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Fantasia Barrino may possess an incredible voice, but she's known more for her scandal-filled personal life than anything else these days.

The latest bombshell to drop from this former American Idol champion arrives courtesy of her recent court testimony, as Fantastia was a witness in boyfriend Antwaun Cook's divorce proceedings against ex-wife Paula yesterday.

Fantasia in England

Under oath, Barrino reportedly stated she got pregnant by Cook and had an abortion.

In August, Cook admitted he had been sleeping with the singer, but said Fantasia was unaware he was still married.

That was the focus of a line of questioning in front of a Mecklenburg County Court judge yesterday, as Paula Cook's attorney pressed Barrino on whether or not she knew her boyfriend was still living with his wife during their relationship.

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America's favorite Oompa Loompa turns 23 today. Happy birthday, Snooki!

No, the big day wasn't any of the past 10 days or so that the Jersey Shore star has been celebrating it - that was just pregame! Today is the day of Snook!

Yesterday, we posted photos of her pre-birthday soiree. Today, it's a full-on tribute to all things Nicole Polizzi. The Princess of Poughkeepsie is all grown up:

Elegant Snooki

Elegance. Class. Snooki.

Click to enlarge plenty more Snooki pictures below and leave a comment wishing our girl a happy tanning, drinking and smush-filled 23rd birthday ...

  • Snooki Mug Shot
  • Princess Snooki

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The judge in Mel Gibson's custody battle with Oksana Grigorieva postponed a decision until he hears more from both parties, which won't happen until December.

Both parties appeared in court yesterday not no decision was reached. Mel moved to strip Oksana of custody of their daughter, Lucia, and she was on the stand.

Mel believes her recent interview on Larry King proves her main goal is perpetrating a smear campaign against him and not acting in the best interests of Lucia.


BATTLE ROYALE: The scary thing? It's only beginning.

Mel claims he has photos that prove Oksana lied about the abuse she says she suffered at his hands. Grigorieva claims she and Lucia were hurt by Mel in January.

The custody fight is concurrent with investigations into Mel for domestic violence and Oksana for extortion, neither of which has resulted in any charges ... yet.

Judge Scott Gordon will pick up testimony sometime in December.


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TLC's Sister Wives has been picked up for a second season. Whether prosecutors in Utah throw a wrench into it with bigamy charges remains to be seen.

Kody Brown and his four wives have come under scrutiny from law enforcement and members of their own community for broadcasting their lives on TV.

The Browns have been under investigation for two months - and counting.

Kody Brown, Wives

"We're in no rush to get this filed," says Donna Kelly, a deputy county attorney for Utah County. "You can expect a decision in the next 60 to 90 days."

Although polygamy is illegal, officials rarely get involved due to the sheer number of cases in Utah unless there's child abuse, incest, abuse or fraud.

"We don't go looking for cases like this," says Kelly. "But the Browns have definitely made it easier for us by admitting to felonies on national TV."

Kody recently wed Robyn Sullivan on Sister Wives, upping the wife tally to four. What do you think? Should the Sister Wives cast be prosecuted?


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Jennifer Grey has been a front-runner and fan favorite all season on Dancing With the Stars and was perfect - seriously, ALL 10s - in her final dances Monday.

Will that be enough to defeat Bristol Palin? You never know!

Bristol, Jennifer and Kyle Massey competed in two rounds of the Dancing with the Stars finals - a redemption dance of the judges' choosing, and freestyle. Jennifer and partner Derek Hough outclassed everyone. Now it's in voters' hands.

Derek Hough and Jennifer Grey Photo

HAND IT TO HER: Jennifer Grey deserves the Mirror Ball trophy.

It's very possible, given what the producers said yesterday about how the judges' scores factor into the overall totals, they were trying to pad Jennifer's lead hard core.

Not that she didn't deserve her perfect 10s, but after Audrina, Rick and most recently Brandy were voted off, you know the pros are pulling for Grey to take this thing.

On the flip side, Bristol's scores were on the high side too, but in proportion to how they scored both Jennifer Kyle. Here's a breakdown of last night, round by round:

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Want to ask Bill Clinton anything? Over a gourmet four-course meal?

Write the biggest check and you can have that very opportunity!

Beginning Monday on eBay, the ex-president is auctioning off a private dinner with himself for the top bidder and three friends, to be held at the Clinton Presidential Center in Little Rock, Ark. The proceeds will benefit the Clinton Foundation.

"I'm looking forward to showing the winner some of my favorite exhibits and enjoying dinner with them overlooking the Arkansas River," Clinton said.

"But more importantly, I look forward to the impact the winning bid will have on the work my Foundation does around the world."

The opening bid is $25,000, and bidding continues through December 2.

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That's it, we're calling it: Avan Jogia is officially Miley Cyrus' new boyfriend.

This may have been questionable when initial reports simply said the pair had been spotted out a couple times. But that was definitely Jogia making out with Miley at her birthday party over the weekend, as the photo on the bottom left was taken of the young actor at the bash:

  • At Miley's Party
  • Avan Jogia Photo

Are you looking at Miley's new man? [Photos: Pacific Coast News, Getty]

So, who is Avan Jogia? A primer:

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Adam Lambert was not invited to last night's American Music Awards. That may have had something to do with the controversy this singer stirred up at last year's ceremony.

But fans of the former American Idol finalist were still given a chance to watch this artist in action, as E! premiered an edition of its True Hollywood Story special in honor of Adam.

Detailing his dedication to theater in high school and working its way through his battle with Kris Allen, all the way up until the aforementioned AMA scandal and subsequent Glam Nation tour, the program is a must-watch for Lambert lovers...

... which means they've come to the right place! Sit back, get comfortable and watch the entire Story in its entirety below.

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In a recent interview with W Magazine, Willow Smith says she can't do anything without her mother's permission.

Therefore, we'll direct this question at Jada Pinkett Smith: What the heck were you thinking letting your 10-year old daughter out of the house in this outfit?!?

The singing sensation attended last night's American Music Awards with her family and showed up in an ensemble that can only be described as uglier than Michael Lohan's attempts to capitalize off his daughter. But, hey, at least this isn't the most embarrassing piece of news concerning someone named Willow to come out today...

  • A Total Disaster
  • The Smiths

What do you think? Willow Smith's outfit is...


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Fresh off being served with felony battery charges, and having temporarily lost her baby because her life is in such disarray, Amber Portwood is dating again.

Clinton Yunker is the name of the brave soul willing to go there, and he's described by Hollywood Life as "a young dad, a drinker, and an MMA fighter."

Good thing, too, because when you're in a relationship with Amber Portwood, you tend to receive a beatdown every so often. Just ask Gary Shirley.

Clinton Yunker Picture

YUNKER IN HER TRUNK: Clinton is Amber's new baggage.

After plowing through a slew of young men in Anderson, Ind., Amber has zeroed in on Yunker, himself the father of a two-year-old daughter. Will it last?

Well the mixed martial arts fighter is nicknamed “Daddy Long Legs,” he's been in four official bouts, and according to these photos, enjoys Budweiser.

In short, we have no effing clue. But if fighting and drinking are two of his pastimes, he may have found his soul mate in Amber Portwood. Sorry Gary.

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