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Fans of the Discovery Channel's Storm Chasers were shocked to hear that Matt Hughes died, but what caused his premature death was not actually chasing a storm.

Rather, it was something that chased him all his life.

Hughes M

Matt Hughes, who battled severe depression his entire life, died of complications from a reported suicide attempt, leaving behind a wife and two young sons.

Hughes, who joined Storm Chasers in 2009, passed away this past May. He was only 30. No additional motive or details of his tragic death have been published.

Wednesday’s night episode of Storm Chasers paid tribute to Matt in an episode named “Dedication.” It was a fitting title for a man who will be greatly missed.

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Jessica Szohr may have no shot in this one. Leighton Meester's a strong competitor, and, well ... she's channeling Gothic Barbie a little too much for our taste.

You be the judge, though. As you can see, she donned oversized shorts and a drapey silk cardigan and platforms at a fashionable Maybelline New York event.

Her Gossip Girl co-star, meanwhile, opted for the high fashion route in a color block Giambattista Valli dress with a draped front at NYC's Cipriani Wall Street.

Which Gossip Girl star's style do you prefer?


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Get ready for the biggest show under the big top EVER. Well, that or pretty darn close to it. Cirque du Soleil is joining forces with Michael Jackson's music.

Beginning next fall, the world tour will kick off in Canada, working its way to the U.S. and finding a permanent home at Vegas' MGM Mirage hotel in 2012.

Cirque has already released the following promotional poster:

Cirque De Soleil: Michael Jackson

CIRQUE DU-MJ: Would you go see this show?

This project - unlike some others, notably those new Michael Jackson songs family members say are fake - got the thumbs up from his mom, Katherine Jackson.

Financial considerations couldn't have hurt. The partnership between the MJ Estate and Cirque ensure each will share 50 percent of the profits. A lot of profits.

The music icon passed away in 2009, but his legacy lives on ... lucratively. The star's three children, Paris, Prince and Blanket, can thank his executors for that.

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It must be Impressive Young Artists Week on Ellen.

First, the show gave a platform to Willow Smith, who blew us away with a rendition of "Whip My Hair." Watch it NOW.

Then, earlier today, Justin Bieber appeared alongside Ellen DeGeneres and touched on issues from dating to bullying, the latter of which is relevant these days due to the sad circumstances surrounding Demi Lovato. Excerpts are below...

Justin Bieber fans simply must watch how this artist shocked Ellen attendees on today's show. Check it out now!

Does he ever date? "[It's] very hard but, you know, it happens. I like to hang out with girls and date and stuff like every other 16-year-old."

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It's tough being Jon Gosselin. Or the mediocre girl dating Jon Gosselin.

A trip to a Taco Bell turned into a Taco Hell of sorts for the lyin' Hawaiian and Ellen Ross after the Pennsylvania couple was recognized at the drive-thru.

Ross, his girlfriend since the spring, was so pissed at their treatment by the Lemoyne, Pa., restaurant's employees that she lodged an official complaint.

Jon Gosselin and Ellen Ross

Can't Jon and Ellen grab some chalupas in peace?

She demanded that one of the employees concerned – “the one with the wrap around her head” – be fired. Like we said ... so it goes in the life of Jon.

On October 18, a server tried to gets some Jon Gosselin pictures with a cell phone, causing the increasingly publicity shy pair to become outraged.

They were apparently laughed at, openly mocked, ogled and harassed by the staff. Maybe Ellen Ross will reflect on this in her new advice column ...

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It's no Amber Portwood stealing baby Leah, but Teen Mom co-star Farrah Abraham has been in a battle of her own with people trying to take her daughter.

Stormie Clark, the mother of Farrah’s late baby daddy Derek Underwood, had been seeking “grandparent’s rights” in Pottawattamie County (Iowa) Court.

Teen Momma Drama

A judge denied her request, keeping Sophia in Farrah's custody. But it was too close for comfort for a young single mom already battling against all odds.

Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham with adorable baby Sophia.

In order for a judge to have approved this request for visitation, Stormie would have needed to prove she has a pre-existing relationship with baby Sophia.

She does not. If Farrah Abraham were unfit to decide who Sophia should or shouldn’t be around, that would have been grounds as well. Also not the case.

Again, it's no Amber beating up Gary Shirley and getting the cops called, but Farrah’s relationship with Derek’s family is still messy. Keep on keepin' on girl.

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A sequel is rarely as good as its original. Just ask The Matrix and Pirates of the Caribbean.

Still, Rihanna and Eminem have chosen to tempt fate, releasing a follow-up to their number-one smash, "Love the Way You Lie."

In this version, Rihanna takes the lead, while the rapper sits back and gets his own verse near the end of the four-minute plus single. What prompted the female singer, who was initially opposed to the idea, to go along with part two?

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I was bullied in middle school. People say sticks and stones may break your bones but names can never hurt you, but that's not true. Words can hurt. They hurt me. Things were said to me that I still haven't forgotten.

So wrote Demi Lovato on the PACER's Teens Against Bullying website last month. This letter is even more relevant now, as the young singer left her tour this week in order to seek treatment for issues related to low self-esteem.

What led Lovato to this point? While a few fans take the simplistic approach of blaming Joe Jonas and Ashley Greene, the truth is more complicated and deep-seated. It all culminated in an ugly incident an an airport in Peru on Saturday.

Touring with Her Ex

Demi Lovato was in a fragile state before she was forced to go on tour with her ex-boyfriend, as seen here.

Rumors of Demi cutting herself started well over a year ago, as she showed up at a couple red carpet events with scratches on her arm. Sources say the artist struggled with bulimia for years, leaving her in an insecure state when the romance between her and Jonas ended.

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Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi started dating Jionni LaValle earlier this fall. We're happy, and a bit surprised to report they are going strong! It's been like a month!

The Jersey Shore star says she's done hunting for tan, juicehead gorillas, because she's found one worth sticking with. Jionni LaValle, you are a lucky man.


After meeting her through mutual friends, Jionni, who is in school to get his teaching degree, has hit it off with Snook ever since. Here's a photo of them:

Sorry, Emilio Massella and Jeff Miranda. Jionni LaValle is smushin' Snooki.

A friend of Snooki’s says “he’s is a good kid, finishing school to become a teacher like his two older brothers. She talks about him all the time and sees him pretty damn often.” Best of all, Jionni is shy and prefers not to be in the spotlight.

“He doesn’t give a [expletive] about (fame)” Snooki reportedly stated last week at her Halloween party in Vegas. Hey, that would be a first. Snooki Tweeted today: “My boyfriend is amazing!! Miss you Jionni :)” All together now: Aww.

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Jennifer Mee, a.k.a. Hiccup Girl, had uncontrollable hiccups awhile back, thus earning her that great nickname. Then she likely killed someone. Now they're back.

Karma and/or unexplained gastrointestinal spasms are a bitch.

An emotional court hearing on Tuesday triggered a return of Jennifer Mee's infamous hiccups. Facing a first-degree murder charge, Mee began sobbing, then involuntarily hiccupping, during the testimony of her alleged victim's cousin.

Jennifer Mee Mug Shot

HELP MEE: Jennifer wishes you would, legally or with the damn hiccups.

According to police, Jennifer Mee and two other men allegedly lured Shannon Griffin from his house, robbed him of the $60 in his wallet, then shot him.

Tuesday, Griffin's cousin, Doug Bolden, testified about the alleged encounter between them. He said his cousin, who moved from Mississippi, was "smiling" as he talked of going to meet Mee, whom he had reportedly met online.

"The thought that he was lured into a predatorial situation is tragic."

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