

Sexy Mexican sports reporter Ines Sainz says folks "really admire" her body, but she still won't show it off in Playboy - even for seven figures!

"Playboy offered me a lot of money" to publish photos of her assets, but the 32-year-old married hottie reveals she nixed the magazine's offer.

Ines Sainz was indeed propositioned to bare all, and for a lot: "It was over a million dollars!" she says, "but I said no thank you. Not my style."

In the wake of her sexual harassment by the Jets, the mag tried to coax her into posing naked, but she admirably (and disappointingly) won't.

"I said I'm the mother of three children and a wife. My life is very nice. I don't want to complicate it. I just didn't feel comfortable with that."

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Despite the fact that she got fired, Dina Lohan insists Lindsay Lohan turned down the lead role in Inferno, not the other way around. The reason?

She didn't want to play a porn star drug addict.

Not a Muse-ing

The producers let her go given her scheduling conflicts (living in rehab indefinitely), but Dina swears it was her call. She just didn't want the role!

Wait, Lindsay Lohan didn't want to play Linda Lovelace? She's a natural!

"The movie is about a drug addict and porn star. It is hard when you are a serious actor with what she has been through, we don't need that," Dina said.

Yes, a very serious actor. I Know Who Killed Me? Award-winning stuff.

"Lindsay was disappointed but felt it wasn't right to take that role after what she had been through. She made the ultimate decision," her mom swears.

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Vanessa Hudgens may have plans to drown her sorrows in alcohol, but at least she won't be doing it alone.

The actress, who turned 22 on Tuesday and who split with longtime boyfriend Zac Efron this month, will be feted with a much-hyped birthday party in Las Vegas on Saturday night.

Vanessa Hudgens Candie's Ad

While this sounds like a Kim Kardashian-esque cry for attention, such trauma in Hudgens' personal life makes it understandable. She just needs a bit of love and a slew of shots. Be happy and be healthy, Vanessa. Have a blast!

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Hulk Hogan married his daughter's lookalike last night, exchanging vows with Jennifer McDaniel during a small ceremony in Clearwater, Florida.

In true professional wrestling fashion, meanwhile, a fight actually broke out during the event, as employees of Hogan tussled with a paparazzo on the premises who was trying to snap photos of the wedding.

Luisana Loreley Lopilato de la Torre and Michael Buble

"Hulk's security team was in the background throwing around the paparazzi, who was standing 200 feet away in the shoreline water," a witness told Radar Online.

The photographer has reportedly filed a complaint with the Clearwater Police Department, alleging assault, battery and destruction of property.

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Octomom Nadya Suleman shows off her girls in a new Christmas card. She also showed off some of her daughters and sons - nine of 14 to be exact.

No word on whether the other five were in a time out, or why the pony was included, but it's nice to see they're enjoying these final weeks at home.

She owes a modest $450,000 by January 1 or it's foreclosure time.

Doesn't Octomom put you in a festive mood?

At least Nadya Suleman can wear that low-cut tank top for a Christmas card and hold her head high knowing she sets a good example as a role model for her brood.

Despite being courted often by Vivid Entertainment for various adult film roles, she will not demean herself just because she's in debt. Woman is truly classy.

In case you were wondering, here's 2009's Octomom Christmas card. Y'know, e-cards are a much cheaper option when you're short on cash. Just saying, lady.

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Jason Wahler can't even stay on the good side of his own publicist, someone PAID to like him and make him look like he's not a complete waste of space.

That's when you know you've got problems.

Jason Wahler and Katja Decker-Sadowski Photo

Wahler, who's starring in Celebrity Rehab with Rachel Uchitel, Jason Davis and other misfits, got slapped with a lawsuit for owing money to P3R Publicity.

Jason Wahler is still around, and still making enemies.

The company claims the former Laguna Beach star and boyfriend of Lauren Conrad breached a contract by failing to make payments of around $5,000.

P3R says that "Considering Jason Wahler's track record, P3R is disappointed but not entirely shocked by his lack of honor and irresponsible behavior."

"Perhaps his next reality show should be VH1's Charm School."

Ouch. The Real Douchenozzles of Orange County also works.

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