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The split between Christina Aguilera and Jordan Bratman came as a surprise to many celebrity gossip followers. But not as much of a surprise as the supposed reason behind it:

Aguilera slept with women!

Christina and Son

According to a random, anonymous female, Christina's bodyguard once approached her at a club and said his boss wanted to meet her... without any clothes on!

Going after men or women, Christina Aguilera - like her large breasts - won't have a problem bouncing back.

“The bodyguard told me it was an understanding within their marriage and that she brings girls home and Jordan’s okay with it," said the source. "I met Christina in the bathroom and she told me she liked to play with girls. I ended up not pursuing anything with it because the situation just seemed so weird to me, but Christina was definitely looking to hook up.”

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Michael Lohan is a douche, but may have been right about one thing:

Dina Lohan sucks at parenting just as much as he does, if not more.

While Lindsay Lohan "can't stand the thought" of her father's plan to sneak in the Betty Ford clinic where she's being treated, Dina, the troubled star's chief enabler, excuse maker and media pimp, may pose an even bigger problem.

La Loser Lohan

DONE IN BY DINA: This explains so much about Lindsay.

Never one to pass up a chance to cash in, White Oprah is shopping an interview for after she visits Lindsay in rehab, and the asking price is in the five figures.

Dina is trying to broker a deal that would allow cameras to film her inside Betty Ford. No word if any of this figures into Dina's new Lindsay reality show plan.

For this coveted Q&A, sources say Dina is asking "high five figures" for the interview and none of the proceeds will go to charity. That's right, none, not all.

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Is there trouble in paradise for Hollywood's tattooed twosome?

Last we heard, Jesse James and Kat Von D were going so strong, he was going to move back to California to be with her. But there's another side to that coin.

A source says Von D isn't happy about James' move to Austin, Texas, and she's rapidly losing patience with their "weekend fly-back-and-forth relationship."

  • Jesse and Kat
  • Kat Von D, Nikki Sixx

DEEP-SIXXED: Is Jesse's absence driving Kat back to her ex?

The irony, of course, is that James moved to Texas ostensibly so that his kids could remain close to their former stepmom, Sandra Bullock. Now it's backfired.

In the last couple of weeks, Kat Von D has been spotted getting close to other guys, including her ex-boyfriend Nikki Sixx during a recent Slash concert in L.A.

"They were on the balcony chatting and ended up disappearing together," a source says of the former lovers. "They were acting pretty cozy and chummy."

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Between traveling to Middle East to meet troops and performing songs for a PBS special to air Thanksgiving, Jessica Simpson has been a busy girl lately.

Where would she be without the support of Eric Johnson?

"He went and got a sweater and a bowtie to try to lift my spirits because I've been working extremely hard," Simpson said. "I laughed my butt off!"

Eric Johnson and Jessica Simpson

"We're just best friends. He's my dude! I love him." - Jessica on Eric

The couple began dating in May, and ever since have been spotted getting cozy across the U.S. and overseas – even celebrating her birthday together in Italy.

If the relationship seems like it's serious, that's because it is.

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As part of her birthday week celebration, Kim Kardashian, family members and friends partied at Tao nightclub in Las Vegas last night.

The paparazzi was invited, as well.

Kim let cameras into an event she Tweeted as "fly like a G6," also telling followers the crowd was going "crazy" at the bash and informing us she had ordered a White Russian. The drink, of course. Her taste in men is wholly different.

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T.I. helped talk a jumper down from an Atlanta skyscraper this week, but he could not talk a federal judge into giving him another chance to stay out of prison.

Declaring T.I. "has had about the limit of second chances," U.S. District Judge Charles Pannell Jr. sentenced him to 11 months in prison for violating probation.

Derek Lowe Mug Shot

He will begin serving his time at a later date.

T.I. and Tiny after his (short-lived) release earlier this year.

"I screwed up," said T.I., whose real name is Clifford Harris Jr., pleading for leniency. "I screwed up big time, and I'm sorry. I'm truly and sincerely sorry. I don't want and I don't need to use drugs anymore. I want them out of my life."

The judge was unmoved.

"The worst thing is this case was an experiment," Pannell said of T.I.'s early release this year. "You certainly dumped a lot of smut on the whole experiment."

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No wonder Jasmine Waltz isn't ashamed about her brief relationship with David Arquette.

Reports indicate she much scraped even lower on the dating barrel.

Vinny Guadagnino Image

A "solid source" tells E! News that Waltz got with Vinny from Jersey Shore when he was in town for this year's Video Music Awards.

"Jasmine isn't very subtle when she hooks up with someone famous, and she's hooked up with a lot of celebrities," said an insider. "She said [Vinny] was a good hookup."

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Colin Farrell and Alicja Bachleda have broken up.

The split took place several months ago, in fact, sources report, although the often controversial actor's camp had no comment on his most recent breakup.

The two are parents to a son Henry Tadeusz Farrel, who was born last year around this time. Farrell also has a 7-year-old son, James, with Kim Bordenave.

Colicja had a nice run, but all good things must end.

Alicja Bachleda and Colin Farrell met on the set of last year's Ondine, which they costarred in. One thing led to another, and their love child was conceived.

"We were very professional and focused on our part and our jobs," Alicja Bachleda said at the time. "The story itself is beautiful ... true emotions [on screen]."

Unfortunately, it didn't have a happy ending. Here's wishing both the best, though.

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Alicia Keys and her husband, Swizz Beatz (real name Kaseem Dean), have "joyfully welcomed their first child," reps for the couple confirmed to People.

Egypt Daoud Dean was born Thursday, October 14, in New York City.

This is the duo's first child, and Alicia's first as well. Little baby Egypt "is welcomed by Beatz's three other children," the couple's statement adds.

Congratulations to Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz!

The couple are not only new parents together – they are also newlyweds. The singer and the rapper-producer got married in a private ceremony in July.

On Thursday, the night of Egypt's birth, he seemed to be in a reflective mood, Tweeting, "I'm so thankful for everything I been blessed with in my life."

Well said, Swizz. Here's wishing the new parents all the best.

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How I Met Your Mother star Neil Patrick Harris and longtime partner David Burtka are now the parents of a son ... AND a daughter! Now that's a handful!

The couple welcomed twins Gideon Scott and Harper Grace this week.

Brangelina, Kids Pic

"All of us are happy, healthy, tired, and a little pukey," NPH Tweeted.

Cheers to new dads David Burtka and Neil Patrick Harris!

Harris and Burtka announced they would be parents in August, writing "We're super excited/nervous/thrilled. Hoping the press can respect our privacy."

According to reports, the babies were born with the help of a surrogate. Glad to hear everything went smoothly, and congratulations to both Neil and David!

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