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Poor Boo-Key. Poor Jordan for having to babysit other Boo-key.

After being successfully back-doored by Daniele, Brendon seemed almost resigned to his fate on Big Brother. Competitor that he is, he's public enemy #1.

The irony is that despite how he loves to get on his soapbox and rave about being a competitor, Brendon is not that good at Big Brother. He's wasted potential.

A better player could have swung Adam and Porsche, which would have put the heat on Jeff and Jordan. But Brendon burns bridges like a madman.

THG recaps Thursday's Big Brother eviction episode below ...

Brendon Villegas Picture

For the second time in three weeks, Brendon is up against it, with a Southern woman as his competition and Daniele as HoH. Doomed, dog. Minus 4.

Try as he did to drum up the votes to stay, it was clear it wasn't happening when Jeff basically told him to pound sand. Plus 6 for Jeff standing up for Jordan.

Plus 2 for Jeff's dramatic Diary Room explanations of simple ideas.

Brenchel really didn't make a compelling argument, nor take rejection with their usual indignation. Brenchel was rather sanguine ... for them. Plus 3.

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Is Deena Nicole Cortese actually bisexual, or just putting on a show for MTV cameras? Unclear. Did she just pull a robbery on Sitch and Vinny? Quite clear!

That was not a Jersey Shore plot line we saw coming. The exposing of Sitch and Snook's smush session and the Ron-Sam reconciliation, however, felt inevitable.

As always, we've recapped all the top Jersey Shore quotes and moments for you below. Let's break last night's episode, "Twinning," THG +/- style!

Deena Girl-on-Girl Action

Snooki wants to grab a glass of wine with Ron before GTL. Lush. Minus 4.

He plans to have "the conversation" with Sam soon, he says. We're already feeling a bit scared, emotionally drained, and excited for the fireworks. Plus 5.

Snook feels Luigi's "weiner" at the gym. He nods and laughs, since he doesn't understand. Or maybe he does, which would be even funnier. Plus 3.

Deena is gettin' some Lean Cuisine. NOTE: Not the frozen dinner. Minus 2.

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Kat Von D found a nice way to cope with the cancellation of LA Ink.

She and Jesse James – who called off their engagement last month – posted on Twitter separate photos of themselves locked in embraces. James went so far as to add the caption, "para siempre" – Spanish for "forever."

Yup, Jesse James and Kat Von D are engaged again!

Jesse James and Kat Von D Photo

Kat Von D is again wearing her ring (shown earlier this year).

In an interview with People, James confirmed the rumor. The engagement is back on, and Kat Von D is once again the only girl for him, he says:

"Sometimes you are only given one chance in life. It was up to me to open my eyes and see it. That girl is my chance. I will never stop fighting and striving to hold on to her. Showing her how special she is, and how much I love her."

Sounds like congratulations are in order. Again!


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More information has come out regarding the suicide of Russell Armstrong, including a chilling statement he allegedly made to his mother not long before hanging himself on Monday night.

In an interview on HLN, Russell's mother, John Ann Hotchkiss, tells host Jane Velez-Mitchell that her son confided in her just a couple weeks ago. Referring to his financial difficulties and allegations of abuse against his wife - all of which would be featured this fall on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills - Armstrong said:

Mom, they’re just going to crucify me this season... I don’t know what to do. I’ll never survive it.

Taylor and Russell

Elsewhere: In an interview with ABC News, Ronald Richards, Armstrong’s lawyer, said the show's focus on a lavish lifestyle plunged Armstrong into debt.

“These couples join these shows, and then they keep trying to outdo each other and they end up spending all their money trying to sustain a lifestyle that’s unrealistic and wasn’t there prior to the show. The weekly social events, the dinners and all the BS, trying to pretend you have unlimited resources in Beverly Hills is tough."

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Chelsea Settles is not small, but MTV hopes she'll be a big hit.

The network's new reality TV starlet is coming to Tinseltown in pursuit of a career in the fashion industry. She's pretty much the anti-Lauren Conrad.

