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JWoww of Jersey Shore will not be posing nude in Playboy after all. She will, however, continue posing nearly nude on every other conceivable occasion.

That's just how the girl rolls. Straight up filthy and proud of it.

JWoww VMA Picture

The reality star, whose real name is Jenni Farley, had been rumored to be posing for Playboy for some time, but revealed that she turned down the offer.

Why turn down an easy $400,000 (!) for the naked pictorial?

QUEEN OF CLEAVE: JWoww won't get naked, though.

"There is a better opportunity out there, which everybody will probably see soon," JWoww said Wednesday on Ryan Seacrest's KIIS-FM radio show.

Perhaps it could be a Jersey Shore spinoff, although it's been rumored of late that MTV wants her out and to focus on a show featuring Snooki solo.

"We'd love to do one, but nothing's confirmed," she said, although she and Snooki are teaming up in another way: "We are moving in together!"

"That's a guarantee. [Snooki] is an awesome roommate. [We] lived together three times and not have any arguments ... we can make it work."

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In a video that showed off his musical range and ability, Kris Allen treated fans to an acoustic version of "Alright with Me" this week. Listen to it NOW.

Below, the American Idol champion has returned with another fun single, as he's taken the much-maligned, Kara DioGuardi-written victory anthem, "No Boundaries," and also set it to just a guitar.

Sit back and enjoy the following result for yourself:

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Bob Guccione, the founder of Penthouse, passed away at his Texas home last night. He was 79.

Guccione became a billionaire by taking nudity to a raunchier level than his magazine's chief rival, Playboy. In 1982, he was included on the Forbes 400 list of the wealthiest people in the world. He was also a painter.

Throughout its history, Penthouse has been involved in a number of controversies.

It published nude photos of Vanessa Williams in 1988, costing her the Miss America crown. A year later, it featured stories on the sexual exploits of televangelist Jimmy Swaggart, toppling his ministry. It also introduced the world to Tila Tequila.

Guccione is survived by his wife, April, and four children.

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The Parents Television Council has compared them to pedophilia.

Katie Couric has said they don't "fit the Glee gestalt."

Now, cast member Dianna Agron has spoken out about the racy GQ photos that have created an uproar for her, stars Lea Michele and Cory Monteith and the show in general.

GQ Glee Photo

In a blog entry, the actress says she is speaking only for herself and "in perpetuating the type of images that evoke these kind of emotions, I am sorry." She goes on to write:

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As frequently embattled stars of MTV's Teen Mom, Farrah Abraham and Amber Portwood know about crises. But things are reaching the boiling point.

According to In Touch Weekly, Portwood is now facing new accusations of neglect, with her baby daughter nearly falling out of a window. That's pretty messed up.

Already at risk of losing her baby following a series of blowout fights with "fiance" Gary Shirley, poor Amber seems to be spiraling more and more out of control.

Teen Mom Crises

TEEN MOM CRISES: Amber and Farrah need to get it together.

Then there's Farrah Abraham. Between the Tony Lovato thing, the pregnancy story and the boob job rumors, it's been one thing after another for her.

Might there have been a real pregnancy scare involved? That's the implication of the cover above. As for whether or not Farrah got plastic surgery?

That's unclear. But she and Maci Bookout have been pressured to. Stand tall, ladies. You're beautiful just the way you are, and we're pulling for you!

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Kristen Stewart is set to get pregnant. Kind of. Sort of. On screen, at least.

In Breaking Dawn, the actress will don a prosthetic belly and be involved in an intense birth scene, as she welcomes daughter Renesmee into the world.

Fame Hater

“I’m incredibly pregnant in the first movie,” Stewart told The Los Angeles Times, adding of the prosthetic: “I’ve worn it.. It gets immense. It gets so massive at some point that it actually looks inhuman. Like it’s hurting her. There are striations of bruises.”

Last year, a ridiculous rumor said that Stewart herself was with child. Might this soon be the case? It doesn't sound that way.

"My best friend just had a baby. She's my age," said the 20-year old. "So I'm a godmom now, which is.... crazy... It's actually making me realize more that I have absolutely no idea. Like, I see that going on, and I'm like, 'Oh, my God.'"

That's the same reaction many girls have when they look at Kristen's boyfriend.

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Elden Fox has a reputation as a fair justice, but one with limited or no patience for defendants if there is any inclination that one has violated his orders.

He's ordered Lindsay Lohan to appear in person at her hearing Friday, even though she's now in rehab and is not planning to dispute her failed drug test(s).

These two facts have Team Lindsay extremely concerned.

Reason to Worry

THE BELL TOLLS FRIDAY: Lindsay Lohan has reason to worry.

Sources say that after all she's pulled, Fox could sentence Lohan to a year behind bars when she appears for her probation violation hearing tomorrow.

Since she was already on probation when she failed the test that landed her back in rehab (after a few hours behind bars), he has enough legal leeway.

"Even though Judge Fox has said that any failed drug test would result in an automatic 30 days behind bars, he could go beyond that," a source said.

"Beyond that" could mean flat out terminating her probation.

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It requires a lot to take one's eyes off Adriana Lima... but a $2 million bra will do the job.

At the Victoria's Secret store in SoHo yesterday, the model unveiled just such an item. She donned a piece of lingerie estimated at that amount and encrusted with 142 carats of white diamond, saphire and topaz stones.

Expensive Lingerie
  • Worth Millions
  • Worth a Lot
  • Beauty with a Bra
  • Keep Leaning...

Lima first wore the aptly-named Fantasy Bra in 2008, while Marisa Miller sported it 2009. The cost got us thinking: What would you spend $2 million on?


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It was a Caption Contest waiting to happen.

From the moment Taylor Swift released "Dear John," her latest single and thinly-veiled John Mayer condemnation, the floodgates opened. But who won?

On the Guitar

That distinction goes out to Emma, with honorable mentions going to Nicole Frett, Leo and Bev. The winning entry appears below. Thanks for playing!

I hereby pronounce you "Sir Douchebag."

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Oksana Grigorieva's bodyguard Kristian Herzog says he's had a close relationship with her since May. Like, really close. Unprofessionally close. He's smashed that!

So he says, anyway, and while you can't trust anything connected with O.G. in any way really, the tell-all book he's writing about her should be an interesting read.

As she fights for custody and accuses her baby daddy of domestic violence, Herzog promises the book will blow the lid off the Mel Gibson case too. Why?

Kristian Herzog knows about Oksana Grigorieva's body, if you know what we mean. We mean he's a bodyguard. And we mean sex. [Photo:]

Herzog is claiming he has more than 1,000 text messages and emails in which he communicates with Oksana about the case - evidence (hello, Mel Gibson tapes!), witnesses, legal strategy, conflicts between the players, etc.

The bodyguard was recently ordered to stay away from Oksana and Mel's daughter, Lucia, because of a criminal record involving guns, so his credibility is shaky.

Still, he was with her 24/7 for some time and tells people close with the case he dated Oksana Grigorieva for months and still communicates with her daily.

He never signed a non-disclosure agreement, either, so game on!

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