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Tammy Lynn Michaels says she was "blindsided" by her break-up with Melissa Etheridge.

But she's gathered herself together enough to fight back and file for full custody of the pair's twin children, Johnnie and Miller.

While Etheridge asked for joint legal and physical custody when she initially filed for dissolution of their domestic partnership, Tammy has taken the battle a step farther: she wants full custody, reports TMZ.

Michaels carried the twins to term, following a donation by an anonymous sperm donor.

Tammy has also asked the court for spousal support.

Both sides of the former couple cited "irreconcilable differences" as the basis for their split. They became domestic partners in August 2005 and things will likely get uglier before they get better.

Tammy's lawyer says his client has $4 to her name and: "Melissa has not been treating Tammy or the children as if they are a wife and children, financially and otherwise."

There is a major hiccup, however: Etheridge and Michaels were never technically married. Therefore, the former is not on the legal hook for a single penny once the partnership is dissolved.

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Granted, Bethenny Frankel got married months ago. She's even had a daughter and given an in-depth magazine interview about motherhood since then.

But Bravo took us back in time last night on Bethenny Getting Married and showed us this reality star's wedding to Jason Hoppy. As always, our THG correspondent is here to review the episode in detail...

The wedding day is here!  Down at The Four Seasons, wedding planner Shawn is going full-tilt boogie trying to get everything ready.  You know he’s serious because he’s wearing a headset and fast walking. 

He has that look of extreme fear on his face that has become very familiar to us as we’ve watched him throw this high-end shotgun wedding together whilst being hounded by the pickiest bride on the planet.  We know this look most likely won’t go away until he closes the limo door after the wedding and watches Bethenny and Jason drive off into the sunset.

Meanwhile, back at home, Bethenny is getting ready for her wedding and simultaneously editing her new book.  She accomplishes the book, to her great relief and then Teri, the Maid of Honor, comes over wearing another really bad shirt.  Carol, Jason’s mom, also pops by.  She gives Bethenny a very sweet gift of a locket with mini pictures of Bethenny and Jason. 

Bethenny promptly pins this locket to her underwear.

Wedding Day

Bethenny’s hair and makeup pros arrive to gussy her up.  A photography team from Oprah’s magazine is there to document this part of the process.  You’ve got to wonder what Jason’s mom is thinking about all this celebrity hoo-ha.  If she’s overwhelmed, you’d never know it - she acts very cool. 

Outside the Four Seasons are paparazzi and a security team.  Once inside, Bethenny is thrilled with how everything looks.  “It’s gorgeous.  I’m so excited.  It’s perfect,” Bethenny sighs.  Shawn looks like he expected Bethenny to beat him over the head with a silver serving tray and you know the poor guy must almost be pissing himself with relief that she is not only satisfied, but actually happy!

Elsewhere, Jason is dead-set on having a drank before the blessed event and sends Shawn off on this errand.  “Can you believe it’s here?” he asks his Best Man about the wedding day.  A second passes in silence. 

“Where is Shawn with those drinks?!” Jason asks, his voice tight with anticipation.   He wipes his sweaty brow.  I can understand why he is so worked up—a new wife, a new reality show, and a new baby all at once.  I’d be sweaty and dying to get drunk too.

Behind the scenes, Bethenny is finishing getting ready and putting on her wedding dress.  She is convinced that her pregnant belly has grown significantly and terrified the dress won’t fit.  Maid of honor Teri attempts to be helpful but seems a little tipsy - or maybe totally smashed. 

“Okay,” she slurs to Bethenny, “I have to say something about the Chinese astrological chart.” 

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"I'm not going to jail!" - Lindsay Lohan

The troubled star vows to appeal the 90-day jail sentence Judge Marsha Revel handed down, according to one source who was with her on Wednesday night.

Linds was talking with people in her apartment about appealing the case, and uttered the above quote. Not only a spoiled brat, but also delusional, apparently.

The only real basis for an appeal would be arguing that Judge Revel abused her discretion in nailing her with a 90-day sentence, which was a tad extreme. 