She weighs 324 lbs., which people remind her of constantly, but make no mistake, the 23-year-old is not about to let it stand in the way of a dream.

Chelsea Settles Pic

As she ditches her small town roots for life in the City of Angels, all while struggling to lose weight, Settles' career pursuits meet major obstacles.

She's leaving behind a boyfriend who isn't always supportive, a mom struggling with severe diabetes, and battling her size every step of the way.

The new star will have "an opportunity to expand her social life by confronting the social phobias that have been holding her back," MTV explains.

Unlike most reality shows (cough, any Real Housewives), this features a genuinely likable star, one MTV hopes will be "a new kind of heroine."

Think she will be? Watch the trailer below:

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James Ross, who triumphed on the reality show RuPaul's Drag Race, is now known for something else he can be embarrassed about later.

Dude got popped for pot possession!

Ross was arrested Tuesday in Gwinett County, Georgia, for being in possesson of a small quantity of marijuana, authorities confirm to E!

James Ross Mug Shot

Ross, who is also known by his alter ego, Tyra Sanchez, was allegedly caught with a small amount of weed while driving with a pal in a Chevy Impala.

He was booked into the Gwinnett County Jail on charges of possession of less than an ounce of marijuana and released the next day on $1,300 bond.

Cops noticed the Impala had its windows tinted too dark, and after pulling the car over an officer claimed he could smell "an odor of raw marijuana."

Soon enough, he joined our celebrity mug shot gallery. Fiercely.

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TLC is cleaning house this week.

First, the network announced it canceled Kate Plus 8. Now it says it will be bidding farewell to another reality star after this season: Kat Von D.

"TLC has decided that the current season of LA Ink will be its last. The network is proud of what the series accomplished in four seasons, following Kat Von D's journey as an artist from Miami to Los Angeles,” TLC said in a statement.

The Kat Von D

This has been a tough year for Kat Von D, with her house burning down, her cat dying, and her engagement to Jesse James getting called off.

The fourth season showcased Kat's relationship with Jesse James and their wedding plans, making things even more bittersweet for the artiste.

In the season premiere, the 29-year-old reality got a tattoo of Jesse James’ face. That was probably not a good sign as far as the future goes.

[Photo: Fame Pictures]

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The newly-released Breaking Dawn poster? Kinda hot.

The just-released slew of new Breaking Dawn photos? Totally and completely awesome!

In the following photo montage, courtesy of Summit Entertainment, we bear witness to: Jacob staring down Rosalie, Edward and Bella cuddling up on their honeymoon, Edward in a speedboat, Bella in ecstasy and the pre-wedding preparation for what the Breaking Dawn trailer dubs "the event that will change everything."

Click on each image below for a larger version...

Wedding Prep
  • Speedboat Scene
  • Jacob vs. Rosalie
  • Thrilled Bella
  • Edward and Bella on Their Honeymoon

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Lil Wayne and his posse were attacked with pepper spray last night in Canada, after some d!ck got the stuff into the air ducts of a Montreal club.

It went down at La Mouche, where Weezy hosted an after party for his show. The ventilation system was compromised and people were evacuated.

This incident sounds awfully scary and really is not a laughing matter ... but it really deserves an Anne Hathaway gangsta rap synopsis, don't you think?

Young Money

So far, it's unclear if police are investigating the incident, but a rep for Lil Wayne says that the rapper is "okay and gearing for his next stop in Toronto."

You can't faze a real thug. Represent.


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Gerard Depardieu may have grossed many people out when he urinated on an Air France flight this week, but the French actor cracked CNN host Anderson Cooper up.

Or, to be more specific, the numerous puns associated with Depardieu's ridiculous action led to an uncontrollable laughing fit from the anchor.

"Some unlucky cleaning crew had to deal with the Golden Globe-winning tinkle. All I can say is they should thank their lucky stars it wasn’t DepardTwo,” Anderson said... and then he lost it:

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