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In one of the final interviews Russell Armstrong gave before hanging himself, the The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star went off on the series that made him famous and, it's clear at this point, led to his demise.

"Everything you see on that show is bullsh-t," Armstrong told The Fix. "Those Bravo bastards take every little argument out of context and magnify it for the cameras."

Russell and Taylor

Referring to Bravo producers as "evil overlords," Russell went on to say that viewers don't really know him.

"The Russell you see on TV has nothing to do with my real personality... It's just a character I play on TV," he said, admitting that character was "great for business."

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Proving that she does actually work on occasion, alleged actress Lindsay Lohan filmed a music video for the Florida-based band Miggs recently.

Fittingly, she's engaged in petty criminal activity in the video.

In "Let the Games Begin," LiLo plays a sultry model by day and a covert graffiti artist by night, taggin’ some rock while the rock music plays.

According to Miggs, the band sought someone with duality in their life, a girl who had done good and bad things. Lindsay Lohan fits the bill.

Check out the music video below and see what you think:

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They realized it would be a controversial decision to acquit Casey Anthony of murder. Heck, they even hated the girl personally. But the 12-member Orlando-area jury did what they felt was right and let her walk.

The public outrage that followed was not what they expected.

The Casey Anthony jury has received death threats, been barred from restaurants, been shunned by family, even been forced to flee in fear of backlash.

Casey Anthony Trial Photo

Their names remain closely guarded, but one male juror consented to speak with People under the condition of complete and utter anonymity.

His basic take? Casey Anthony sucks, but what are you gonna do?

"We all tried hard to separate emotions from the evidence," he says. "Generally, none of us liked Casey Anthony at all. She frankly seems like a horrible person. But the prosecutors did not give us enough evidence to convict."

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Sean Preston Federline is pretty much the man. Or the boy. You get the idea.

Britney Spears' adorable five-year-old - fathered by the fertility god Kevin Federline during their marriage - joined the pop star on stage Saturday in Ohio.

Sean waved to the audience, and his pop star mom planted a kiss on his sweet little cheek. It was a very cute moment, even if it was probably way past his bedtime, and brother Jayden James might have felt a little left out.

Check out a brief clip of Sean and Britney below:

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Last night on Bachelor Pad, Melissa went insane, Jake's feud with Kasey escalated, Bret Michaels showed up, and there was synchronized swimming involved.

Just another eventful night on ABC's guilty pleasure spinoff hit.

By the end, it was Jake Pavelka and Kasey Kahl on the block again, with a weird ending that would have people talking if the format actually mattered.

Read about it below in THG's official +/- Bachelor Pad recap:

Not In Sync

Blake, on Melissa: "She's like a live wire that's flailing around on the ground ready to zap somebody, and I'm covered in water." Plus 4 for that metaphor.

Speaking of water, the challenge is synchronized swimming! If you thought the girls would have a big edge here, boy did you think wrong. Minus 5.

Obligatory Minus 2 for Erica's attempt at "swimming."

Despite not playing to his self-proclaimed strengths - mental durability, physical strength and problem solving - Jake is the star ballerina! Plus 9.

Michael wins the rose, however, resulting in another boring, sappy date with Holly. Minus only 1, though, because at least this wasn't scripted.

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Already parents to two beautiful daughters, Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck are getting ready for another baby! She's pregnant, according to reports!

The couple, along with Violet, 5 1/2, and Seraphina, 2 1/2 – are "thrilled" to be expecting their third child, they confirmed to the Associated Press.

Levi McConaughey

Here's Jen out with soon-to-be-big sister Seraphina:

Garner and Affleck, both 39, have each spoken of being hands-on parents. Garner said juggling acting and motherhood gave her a "split personality."

"[I] feel like half my brain is somewhere else all the time, but when the camera's rolling, I pull it together and focus for two minutes," she has said.

"Then I kind of turn back to a ditz again."

A ditz and a great mom. Congratulations to the happy couple ... and sorry to J. Lo, who won't be getting back together with Ben anytime soon.


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Nick Ashford, who helped establish a gold standard for R&B duets with wife Valerie Simpson, died Monday in New York of throat cancer. He was 69.

Ashford & Simpson penned and produced many '60s hits for Motown's Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell, including "Ain't No Mountain High Enough."

"You're All I Need to Get By," "Ain't Nothing Like the Real Thing" and "Your Precious Love" were also among the twosome's creations.

Nick Ashford Picture

Nick Ashford also wrote hits for Chuck Jackson, The Shirelles, Maxine Brown, the Fifth Dimension and numerous other artists of the era.

Ray Charles' 1966 No. 1 R&B hit "Let's Go Get Stoned" was his breakthrough record. They would later write and produce Diana Ross' biggest solo hits, including her signature "Reach Out and Touch (Somebody's Hand)."

They also wrote Chaka Khan's "I'm Every Woman," which was later recorded by Whitney Houston. Basically, they were mega-hitmakers.

Ashford's death comes amid news that another famous songwriter, Jerry Leiber, passed away yesterday as well. Both will be missed.


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Jerry Leiber, one of the most famous songwriters of his era, has passed away from cardiopulmonary failure. He was 78.

Often working with Mike Stolle, Leiber was born in Baltimore and penned such iconic tracks as "Stand By Me" and "Jailhouse Rock." The partners met in high school and started writing together soon after.

"He was my friend, my buddy, my writing partner for 61 years," Stoller said. "We met when we were 17 years old. He had a way with words. There was nobody better. I am going to miss him."

Leiber is a member of the Songwriters Hall of Fame and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. He is survived by three children, Jed, Oliver, and Jake; and two grandchildren, Chloe and Daphne.

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One stars on The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

The other stars on The Real Housewives of New York City.

But both Melissa Gorga and Kelly Bensimon are very proud of their bikini bodies, and both show them off in recent publications. Gorga poses below for Life & Style, while Bensimon shows off for Shape. Study the curves and the cleavage and decide: Who would you rather....

And the Winner is?

Compare their bikini bodies and decide between Melissa Gorga and Kelly Bensimon now. View Poll »

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Look, Ryan Gosling, we get it. You're better than us. Your body looks like it's been photoshopped on, you've dated Rachel McAdams in real life, you got it on with Emma Stone in Crazy, Stupid Love and you star in the one movie that makes every female melt on the spot, The Notebook.

Must you rub your perfection in our face like this?

In an incredible, hilarious video, the actor is seen helping to thwart a fight between two men in New York City. Watch as Gosling steps in and a cheer goes up because onlookers - and the excited women behind the camera - realize who it is:

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