The chances of winning such an appeal are slim even under the best of circumstances, though ... and especially given Lindsay's performance on probation.

Lohan Sobs

DO THE CRIME, DO THE TIME: Lindsay Lohan not only did the crime (DUI) in the first place, she violated her probation terms repeatedly ... and still acts like a victim.

She asked for it, and pulling a stunt like she did with the F-U nails isn't exactly going to win her brownie points. On the plus side, maybe they get HBO in jail?

Lindsay's vow to appeal could explain why Shawn Chapman Holley has resigned as the actress' counsel. She'll have to do it with a new attorney if she does.

Lohan's new attorney, Tiffany Feder-Cohen, has already been in touch with the Sheriff's Department. No word if she plans to compare Lindsay to a martyr.

Lindsay belongs in ...


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Jessica Simpson and boyfriend Eric Johnson are hitting it off. Too bad he's a former NFL player, which she hasn't had much luck with ... and still legally married!

He also went to Yale, which is far more surprising to us given who he's dating. Anyway, he's separated from his wife, which we're positive Jessica is aware of.

As such, the magazine cover below may be slightly misleading when it implies it has uncovered some sort of scandal. The guy is technically married, however.

Jessica began dating Eric Johnson, who filed for divorce from his wife of five years, Keri, in January, around five weeks ago. They met at her Beverly Hills' home.

Friends introduced the tight ends at a party she had.

RISKY NEW ROMANCE: Really, what romance isn't for Jessica?

"Jess is definitely rushing into this," an insider says, noting they recently went to Jacksonville, Fla., to celebrate Eric's grandparents' 60th wedding anniversary!

When not hanging out with his entire family, Simpson and Johnson made time for some serious PDA at the modest, family-friendly Ponte Vedra Inn & Club.

"Her hand was on his butt, and they walked slowly just to enjoy the moment. They looked cute," says an insider, who saw a "Do Not Disturb" sign on the door.

Shocking news there ... they didn't want a maid barging in.

Friends fear Jessica Simpson has already altered her lifestyle for her New Age-leaning, yoga-loving fella: "Just shocked my system with a vegan diet, special Pu-erh tea from China and cupping since Friday," she Twittered on June 27.

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If you've seen him on TV, you know he's not exactly dying to be exclusive with anyone. But that doesn't mean Mike Sorrentino isn’t looking around for love.

But what exactly is The Situation looking for?

Jersey Shore Homies

“I’m a Cancer and I’m Italian,” he said at the launch of NoX Edge, the workout steroid supplement. “I like to take care of people and do nice things. It doesn’t matter if her hair is blonde or brown, but she must be giving and generous, like myself.”

“Looks are big,” Mike concedes, while evaluating any romantic options.

Maybe for long-term prospects, anyway. Dude hooked up with Snooki.

Can you resist a piece of this? Think about it, this display was during a red carpet appearance ... it's as clothed as you'll ever see him. Talk about a Situation!

Sorrentino notes that the ideal woman goes deeper than the surface elements of romance, although she does have to work well with him and his lifestyle.

“I’m the type of person that’s open, whatever happens, happens,” The Situation says. “Ultimately, she’s just got to work well with the way I live my life."

"I need a girl who knows a relationship is 50-50.”

But he cautions that if certain boundaries are overstepped, he's outta here: “If she’s bossy, controlling or high maintenance, those are dealbreakers for me.”

Jersey Shore premieres July 29. Check out the Season 2 trailer!

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As celebrity hairstyles go, Rihanna has few peers. If any.

The singer recently went from honey blonde to red hot with a fiery new hair color, which you've probably noticed if you've read any celebrity gossip lately.

It sorta stands out, even as outrageous star fashion goes.

Which color looks best on Matt Kemp's girlfriend, though? That's a question we can't answer. So we leave it to you, readers, via the survey below ...

  • Rihanna Blonde
  • Red-Haired RiRi

Which hair color looks best on RiRi?


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A man is claiming to be the father of LeBron James.

A former teammate may have slept with his mother.

But this NBA superstar is facing a problem of a different kind now: he's become one of the most hated athletes in all of professional sports.

