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We've seen some awesome birthday cakes in our time, but this one based on the Angry Birds addiction/phenomenon takes the ... well, you know.

Created by Electricpig, the Angry Birds cake is actually playable, featuring a working catapult and several delicious flavors of iced birds as ammo.

Best of all (or worst for the creator), you can also eat the thing.

According to Mike Cooper, who created it for his son's sixth birthday, “It took 10 hours to make and 2 minutes to destroy.” Check it out here ...

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Kobe Bryant scored 37 points and earned his record-tying fourth MVP award at last night's NBA All-Star Game.

LeBron James, meanwhile, almost led the Eastern Conference to an unexpected comeback in the fourth quarter and recorded the second triple double in the history of this storied exhibition game.

But the real battle between the two best players in the league took place prior to the game, as Kobe and LeBron both walked the T-Mobile sponsored red carpet in Los Angeles. Which baller slam-dunked his opponent in a match-up of fashion choices? You tell us.

Fashion Face-Off!

Kobe Bryant and LeBron James battled it out on the red carpet of an All-Star Game pre-party. Compare their looks here and vote on the hottest. View Poll »

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Oksana Grigorieva walked away from a huge settlement offer by Mel Gibson last spring because she felt the actor was "bluffing." At what? Well, it's unclear.

The actor's estranged ex told her lawyer she wanted to see "where the chips might fall" in court unless Mel was stripped of some custodial rights with Lucia.

Oksana Grigorieva and Mel Gibson Picture

Moreover, she was sure Gibson was "bluffing" and claimed she was forced to sign a $15 million peace deal "under duress" from her own legal advisors.

According to Radar, Oksana Grigorieva sent Eric George the following emails:

"If the opposition is buying my silence, please, we have to renogitiate (sic) the castody (sic) portion and to secure the monetory (sic)," she wrote June 2.

"If they say "No" then Im (sic) prepared to loose (sic) all this money they are paying to me and I WILL go court, see where the chips might fall."

"I'm NOT scared anymore and I'm NOT bluffing. I'm pretty sure the other side was bluffing. He (Mel Gbson) doesn't want this publicity."

By this publicity, she means the Mel Gibson tapes. Funny how those got out.

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Charlie Sheen flew in a number of current and retired professional ball players for a party at his house this weekend.

No, not those kinds of ball players.

TMZ reports that the actor hosted a gathering on Friday night based around a viewing of the 1989 classic Major League. He flew in a number of athletes for the event, including  Kenny Lofton, Todd Zeile, Eddie Murray and Lenny Dykstra.

Below, cameras capture Sheen meeting World Series hero Brian Wilson at the airport:

The shindig - dubbed by the star as "The Ultimate VIP Baseball Excursion" - also included Major League writer/director, David S. Ward, along with the presentation of Babe Ruth's 1927 World Series ring, which Sheen apparently purchased at an auction years ago.

Sounds like a fun, harmless time was had by all. Perhaps the screening served a distraction for Sheen from the news that Kacey Jordan may have aborted the baby this pair possibly created together last month.

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The Bachelor is usually all about the women doing all they can to avoid being sent home by the star. But the case of Emily Maynard, the tables are turned.

After weeks of Brad Womack wondering if he'd ever get to meet the single mom's little girl, the pair finally come face-to-face tonight. But how will it go?

While Maynard is cautiously optimistic, she's also realistic about things: "If Brad and Ricki don't mesh, it would be just like Brad and I not meshing."

Will this be the deal-breaker for Brad - or for Emily? Here's a sneak peek:

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Justin Bieber has officially reached global icon status.

Sure, the singer has sold millions of albums, garnered countless YouTube hits and appeared on every talk show ever created over the past week alone.

But he was lacking the one item that takes a celebrity from passing fad to true legendary status: a Taiwanese video spoofing his unparalleled popularity.

That is, until now! The same company that mocked Tiger's sex scandal and Lindsay Lohan's jail stint has now set its sights on Justin and his Beliebers. Try not to get overly offended, fans, as you watch the following video:

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CNN has hired Camille Grammer to co-host its Academy Awards special this Sunday, Showbiz Tonight: Road to Gold.

In related news: THG will be tuning in to E! for all of our Oscar coverage.

Camille Grammer as a Pirate

Along with AJ Hammer and Brooke Anderson, Grammer will offer fashion and celebrity commentary on the red carpet of the major event. There's also a good chance she teases us about appearing on season two of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

"We can't wait to get Camille's unabashed take on Hollywood's biggest night," Dave Levine, the Senior Executive Producer for CNN Entertainment and Showbiz Tonight, said in a statement. "She will be perfect for Showbiz Tonight, TV's most provocative entertainment news show."

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Before Katy Perry's U.S. tour begins this June, the pride of Santa Barbara is taking her California Dreams global. Her concert swing kicked off last night in Lisbon.

If the rest of the show was anything like this opening rendition of one of her biggest hits, cities across Europe and beyond aren't likely to leave disappointed.

Check out the star's performance of "Teenage Dream" here ...

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Jennifer Love Hewitt's breasts turn 32 years old today.

While they've only been in true, plump, firm existence for about half that time, this pair of knockers has still come a long way. From Party of Five to The Ghost Whisperer to whatever talk show will listen to their owner talk about marriage, the best boobs in Hollywood are worthy of your best wishes.

Send some along to the actress, too, if you desire. And then check out the following video, which pays tribute to JLH: Jiggles. Loft. Hotness.

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This explains a lot about Lindsay Lohan.

Ever since she got out of rehab and especially after her arrest for felony grand theft, the poor thing has been begging her mother to come see her.

Unfortunately for Lindsay, her mother is Dina Lohan, her chief exploiter, enabler and excuse-maker. Sorry, we mean "manager." Great job, Dina.

Lindsay, Dina Pic

Dina and Lindsay are peas in a troubled pod. [Photo: Pacific Coast News]

According to sources close to LiLo, Dina's flying out to L.A. on Monday to give her daughter some needed "support." Whether that helps or hurts is up for debate.

Lindsay, of course, can't leave California because of bail and probation restrictions. Not seeing her family has been the hardest part. We're tearing up here.

Dina and Linds plan to keep things simple during the visit, hanging out at Lindsay's new place in Venice, working out together, and catching up on everything.

Basically, they'll try to keep felonies, "business meetings," preening for the paparazzi at Katsuya and whining on various morning talk shows to a minimum.

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