The ratings for American Idol were way down this season, about 32 percent lower than those of season 10.

The winners on American Idol all appear to be from the same mold, as Phillip Phillips follows in the Caucasian, guitar-playing footsteps of Lee DeWyze, Kris Allen, David Cook (pictured) and Scotty McCreery.

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Simply put: Way to go, Isaac.

In a video making its way around the Internet, this young man organizes what he refers to as a "live lip-dub," as he invites his girlfriend over; has his brother sit her down in the back of his car to so he can "play her a song;" and then... well, see for yourself.

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We're sorry to say it, ladies, but: Phillip Phillips has a girlfriend. And he's head over heels for the unnamed brunette.

"She is so excited for me," the 21-year old told reporters in a conference call yesterday. "She supported me throughout all of this, and I love her to death."

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