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Lindsay Lohan is out of rehab once more.

Having been discharged quietly from the Betty Ford Center on Monday, will she make the most of this second third fourth chance to turn her life around?

One thing's for sure. In the three months since she was ordered rehab by a judge after failing a drug test, she's learned she needs to slow the eff down.

Lindsay's Baggage

BAGGAGE: She's got it, but will she shine again? [Photo: Pacific Coast News]

Rumors that Lohan was staying in Betty Ford turned out to be a plant from her camp to deflect attention from the fact that she was leaving rehab. Clever.

The troubled star Tweeted Saturday that she's going to take things "one step at a time" and live in the present, quoting Gandhi as a source of inspiration.

She may need it. Moving trucks were seen unloading boxes at her a four-bedroom house in Venice, Calif., a few doors down from Samantha Ronson.

For now, LiLo will lay low and will be subject to random drug and alcohol testing, plus sessions with her psychiatrist until a Feb. 24 court hearing.

What do you think? Can she stay clean?


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Perhaps Zac Efron and Taylor Schilling really are just friends.

But that doesn't mean the handsome actor isn't moving on from Vanessa Hudgens.

According to witnesses at at Parrot Island in Turks & Caicos, the former High School Musical star has been spotted at a resort looking very cozy with Rumer Willis. Sources even tell The Chicago Sun-Times that Efron is on vacation there with the latter's family.

  • Stud in Germany
  • Merely a Rumer

After almost four years as a couple, Efron split with Vanessa Hudgens in December.

Willis, meanwhile, was rumored to be dating new Glee star Chord Overstreet in October. But now it sounds like she may have found another singing actor with whim she can make sweet music.

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Snooki has apparently made an enemy out of Paris Hilton, simply by virtue of getting so much attention. The ho-tel heiress feels she's losing relevance.

“It’s kind of sad,” a Hilton insider said. “Paris is so yesterday’s news. It infuriates her that Snooki is a sensation. She’s moaning how she feels washed up."

“She calls Snooki a ‘little troll’ and mocks her whenever her name comes up. Paris is furious that she’s been replaced by a new generation of reality stars.”

The torch of annoying uselessness and inexplicable fame has been passed.

Is Paris really that shocked? She herself only became famous for giving Rick Salomon oral and hand relief on video, and leveraged that into A-list status.

It had to run its course at some point, given that no talent or redeeming qualities exist to bolster her celebrity. Just count your millions and be happy, P.

As for the Jersey Shore star, she's just getting started - and would love to break into Hollywood. “Hell, yeah. I would love to act,” Snooki told E! News.

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Thomas Mesereau, Michael Jackson's former attorney, has come out swinging at Dr. Conrad Murray's defense team and the theory they will reportedly use.

Of reports that Murray will claim Michael Jackson killed himself, Mesereau scoffs and blames MJ's death squarely on Murray, as the star was "not suicidal."

"The defense lawyers have to do something. What they're gonna try and do is deflect attention from their guilty client onto Michael Jackson," he said.

Mesereau successfully defended Michael in his 2005 molestation trial.

"The reality is Michael Jackson was not suicidal or self-destructive in the way they're trying to say," he added. "Hopefully their defense will not succeed."

While he's spot on as far as the defense trying some misdirection and putting MJ on trial instead of Murray, the "suicidal" comment is a bit off base.

The defense will say that a frustrated Michael MAY have killed himself by accident after trying to self-administer Propofol with Murray out of the room.

They may also argue he was too weak to perform, after years of being treated poorly by other doctors and by himself, to absolve Murray of blame.

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John David Duggar, the third eldest of TLC's 19 Kids and Counting, decided to give the family's foreign exchange student an authentic USA experience.

The 20-year-old is seen in the photo below with a pair of firearms. The Indonesian visitor to the fam's Arkansas home has some serious heat as well.

Somehow, this image was leaked to celebrity news sites ...

John David's father, Jim Bob Duggar, says the two heading out to target practice over the holidays and posed for this photo before they opened fire.

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar say all three weapons were unloaded at the time and were "standard firearms purchased at a licensed gun shop."

"All of the older boys, including John David, are well-trained in gun safety and always supervised when handling guns," says the father of 19.

