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For 75 minutes yesterday, Elizabeth Edwards, who died this week at age 61, was eulogized as smart, funny, authentic, outspoken and always optimistic.

Above all, she was passionate and a fierce lover of her family.

“She would do anything in the world to protect all of us, no matter the personal cost was to her,” said her daughter Cate Edwards, eulogizing Elizabeth.

The late Elizabeth Edwards (1949-2010).

"She has been a light house to all of us. She's always been that source of light to us. Every lesson she has taught us has become part of our ethic."

Her estranged husband, former Sen. John Edwards, joined more than 1,200 mourners at Edenton Street United Methodist Church in Edenton, N.C.

The political wife, lawyer and author's close friend Hargrave McElroy and former UNC Law School classmate Glenn Bergenfield also spoke Saturday.

Unfortunately, the public memorial was not without controversy.

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The newly released video of Miley Cyrus smoking a bong full of salvia has critics of that singer fired up and fans of the singer concerned for her well-being.

It also has Anthony Adams shaking his head.

A former California State Assemblyman, Adams tried passing 2007 legislation that would outlaw the herb and place it in the same classification as controlled substances such as LSD. The bill was voted down, however, and Adams settled for a restriction of selling salvia to minors.

As evidenced by Miley's loopy behavior above, Adams tells TMZ salvia can make "you do incredibly crazy things," adding: "Miley is a star and young kids are going to emulate her behavior."

That's why he's hoping to use this incident to bring back his failed bill, saying: "It's time for state and federal governments to renew their push toward an outright ban."

Think Adams has the right idea? What's your take on Miley smoking this substance? It is...


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Kim Kardashian went boy crazy in New York City last night.

First, she hung out with Justin Bieber at Z100's Jingle Ball, taking in the singer's impressive set and posing flirtatiously with him backstage. Try not to hurl anything at your computer screens when viewing this photo, Bieberites...

Skin Tight Skirt

Then, Kim met up with New Jersey Nets basketball player and rumored new lover Kris Humphries. The pair parties Provocateur Lounge until 1:45 a.m.

At the aforementioned concert, Kim told Us Weekly she wants to date someone "with a good heart." And, hey if that someone can also get her first-row seats at nationally-televised sporting events, she'll take that perk, too.

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Mark Madoff, the son of imprisoned stock broker and Ponzi scheme organizer Bernie Madoff, was found dead in his Manhattan apartment this morning. All signs point to suicide.

Madoff's hanging body was discovered by his father-in-law. Mark's two-year old son was also present at the time.

 Said an attorney for Mark Madoff:

"This is a terrible and unnecessary tragedy. Mark was an innocent victim of his father's monstrous crime, who succumbed to two years of unrelenting pressure from false accusations and innuendo."

Today actually marks the two-year anniversary of Bernie Madoff's arrest. Our thoughts go out to Mark's family.

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Just call him a Jingle Baller.

A day after performing at the Q102 Jingle Ball in New Jersey, Justin Bieber stopped by the state next door and did the same at the Z100-sponsored event of the same name.

The 16-year old sensation was joined at the event by Katy Perry, (rumored girlfriend!!!!) Selena Gomez and others, as he made fans scream with a number of singles. We've posted video of three of them below. Sit back and enjoy...

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Camille Grammer says she feels "completely abandoned" by ex-husband Kelsey Grammer.

But that wasn't always the case. A source says this Real Housewife of Beverly Hills once felt completely videotaped by the sitcom star. Yes, Star Magazine reports there are "wild sex tapes" of these two in Camille's possession and she's threatening to release them.

“Camille fully intends on staying a very rich woman,” an imaginary insider tells the publication. “She wants a ton of money in the settlement."

But wouldn't these tapes also expose and embarrass Camille? Not exactly. She is a former Playboy centerfold, after all, and she's also appeared in a pair of erotic films, such as the moderate 1996 hit The Naked Detective.

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Michael Jackson fans are not pleased with the idea of the late King of Pop's autopsy being reenacted on TV, calling the concept an "affront to human dignity."

No arguments from THG there.

The Discovery Channel is planning on broadcasting a gruesome reenactment of MJ's autopsy in the UK next month, sending many Jackson fans into a tizzy.

Fans have already gotten nearly 1,500 signatures demanding that the network nix the special, entitled simply and gruesomely Michael Jackson's Autopsy.

The fans behind the petition call the documentary offensive and add that "This type of sensational and unscrupulous reporting can only cause harm."

They conclude: “We ask the directors of the Discovery Channel programming to proceed with the outright cancellation of this indecent documentary.”

Hopefully they succeed. In much more uplifting Michael news, watch his new music video - a duet with Akon on "Hold My Hand" after the jump!

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Hank Baskett IV turns a year old today, and the little guy really needs your best wishes.

This is a toddler whose dad continues to be cut by professional football teams and whose mother is so desperate for attention that she'll mislead the public about a miscarriage. Pretty tragic stuff.

Hank, of course, is just the innocent, adorable bystander in all of this. He's not even aware of how his mother is exploiting him on tabloid covers such as the ones shown here. He probably thinks the cameramen are his relatives.

Poor guy. Happy birthday, buddy.

  • A Non-Single Mother
  • I'm a Sexy Mom!

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In the final days before Elizabeth Edwards' death, daughter Cate gave her mother the happiest of news: She was engaged to longtime sweetheart Trevor Upham.

The couple, who met as students at Princeton, got engaged over Thanksgiving after spending the holiday at the Edwards family's Chapel Hill, N.C., home.

"Elizabeth was thrilled," a close friend told People.

Cate Edwards with her late mother Elizabeth.

Elizabeth Edwards' funeral is today. Cate Edwards, 28, is expected to deliver a eulogy and Trevor Upham, a physician, will serve as one of the pallbearers.

Upham has said that Cate, an anti-discrimination lawyer in D.C., and her mother (also a lawyer) were alike in many ways: "They have the same quirks."

"They like the same things. I think they even hold their phones the same way."

Congratulations to Cate on this wonderful news, which surely made her mother thrilled and proud even in the circumstances of these past couple of weeks.

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Like the rest of the world, Billy Ray Cyrus found out today about his daughter's use of a bong during her 18th birthday party.

Taking his thoughts to Twitter - because all fathers should be concerned about their public reputations over any sense of privacy or decorum - Billy Ray seemed to lay some of the blame at the feet of his ex-wife.

He and Tish are going through divorce proceedings right now, which Billy Ray clearly references in his response to Miley's actions:

Billy Tweet
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