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Last month, Monica Leon - aka "Danger" - accused Ray J of being gay. But that isn't the only firestorm she's started this year.


Derek Lowe Mug Shot

According to TMZ, the former For the Love of Ray J finalist has been detained by police, following a fire in her Hollywood apartment. She appears to be a suspect in an arson investigation.

Why would Danger start a fire? It's unclear. Why would she get a tattoo on her face?

Here's what went down: the L.A. City Fire Department responded to a 911 call from Danger's complex at approximately 2:15 p.m. yesterday. When police arrived, the fire had been extinguished, but arson investigators were called anyway.

Due to evidence at the scene, authorities took Danger into custody pending further investigation. She's being held under a 72-hour watch.

In December, Monica was placed in a 5150 psychiatric hold after an incident involving her newborn daughter.

She's not exactly at the level or Ryan Jenkins, but maybe, just maybe, it's time for VH1 to re-evaluate its reality TV shows and how it screens - or, clearly, fails to screen - its contestants.

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She was kicked off The Bachelor after an "inappropriate relationship" with a crew member (which probably never happened), but Rozlyn Papa is over it now.

Producer Ryan Callahan was fired over his alleged dalliances with Rozlyn, although the exact nature of their relationship has always been disputed. Oh well.

Putting her bitter feelings aside took time, but these days she's in good spirits and weighing in on Jake Pavelka's final four - as a member of Team Tenley!

"If I were matchmaker, it would be Jake and Tenley," Rozlyn said, to the surprise of few, as there's little to dislike about sweet, squeaky Tenley Molzahn.

"I really liked her. She's my favorite!"

Tenley Molzahn Picture

Rozlyn Papa (right) is a card-carrying member of Tenley Nation.

Emerging as a favorite herself before "the incident" sent her packing, Rozlyn also weighed in on the rumored winner and chief Tenley competitor, Vienna Girardi.

"Vienna is always sweet," Papa says. "She's a different breed. I didn't really get to see her interact with Jake very much, but I heard she makes it pretty far."

Despite the unfortunate circumstances that got her kicked off, whichever side you believe, Rozlyn says she harbors little ill will against Jake or The Bachelor.

Still, she can't resist maintaining her innocence and getting in a quick dig.

"There was never any sex between any producer and myself at any time. But it's great been for that show! Chris Harrison is still talking about the scandal."

You said it, Rozlyn. Who should Jake choose on The Bachelor?


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Britney Spears' outfit at the Grammys was universally lampooned by TV critics and THG readers alike (she got whomped by Katy Perry in our fashion face-off).

Almost overlooked, given that hideous lace bodysuit / corset debacle, was Spears' return to her natural brown hair. What do you think? Is it a positive change?

Dollar Store Hottie

The girlfriend of Jason Trawick has once again taken a walk on the dark side (only in the literal sense, natch), trading her Barbie-blonde locks for raven waves.

Which look do you prefer? Vote below!

Britney Spears looks best when her head is ...


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Sorry, we had to. Each of these outfits (and plenty we've left out) would be worthy of its own article, but we've compiled some of our favorite Lady Gaga pictures from the past six months. Talk about fashion equaling performance art!

What will she wear next? Will she ever release a song that doesn't hit #1? Is she a hermaphrodite? Who knows. There are only two things we know for sure:

  1. This is only an abridged gallery.
  2. If last weekend's Grammys and other recent concerts are any indication, the next six months are going to produce an even better gallery than this!
  • LG Pic
  • Lady Gaga Naked Pic
  • Gang Green
  • Ace of Fashion
  • Lady Gaga Crotch Picture
  • Yellow Hair
  • Just Gaga
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The latest issue of Sports Illustrated dubs Lindsey Vonn as "America's Best Woman Skier Ever."

If any controversy were to arise over this issue, you'd think this statement would be the cause. But there's no room for debate, considering Vonn is the first U.S. woman to win back-to-back overall World Cup championships.

Instead, Vonn's pose is creating a stir. It's not difficult to see why:

Lindsey Vonn SI Cover

The question at stake is a common refrain when female athletes are depicted in a sexual manner:

Is this objectifying them, or celebrating them? Is is sexist to highlight Vonn's beauty, or merely the job of any photographer to bring out what's most attractive about a subject?

An editorial on reports that only 4% of Sports Illustrated covers feature women and these "are more likely than not to be in sexualized poses and not in action - and the most recent Vonn cover is no exception."

Then again, Danica Patrick has never been shy about playing up her sexuality - and it's led to a surge in popularity for her sport and for herself.

SI has clearly tilted the photo above to highlight Vonn's... assets. Is this right or wrong? Do you think the cover shot is sexist?


For a contrast, we've posted a photo of Vonn ran by The New York Times this week. Check it out below.

Continue Reading...

