Did you need another reason to hate Teresa Giudice?

Was her bankruptcy fraud not enough? The whining about her life? The self-centered attitude? The lack of self-awareness? The mind-numbingly spoiled behavior she displays at every opportunity?

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Bruno Mars and his Napoleon complex just took shade to a whole new level. 

Mars, believe it or not, had the audacity to go after Adele and her perfection, and for someone who's physically smaller than most Hobbits, you'd think he'd choose his words better. 

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The Donald. Deplorable Don. Donnie Darko. Chester Cheater. Littlefinger. Steaming Trump.

Whatever you call him - Donald Trump is a man you do not want to leave around your wife, girlfriend, daughter, de-clawed cat, or hole that someone put in your drywall with the end of a pool cue.

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