For those of you who loved Super Troopers: the Broken Lizard guys are back again in a new film called Freeloaders. For those of you who didn't love Super Troopers: you may not be human, you should see a doctor.

Freeloaders is a comedy about six friends who have been crashing at Counting Crows lead singer Adam Duritz's Beverly Hills mansion for years. When the singer sells his house, the freeloaders are forced to figure out how to get by.

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Two people have been charged and a third arrested after a Florida man was tied to the bumper of a pickup truck and dragged half a mile down the road by his ex-wife.

According to the police report, Jeanette Morris, 61, told officials she's out of town a lot and allows her ex-husband, Robert Hall, to stay at her house while she's gone.

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