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This headline seems like a silly question, doesn't it?

After all, Charlie Sheen allegedly held a knife to Brooke Mueller's throat on Christmas Day; shacked up with a model soon afterward; and, most recently, went on a cocaine-fueled rampage in a NYC restaurant and hotel with porn star Capri Anderson.

But Mueller's lawyer, Sorrell Trope, actually cites a different reason for how Sheen "humiliated" Brooke on Monday.

Tabloid Cover

As previously reported, the couple signed off on a divorce document this week that they first agreed to back in May.

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Last week's shocking elimination of Audrina Patridge on Dancing With the Stars certainly proved that anyone's fair game, but still, we didn't see this one coming.

Rick Fox is out the door now.

Despite earning personal-best scores this season and tying for the highest totals overall for his individual routine, the NBA star will be watching from the bench.

Cheryl Burke, Rick Fox

Cheryl and Rick are out the door somehow. Go figure.

Despite besting Kyle Massey, Kurt Warner and Bristol Palin, who doesn't even want to be there anymore, Rick apparently didn't do it for voters. Pretty shocking.

Too bad, because like Audrina, he's actually one of the better dancers this season. He's decent, works very hard, made strides and was genuinely fun to watch.

"It's been amazing. It's been a transformational journey for my relationship with my girlfriend and with my daughters," said Rick, who's now with Eliza Dushku.

Not sure we would have been so diplomatic.

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Rihanna makes almost as many headlines with her fashion as she does with her music. Okay, maybe that's a stretch, but her style is pretty noteworthy!

Never one to shy away from bold colors, the star goes went for a vibrant look - right down to the turquoise shoes! - as she left New York's MTV studios.

Kylie Jenner Fashion

Then, she was blooming again in a longer, floral dress at the signing of her new coffee table book (called Rihanna) at a Barnes & Noble. Which is better?

What's Rihanna's best look?


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Us Weekly drops a bombshell in its latest issue: the parents of Miley Cyrus got divorced because Tish Cyrus had an affair - with Bret Michaels!

Sources tell the tabloid that the rocker "got close to the entire family" in February, around the time he and Miley recorded their racy duet, "Nothing to Lose."

Tish, who serves as Miley's manager, was spotted at the Michaels' February 28 concert in Los Angeles, adds an insider, who says: "Billy Ray was completely unaware of what was going on."

Eventually, the country singer reportedly found out and filed for divorce from his wife of 17 years. He is seeking joint custody of their three children.

Reps for both Michaels and Tish deny this story, but Us Weekly stands by its family source, concluding: "It was a professional relationship that turned into something more."

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Pop star Britney Spears will release her newest album in early 2011, according to one of her producers, Dr. Luke. It will be her seventh studio effort in all.

Although her record company has not yet commented, Luke told The Hollywood Reporter that fans should expect the album to hit shelves early next year.

"She's an icon, I don't want to let anyone down. I'm excited to be co-executive producing with Max Martin, who kind of invented Britney," the doctor said.

Fresh Faced Britney

Rumor has it Britney Spears' new album is just months away!

"She's such an amazing vehicle to getting that music out to a lot of people in every country," added Luke, who promises this will be "really good music."

Spears, who is battling a lawsuit from Fernando Flores, has to date sold over 100 million records, and her last album, Circus sold over 3.5 million copies.

Despite a turbulent last couple of years, few artists of any era or genre can match that figure. No wonder Glee did a tribute episode in her honor.

Who's looking forward to her new songs leaking early already?

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Following weeks of teasing, we no longer need to ask about The Big Bang.

What is it? It's a single from Rock Mafia, the music video for which features Miley Cyrus getting steamy with actor Kevin Zegers... set against a car crash.

“Rock Mafia is my family and there’s nothing that means more than creating with them,” Miley said. “The video is unique and, honestly, was a life changing experience. This song means a lot to me.”

Check it out below and chime in: What do you think?

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Demi Lovato removed herself from touring this week and admitted she needs treatment for emotional and physical issues.

Such an announcement has produced an outpouring of support - but, sadly, it's also resulted in a few of Demi's Twitter followers/fans directing their anger at Lovato's ex, Joe Jonas, and his new girlfriend, Ashley Greene.

Dressed Up Demi

Support Demi Lovato with love, people, not hate toward others.

Writes @WeLoveLovato: "I seriously hate you. @AshleyMGreene," while @Trashtheashley adds:

Hey @AshleyMGreene? You're the reason for Demi's breakdown, we all know that. Emotional abuse from you, and your friends. You are lower than a snake on the ground.

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Jenny Humphrey, the Gossip Girl character portrayed by Taylor Momsen, was termed "Gothic Barbie" on last night's installment of the CW series.

Taylor and Jenny really are morphing into the same person. Momsen's rock band, The Pretty Reckless, has a new video out for their song "Just Tonight."

In it, Gothic Barbie does her fans proud. No, there's no Taylor Momsen topless shots, but just wait for the next concert. Here's their latest music video ...

Can Taylor Momsen cut it as a rock star?


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Mel Gibson may have learned his lesson.

He had plenty to say earlier this year (see our library of Mel Gibson tapes), but he didn't utter a word to Oksana Grigorieva during his deposition Monday.

The actor was grilled during a marathon court session over myriad child custody issues, with Oksana huddling with her lawyers, suggesting questions.

Not a word was exchanged between the feuding ex-lovers.

Interestingly, Mel's deposition was videotaped! The tapes, TMZ reports, will be watermarked to trace any leak, but nothing in this case has stayed secret.

Mel never lost his cool but seemed annoyed at times, and used his 5th Amendment right against self-incrimination during domestic violence questions.

Oksana's lawyers, who want to hold him in contempt, were not able to play the now-infamous Mel Gibson rants she secretly tapes during the meeting.

In a word, sources say the deposition was "contentious."

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Following this disaster, Kim Kardashian might have finally realized she has no future in the fashion business.

So, what's next for the huge-boobed reality star? Gulp, a pop album.

Sources confirm that Kardashian is actually working with producer/songwriter Terius "The Dream" Nash on a CD, as insiders simply say: the duo is recording in New York City and "working on some fun music."

Wearing Ugly Clothes

Would you purchase a Kim Kardashian CD?


** We've actually come across rumored titles for this album. They are:

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