The 25-year old free agent left the Cleveland Cavaliers tonight and joined up with fellow stars Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh on the Miami Heat. In one sense, it's a selfless act: James took less money to sign with Miami and is choosing to subjugate all personal achievements (scoring titles, MVPs, etc.) for the sake of a championship (or six).

But why make make the announcement on a primetime ESPN special?!? Having spurned his hometown via such a public, self-serving spectacle, James should prepare to be booed out of almost every arena in which he plays next season.

Ill-Fated Pep Rally Pic

Fans in Cleveland are already burning LeBron James' jerseys in the streets, and it's hard to blame them. James may win an abundance of titles now, but he'll never have done so as the established leader on his own team.

Is that a decision Kobe Bryant or Michael Jordan ever would make?

Sports fans will be debating this for months. What do you think? LeBron signing with Miami is...


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The chatter regarding Mel Gibson's alleged abuse of ex-girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva isn't just getting attention online - it's sparked interest among police.

A terrifying tape of Mel's racist tirade against the mother of his eight-month-old daughter surfaced last week. Grigorieva herself denies leaking the tape.

The O. Grigorieva

The release of the rant followed accusations that he punched her in the face, however, painting a sick picture of the actor, who split with her in January.

In the tape, Mel allegedly references the incident in which Grigorieva says he assaulted her, and adds that she deserved it. What a class act this guy is.

Understandably, the police are looking into it.

If Oksana is to be believed, no one is safe from Mad Mel.

"An investigation of domestic violence has been launched by [Los Angeles Sheriff's] Malibu/Lost Hills station detectives ... involving actor Mel Gibson and his former girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva," read a statement released Thursday.

Referring to the January 6 incident, "The police detective in charge of the investigation is currently gathering information regarding the allegations. Due to the investigation being preliminary in nature, no other information is available at this time."

Attorneys on both sides weren't available for comment.

Gibson and Grigorieva have been locked in a bitter custody fight over their daughter, with the Russian singer filing a restraining order June 25. That was the first time the claim he punched her in the face "more than once" became public.

Sources close to Gibson have denied there was any physical violence, claiming he merely was trying to stop Grigorieva from shaking Lucia "like a rag doll."

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Come on, Kourtney Kardashian.

Is your reality show struggling so mightily that you must ruin the life of a second child by exploiting it for the sake of ratings?!?

The answer is YES, if this tabloid cover story is to be believed. According to In Touch Weekly, Kourtney Kardashian recently shared pregnancy news with Scott Disick... who reacted to it by flirting with another woman right before Kourt's eyes. That bastard!

Poor Kardashian wants to leave her shady baby daddy, but is allegedly "terrified" to do so. After all, viewers certainly won't watch Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami just for the personality of these sisters alone.

Likely Not Pregnant

Take this report with a grain of salt the size of Kim Kardashian's ego, however.

Supermarket tabloids have a penchant for "confirming" baby news that turns out to be nothing more than a confirmation that the magazine has written about a celebrity and mentioned the word baby. Right, Jessica Simpson?

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One of the burning questions surrounding the Tiger Woods divorce settlement is where Elin Nordegren and the couple's children will live once the split is final.

That's still unclear, but it appears as if she will call the shots.

Elin Nordegren and Her Children

Sources familiar with the divorce say Elin Woods will have control over where they reside, opening the door for her to potentially settle in her native Sweden.

The agreement was supposed to be finalized by the end of last week, but there is still one document being negotiated - presumably pertaining to the kids.

No wonder Tiger's been so frustrated and distracted lately.

CAUSE FOR CELEBRATION: Tiger's almost single at last! Woo!

As for the property settlement, we reported last week that Elin will get right around $100 million, somewhere between 1/5 and 1/6 of Tiger's net worth.

In other words, he's worth between $500-600 million.

All those earlier reports of her getting $750 million? Probably a little over the top, considering he doesn't even have that much. Still, $100 million. Wow.

As for whether Elin actually moves to Sweden permanently with the kids, it's uncertain. But the divorce deal gives her "wide latitude" in figuring it out.

What do you think she should do? Leave for good?

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