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Miley Cyrus is at it again... not that we're entirely sure what "it" even refers to at this point.

But the singer has once more posted a very weird photo to Instagram, this time publicizing her affection for chicken and waffles by apparently covering herself in these food items.

"chicken n waffles," Cyrus simply captioned the following image, which purports to depict her bikini decorated with this southern delicacy.

Miley Cyrus in a Food Bikini
Miley Cyrus isn't just wearing any old bikini in this photo. She's wearing a bikini that is covered in chicken and waffles. We don't know why.

Miley is coming off quite a run of eccentric behavior.

She's actually under investigation for being spanked by the Mexican flag while on tour in that country, while she continues to rep her dead dog in concert by wearing Floyd-inspired attire.

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Embattled former NFL player Ray Rice will reportedly argue that TMZ edited the now-infamous video of him knocking out Janay Palmer in an elevator.

What he's claiming likely amounts to nothing but mere semantics, however.

ESPN claims Rice will protest that a cleaned-up, whittled down and condensed version of the events that took place in the Atlantic City casino was leaked.

The only problem is that while Rice is technically right, he's also wrong.

The tape was indeed heavily edited for clarity, and this was noted by TMZ in its original post ... which also contained the raw video as source material.

Essentially, there are Ray Rice video "highlights" and the full version.

Not to mention, by crying foul over the editing, Rice is indirectly stating that there were circumstances that provoked him to knock out his then-fiancee.

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If you're gonna quit your job, you may as well go out guns (and blunts) blazing. 

At least that's the philosophy of Alaskan TV reporter Charlo Greene, who walked away from her job last night in decisive fashion and then basically used the burning bridge to spark a fat joint:

Greene was wrapping up a report on the Alaskan Cannabis Club when she revealed live on air that she's actually the owner of the organization, and is planning to step down from her post as an on-air correspondent in order to devote herself fully to the cause of legalizing medical marijuana use in Alaska.

Or as Greene put it: "F-ck it, I quit!"

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New Dancing With the Stars judge Julianne Hough appears to have indirectly outed Season 19 cast member Jonathan Bennett as gay on Extra this week.

How? It happened innocently with a story she told Mario Lopez.

  • Jonathan Bennett and Allison Holker Photo
  • Julianne Hough MET Gala Fashion

“He tweeted at me last year and said I had a nice butt, and I thought, ‘Oh he’s hitting on me - I should try to go on a date with him!’” Hough told Lopez.

“What happened?” Lopez asked the former DWTS professional.

“He’s gay - so I was like, ‘That’s not gonna work!’” Hough joked.

Hough clearly didn't realize that while Bennett was rumored to have dated men, the Mean Girls cast member has never commented publicly on his sexuality.

He also hasn’t responded to Hough outing him, at least not yet.

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Good news, ladies: Liam Payne is not gay!

In fact, according to the One Direction singer himself, Liam Payne is "100% not gay."

The handsome artist took to Twitter over the weekend in response to a photo that surfaced of himself (naked!) in bed with another man, shooting down talk of its legitimacy with the following message:

"Wow as if people think that weird photo going around is actually me lol think id rather tweet a full frontal than have people look at that."

Payne, of course, was referencing an actual full frontal photo he posted to Instagram in July, one that blurred out his private parts.

Liam Payne in London

Liam, however, came under some fire for reacting with such apparent disgust at the mere notion that he could be sharing sheets with a guy, prompting him to post a follow-up on Twitter.

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Nicole Dufault seemed like "an average mom going to work," according to neighbors, but the 34-year-old did not act like it on the job, apparently.

The language arts teacher from Caldwell, New Jersey, stands accused of sexually assaulting three of her underage students, CBS New York reports.

Nicole Dufault Photo

The teacher was arrested on Wednesday and charged with multiple counts of aggravated sexual assault and endangering the welfare of a child.

She stands accused of having oral sex and intercourse with three 15-year-old male students at Columbia High School in Maplewood, New Jersey.

Dufault has taught at that institution for over nine years.

"[If the allegations are true], not only did she destroy her life and her children, but the boys who are involved as well," said neighbor Maureen Messina.

Dufault's own two young children have been removed from her home in the wake of the allegations, which left the community reeling and scrambling.

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According to an earlier report, Kendall Jenner was bullied by models at New York Fashion Week who were angry at the preferential treatment they believed the 18-year old has received as a result of her last name.

But, even if that allegation is valid, it's clear Alessandra Ambrosio is not among those who begrudge the reality star.

The super model has shared a picture of herself and Jenner before they walked the runway for Bottega Venetta in Milan, writing as a caption to the backstage image:

"With the beautiful @kendalljenner #backstage at the @bottegaveneta show #milanfashionweek !"

Alessandra Ambrosio and Kendall Jenner

Ambrosio, clearly aware of the criticism that has come Jenner's way, added: "Bye haters."

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By now, you've likely heard the rumors about Ariana Grande's insane diva behavior. Some of the reports are so ridiculous that at first it was hard to imagine there's any truth to them.

As time goes by, however, we continue to receive confirmation that the Ariana diva rumors are true, and the pint-sized pop star really is rocking a giant ego.

Ariana Picture

Earlier today, The New York Post reported that Ariana's own life coach "can't work with her," and the unidentified former employee has been telling the world what a narcissistic mess Grande is ever since he quit working for her several months ago.

"He just couldn't take it anymore," says a source close to the situation. "Everything people are saying about her is true."

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Tom Hardy has been receiving more attention for his acting than ever before, but even with his fame at an all-time high, the British heartthrob was able to keep his recent wedding with longtime girlfriend Charlotte Riley under wraps.

Tom Hardy and Charlotte Riley Photo

At least that's the claim being made by British tabloids, who report that Hardy and Riley exchanged vows back on July 4.

London's Daily Mail reported yesterday that Tom proposed to Charlotte in 2010, and they've has spent the years since trying to find a gap in Hardy's work schedule so that they could get hitched.

That day finally came over the summer, and the couple kept it on the down-low with an extremely small ceremony attended only by immediate family and close friends. Tom's 6-year-old son from his previous marriage served as ring-bearer:

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On Sunday's Rich Kids of Beverly Hills Season 2 Episode 9, the gang took a trip out to Pinedale, Wyoming and found themselves like fish out of water.

If you can imagine Morgan Stewart, Brendan Fitzpatrick, Dorothy Wang, EJ Johnson, Roxy Sowlaty, Jonny Drubel and their pal Saachi in Wyoming ...

Well, then you pretty much know how Rich Kids of Beverly Hills Season 2 Episode 9 turned out. But in the interest of paragraphs, let's briefly recap ...

The second half of the Wyoming trip starts with Morgan pouring out the rest of Brendan's beer, which he was drowning himself in, being all emotional.

"Everywhere I look in Pinedale is triggering old emotions," he said of being back in this all too familiar ground, which brought back so many memories.

Soon enough, it's comic relief time as the crew practices bull whips. Back at the cabin, Brendan asks Jonny about the guy he met online who he fought.

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