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Few American Idol contestants have gone on to more successful careers than Jennifer Hudson. We're talking about an Oscar winner here.

But the star returned to the stage that started it all last night, performing the single "Where You At" on the show's latest (wild and shocking) results show.

We hope Pia Toscano was taking notes. Watch as Hudson connects with the audience despite just standing still, and then removes the mic from its stand and walks to the edge of the stage during the bridge.

Pia is an amazing talent who is still learning how to truly be a performer, while Hudson has clearly figured it out:

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Jersey Shore's third season ended not with a bang, but with a thud. After 13 weeks, we're as exhausted by Sammi and Ronni as the reality stars themselves.

There were many fun, hilarious times in Season 3, but the enduring image will be that of a couple so desperately in love ... and so loathsome of one another.

As always, THG breaks down some of the top Jersey Shore quotes and scenes in our official +/- recap below. For the last time until Italy, let's DO THIS:

Ronnie and Sammi Fight Again

Breaking up is hard to do. For you. It's REALLY hard for these idiots.

We pick up where we left off last week. OMG, Ron and Sam are SO in a fight! Did she make out with Arvin? Did she text Arvin to meet up? Do we care? Minus 9.

Arvin: "Sam, we made out before." Sam: "No, we haven't." Arvin: "Yeah, we have." Sam: "No, we haven’t." Plus 4, because is there that much of a gray area?

Is it just us or is Vinny becoming kind of an ass these days? Minus 5.

Whoa, the Snitch-uation apologizes to Sam for meddling. Plus 3.

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Three weeks into the American Idol finals, we were treated to our first surprise. Our first shock, really.

Following an off night on Wednesday for a couple of THG favorites - Thia Megia and Casey Abrams - they found themselves in the bottom three along with Stefano Langone. It was a scary few moments for those of us who love Thia's voice and Casey's originality.

In the end, Megia and Langone were told to join the other, safe contestants, while millions of jaws crashed to the floor when Ryan told Casey he had been voted out. He went back to "I Don't Need No Doctor" in an attempt to be saved, but was told a few lines into the performance to stop because...

Saving Casey

Did the judges make the right choice this week?

... the panel voted unanimously to save him!

"We just want you to get back to being the musician that you are," Jennifer said. "No more antics... You deserve to be here."

Two finalists will be voted out next Thursday, as Abrams stood on stage, truly taken aback and responding: "I thought that they wouldn't use the save, because there's 11 people. It's unreal. I started singing, and the fact that you cut it scared the stuff out of me."

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Lady Gaga says Rebecca Black is a genius. We're not sure about that, but she sure is ... something. The poster child for an entirely new genre of music, perhaps.

Black's hit song did not become a hit because it's good. HECK no. It only has tens of millions of views because it's just too perplexing/amazing not to share.

On the day before the now-celebrated weekly holiday that made Black famous, Conan O'Brien one-ups the Internet phenom with a terrific parody of "Friday."

It's called ... wait for it ... "Thursday." Watch after the jump:

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The Hollywood Gossip is proud to present another edition of The Pulse, where our staff recaps all of the day's biggest events in celebrity news and gossip.

While he says he felt exploited by Robin Roberts, Chris Brown apologized for his GMA freakout earlier in the week, when he went OFF after an interview.

Speaking of Robin, she interviewed Billy Ray Cyrus today, and he uncharacteristically made sense. Meanwhile, Rebecca Black has a fan in Lady Gaga.

Catch up on these stories and more here:

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Tiger Woods and his new girlfriend Alyse Lahti Johnston go way back. As in they've known each other for like 15 years. She's 22. It's a little weird.

Alyse Lahti Johntson's stepfather lives next door to Woods in Windermere, Fla., and is an executive with AIG, the agency that represents Tiges.

The golf great's GF drew him crayon drawings before his tournaments to wish him luck when she was just seven years old, sources tell Us.

Let that strange imagery sink in and the inappropriate jokes commence.

Alyse Lahti Johnston Mug Shot

"They had photos in their house of their family with Tiger," a pal told the celeb gossip rag. "But Alyse never said she was interested in him!"

Really? Get outta town. Maybe 'cause her age was one digit at the time?

Anyway, that was then. This is now, as they pair began dating after seeing each other at a New Year's function thrown by her stepfather.

"Tiger Woods has been my next door neighbor for 15 years and Alyse has known him all her life," Alistair Johnston told the UK's Sun.

"They are part of the same crowd that are the same age and go to the gym and out to dinner together. Do they spend time together? Yes."

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Jersey Shore is headed to Italy to film Season Four this spring, but not before an epic finale this evening. Or at least one that will tie up some loose ends.

Co-creator and executive producer SallyAnn Salsano spoke to EW about tonight's season-ender, the coming international edition, TWO spinoffs and more.

There's certainly a lot to discuss, to let's get to the excerpts below:

Ronnie and Sammi Fight, Take 12

On Ronnie and Sammi’s epic fight: "I spent more time with Ronnie crying than I know what to do with. I genuinely love these kids and I get attached."

"As it’s all going down, it’s as real as it gets."

On editing the show: "You guys see seven minutes of [fighting] a week, I’m seeing 14 hours. Once you say something out loud you’re on the hook for it."

"It’s not so much advising them as sometimes throwing it out there as a question during the interviews: “How did this go down? How do you think I see it?”

"And sometimes by them talking it out, then it becomes real. Their feelings for each other are so strong that it sometimes overrides right and wrong."

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Attention, Scott Disick: stop doing such a dynamite impression of James Dean and focus on your family life. It's clearly falling apart.

The latest issue of In Touch Weekly reports that Scott has called off the wedding - which will reportedly conclude this season of Kourtney's realty show - and that he's now engaged in a battle over custody of little Mason.

Based on the way Scott's tiny head is staring in the vicinity of his near-wife and child, is there any doubt this story is true?!?

Fighting Over Mason!

You can pay $2.99 to purchase this tabloid and learn why Bradley Cooper and Renee Zellweger broke up. Or you can read about it for free on THG.

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Rachel Zoe is a very happy, very proud new mother.

The stylist and husband Rodger Berman welcomed their first child into the world today, a son named Skyler Morrison Berman. He weighs in at 6 lbs., 12 oz. and is 20 inches long.

Levi McConaughey

Said the couple in a statement: "Mom and Dad 'LITERALLY' could not be happier or more in love with their son!"

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Vanessa Hudgens showed up on the red carpet for the premiere of Sucker Punch without a date last night - she is single, after all - but not without her sense of fashion.

The event took place at Grauman's Chinese Theatre in Los Angeles, as young actresses from across Hollywood showed up to help promote a thriller that features Hudgens, Emily Browning, Abbie Cornish, Jena Malone and others.

Emma Roberts was also on hand, looking sharp. Below, we're asking fans to contrast this Scream 4 star with the former High School Musical student...

Fashion Face-Off!

Vanessa Hudgens or Emma Roberts? Which young star looked better at the Sucker Punch premiere? View Poll »

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