Harmless? Probably. Just unexpected with a 14-15 little kids around.

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It's important to remember: Queen Latifah is not actually royalty.

Still, this artist took it upon herself to give advice to Kate Middleton in a recent interview, telling Parade the princess-to-be must find a "sanctuary."

"Everybody in the world is going to be in your business," Latifah said. "He happened to be born a prince; you happened to go to college and meet him. You're two kids who fell in love. I just hope you have a happy life. And don't take anything personally."

Latifah will host this week's People's Choice Awards and also co-stars with Vince Vaughn in The Dilemma.

Where does she see herself in 10 years? "On cruise control, with a couple of kids under my belt," she says, adding:  "It's in the Lord's hands... I work a lot. I want to make sure I'm living life to the fullest."

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Dancing With the Stars remains enormously popular, but has it lost its luster thanks to 2010's two most notable contenders, Bristol Palin and Kate Gosselin?

The series enjoyed renewed prominence thanks to those two, but at what cost? Is it really even about celebrities learning to dance anymore? Or dancing?

As recently as mid-2009 (amazing, we know), Kate Gosselin was just a random reality star with a bad haircut, douchebag husband and eight kids.

Bad as it Gets

Has DWTS been tarnished by this tandem?

Dancing With the Stars unleashed the power of the tabloids by casting her, then upped the ante with Bristol Palin, daughter of former politician Sarah.

People came out in droves to support or tear them down. There was no middle ground between them supporting their kids or being absentee moms.

They got as far as they did by being on the front of tabloids, becoming TV personalities that divided people and generating massive controversy.

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Brett Favre really enjoyed his one season in New York.

The NFL legend, who delivered his annual retirement speech Monday, is being sued by massage therapists Christina Scavo and Shannon O'Toole, who worked for the New York Jets in 2008. The franchise is also named in the lawsuit.

This is unrelated to the $50,000 fine Brett received from the NFL last week in conjunction with the Jenn Sterger sexting / wang photo scandal.

Maybe Brett can un-retire to pay for his legal fees.

Scavo alleges that Favre sent lewd texts to her and treated her like a "hanging slab of meat" back in 2008, and that he proposed a three-way with her and another massage therapist, writing a text to the other woman about it no less.

"Brett here, you and Crissy want to get together, I'm all alone," he sexted, allegedly.

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Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds spent New Year's Eve celebrating in Austin, Texas ... but despite what you want to think, it was friendly. That's it.

"A group of old friends that included Ryan and Sandra spent New Year's together at Sandra's restaurant Bess Bistro," her rep confirmed ... however:

"Ryan, Sandra and the whole group had a great time ringing in the New Year as they have in the past ... as nothing more than friends."

Hey, they're both newly available ...

Despite speculation, a source close to Reynolds echoes the sentiment that there's nothing romantic in real life between the on-screen lovebirds.

Bullock, who has been friendly with both Scarlett Johansson and Ryan Reynolds from before they split up, stopped by the table to say hello.

Anything aside from that is purely wishful thinking ... but come on, how hard do you want these two to get together? We can totally see it ...

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THG has a very interesting relationship with The Bachelor. It's neither love-hate, nor unbridled love, nor unfiltered hate. It's hard to put our finger on.

What we do know is this. For years, we've harped on what a d!ck Brad Womack is for ditching both DeAnna Pappas and Jenni Croft on the finale.

We've also harped on what contrived nonsense this show is. That's what makes Brad's return this season so oddly compelling: Its genuineness.

Brad Womack, Bachelor Cast

THE LUCKY 30: One of these women will become Mrs. Brad Womack. Or two of them will be dumped on the season finale. You never know with Brad!

For all the scripted scenes, cue cards, bogus promos and manufactured drama, Brad bailing on both Season 11 finalists was one of the franchise's best moments.

He did what he felt was right, fallout be damned. Now he's back, and for the right reasons too. Unlike that stiff Jake Pavelka, you can tell it's not about the fame.

Will he pick someone this time? Will the women trust him? For once, The Bachelor may not even need a fake scandal. An actual, real story line has written itself.

Follow the jump for THG's patented +/- recap of all the action!

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