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Anne Hathaway would love to kiss Angelina Jolie ... or at least kiss like her. The Valentine's Day star says "full-on movie kissing" isn't one of her strong suits.

Angelina, thought? Well, we all know how she split up Brad and Jen and about her (supposed, fictitious) affair with Lady Gaga. No wonder Anne wants in!

"You have to be Angelina Jolie to pull that off and still look good," she says of the forceful movie kiss. "I don't know if you've noticed, but I ain't no Angie."

No, but we've also noticed she's no slouch herself ...

Anne in GQ

Anne Hathaway heats up the pages of GQ UK.

She did offer tips on what she calls "pretty movie kissing," using the back of her hand as the lucky recipient. Guys everywhere are so turned on right now.

"You just have to relax, leave your mouth open a little bit," she tells the magazine's March issue. "Open up. More, more, ever so lightly." Easy there, fellas.

"Otherwise you're going to be getting smoothy. Now, slow it down ... just a little bit."

How jealous are you of Adam Shulman right now?

"If you're both unattached and you get along, of course kissing in a movie is fun," she says. "But you can never get truly deep down and into it. Well, I can't."

"Jennifer Garner - now that girl can movie kiss!"

We now return to your regularly scheduled gossip.

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That's no longer just the number of unfunny Two and a Half Men quotes uttered on that terrible sitcom every five minutes.

It's also the number of felony charges Charlie Sheen now faces.

The actor will be charged with a count of felony menacing in association with his alleged Christmas Day assault against Brooke Mueller, according to Colorado police

For reportedly holding a knife against Mueller's knife neck and threatening to kill her, Sheen will also face a charge of misdemeanor assault.

Look for the actor to be arrainged on Monday. He's not expected to enter a plea, but Brooke and Charlie will ask the judge to relax the protective order against him.


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Kate Gosselin is headed back to television. Just not on her own talk show, as has been rumored. She'll be returning to a familiar gabfest as a guest host.

The former reality mom will once again be on The View March 11.

Kate and Tony Picture

She last sat around the table of the talk show in September when she replaced Elisabeth Hasselbeck for three days while she was on maternity leave.

This time, Hasselbeck will be present along with Whoopi Goldberg, Barbara Walters, Joy Behar, Sherri Shepherd and a lot of yelling and screaming.

Jon Gosselin, meanwhile, will be present in every tabloid who will take his picture along with new piece Morgan Christie, surely drawing Kate's ire.

Ugh. Enough, Kate. We get the point.


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We don't give Miley Cyrus credit often, but we can say this about the 17-year old: she deleted her Twitter account and never looked back.

She's also not clinically insane.

The same can't be said about Tila Tequila, who claimed to have quit the social networking service on Monday (because it's the "MOST HATEFUL, DEVIL WORSHIPPERS, RACIST, AND VIOLENT COMMUNITY THAT I HAVE EVER EXPERIENCED"), only to fire it back up today.

She wrote:

"Damn Twitter was f***ing BORING without me huh? I would be bored as hell if I were U and I wasn't on twitter anymore! hahhaha jk xox."

That sure is a funny joke. Almost as funny as lying about a pregnancy.

Tila Tweet

That 1 day has arrived... God help us all.

Because Tila is committed to a mental asylum in the near future, we can only hope to her followers, she continued to Tweet about her return:

"Did ya;ll miss me?? I see all the OG's here! YAY! No more filthy haters and Media peeps following! So many famew****s on my tail & would do ANYTHING to get fame by name dropping me! LOSERS!"

Well, she asked. Now it's time to answer: Are you glad Tequila is back on Twitter? Did you miss her?

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Following days of mixed reports - is she in rehab? is she back on drugs? is she just recovering from an illness? - Brooke Mueller has decided to set the record straight.

In the latest issue of In Touch Weekly, Charlie Sheen's troubled wife simply says: “There are so many lies out there."

Hi, Brooke Mueller!

Here's the truth, according to Brooke's mom, Moira Fiore: On January 20, her daughter was taken to the hospital due to a fever/infection caused by the removal of her wisdom teeth. Speculation that Mueller had been drinking too much are nonsense.

“The infections and pneumonia are what caused the shutting down of her organs,” Fiore said. “Brooke was very sick.”

On January 26, Brooke checked herself into Two Dreams in North Carolina, a facility that helps people recover from grave illnesses. Sources clamed she had relapsed with cocaine, as some even alleged she had drugs delivered to her in the ICU.

Total BS, Fiore says.

“This is ridiculous! There were tubes down her throat — how in the world would anyone in this position do drugs?”

We're not sure if pointing to Brooke's mere physical incapacity is the best defense, but point taken. In conclusion, Mueller's mom has her grandchildren in mind.

"She would never put her boys at risk," Fiore said.

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