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By all accounts, and somewhat incredibly, Lindsay Lohan's rehab scuffle appears to be a victimless crime in which she did nothing wrong.

Nevertheless, the Riverside County D.A. won't let it slide.

The push to prove Lohan's probation was violated continue, as the D.A. wants further investigation into LiLo's alleged melee at Betty Ford.


Lindsay Lohan is out of rehab, but not out of the woods.

District Attorney-Elect Paul Zellerbach met with his lead investigator and prosecutor this morning to talk about Lindsay's altercation with Dawn Holland.

Here's why officials may be out to get Lindsay only to send a message:

  1. Only the Beverly Hills judge in her DUI case can revoke probation.
  2. Dawn herself has said she doesn't want Lohan prosecuted.
  3. The dude who was with her that night says she was clean.

Just the same, the DA's office says it wants more info to decide whether to charge Lindsay and seems bent on pushing the matter further. Stay tuned.

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A couple days after he was brought in to the police station, and just hours after the public watched him and his daughter spew allegations back and forth in separate interviews, Ted Williams has reportedly checked into rehab.

Few details are known at this time, Dr. Phil actually played a role in convincing the recently homeless man to check into a treatment facility.

"If Ted is ever going to get better, he's got to be honest with himself and admit he's addicted to drugs and alcohol,” says McGraw. "I've told him it's not going to be easy and it's going to take a lot of hard work. It might be a long journey for him, but this is a big step in the right direction."

Police were called to a Los Angeles hotel on Monday because Williams and his daughter got into a verbal confrontation. The later has since claimed her father drinks heavily every night.

Williams has owned up to a history of alcohol abuse and illegal activity. Such honesty has helped the nation rally behind this man with an incredible voice, but it's clear he still has a long way to go in his personal struggle.

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Actor Edward Furlong was arrested yesterday for violating a domestic restraining order. Not only that, he's behind in child support ... and he's broke.

Ed told a judge this morning, "I'm out of money. I'm completely broke."

Furlong, 33, currently stars in the upcoming film The Green Hornet.

Edward Furlong Mug Shot

FOR LONG: Doesn't sound like Ed's troubles are going away soon.

A month behind in child support, Ed lamented that he has to pay 10 percent to his lawyer, 10 percent to his publicist and 10 percent to his manager.

Think about it. After that, he only has 70 percent of his earnings to blow on stuff other than his kid ... how the heck is he supposed to get by, man?

In his defense, sort of, Furlong says the judge never took this into account when ordering the child support his ex, Rachael Kneeland, requested.

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Due to her affinity for professional athletes, it should come as no surprise that Kim Kardashian would be involved in the most widely-watched sports day of the year:

The giant-breasted red carpet poser will appear in an ad for Skechers ShapeUps at some point during the big game. She teased it as "provocative" this week, telling USA Today of the spot: "I break someone's heart - again."

Kim, Kardashians

In other Super Bowl commercial news: Faith Hill will star in an ad for Teleflora, while Danica Patrick and Jillian Michaels will both grace the screen as Go Daddy spokeswomen.

At some point on February 6, a football game might even be played.

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Taking a break from espousing their opinions on Gabrielle Giffords, Sarah Palin and blood libels, The View focused on something equally pressing this morning:


Responding to the Snooki and JWoww video from earlier in the week, which itself was a response to Joy Behar’s ridicule of them, Barbara Walters fought back.

Describing Snook as “a woman who drinks too much” (that's putting it mildly) and gets “smacked in the face,” Babs went about as far overboard as she can.

Behar commented drily, “I didn’t know they allowed cameras into AA meetings.”

Ohhh, you got them there. Your move, Jersey Shore cast. Your move.

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To the countless young women out there who wish to date Justin Bieber, be warned: it isn't all fun and bangs.

Selena Gomez, who has already faced a number of death threats from obsessed fans, had her social networking accounts hacked into today. Some moron known as "Pkinj0r-aka-Prokill" went in and launched attacks on Bieber and his followers. To wit:

Fake Tweet

The incident took place around 10:30 a.m. EST, as the hacker actually posted a YouTube video (below) that cataloged his use of Selena's Facebook page.

After a half hour, Gomez regained control of her Twitter and wrote: "Obviously, my Facebook has been hacked. My twitter has been fixed and everyone is working on Facbook [sic]. Love you guys!!!!!"

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Sarah Palin's video response to the shooting of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords prompted a strong backlash from some members of America's Jewish community. Why?

The former Alaska Governor accused the media of manufacturing a "blood libel" that only incites the hatred and violence they condemn. Fair enough, except ...

"Blood libel" is a term apparently dating back to the Middle Ages, referring to a prejudice that Jewish people used Christian blood during religious rituals.

David Harris of the National Democratic Jewish Council said that instead of dialing down the rhetoric, Palin "chose to accuse others trying to sort out the meaning of this tragedy of somehow engaging in a 'blood libel' against her and others."

Harris called the repeated fiction of blood libels "directly responsible for the murder of so many Jews across centuries - and given that blood libels are so intertwined with deeply ingrained anti-Semitism around the globe, even today."

He wasn't alone in echoing this sentiment.

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Bethenny Frankel is more than just a motivational speaker. She's also a best-selling author.

Seriously, both those facts are, astoundingly, true.

Bethenny Frankel Book Cover

The reality star has announced plans for yet another memoir, this one sounding even more inspiring than her past efforts. This is what Frankel had to brag say about the upcoming book:

"It's called A Place Of Yes and it's about getting what you want out of your life. It's about my experiences and how I handled them, like how people told me my first book would fail and it was a NYT bestseller for five months."

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Camille Grammer has taken her feud with Kesley Grammer to an especially immature, hilarious level.

Appearing on The Howard Stern Show today, the reality star implied that her soon-to-be-ex-husband likes to wear women's clothing.

Speaking on Kesley's role in the Broadway play La Cage aux Folles, Camille said the father of her children enjoyed that gig for "another reason." Because he's gay? No, Grammer said.

Because he likes to dress up like a woman, Stern asked? "I'm not saying it," replied Camille, who may be exiting The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Listen to the exchange above.

The actor's rep says "Kelsey will continue not responding, regardless of content," but added: Kelsey is rubber and Camille is glue. Whatever she says bounces off my client and sticks to her.

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In a break from its typical cover shots, Maxim has placed a gorgeous woman at the center of its latest issue, one wearing very little clothing.

The beauty in question is actress Olivia Munn, who stars on the new NBC sitcom Perfect Couples. She poses for the publication in a cleavage-baring top and skimpy underwear that pretty much resembles every other cover the magazine has ever ran.

Olivia Munn for Maxim

But try telling that to Dan Gainor, the vice president of Business and Culture at the Media Research Center. He says of this image: "It's disgusting. Maxim has moved their magazine from tawdry to full-on pornography."

Hmmm... let's hope Gainor never looks at these photos of Munn.

What do you think of this Maxim cover? Does it cross a line?


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