We're really not sure why anything Miley Cyrus does surprises us at this point.

But the artist posted a series of photos to Instagram on Friday of what she deemed a “out party, flexing her muscles, giving followers a look at dyed pink armpit hair and wearing a pig’s mask at one point.

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Just when we think things have simmered down between Jon and Kate Gosselin, the tension boils back to the surface, as it is wont to do.

At issue? Kate tweeting and quickly deleting a strange message about her ex that was probably meant for one person, not 245,000 followers.

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Just when we felt the celebrity sex tape well had at last run dry, along came (see what we did there?!) Courtney Stodden's self-pleasing effort.

NOTE: We never really believed it had run dry, but it's been awhile since we saw one of these ... and really, it's about time, are we right pervs?!

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Florida resident Jeff Waters was running a few errands yesterday when he unexpectedly found himself in police custody. His plan was simple:

Gather up his usual accessories (bath salts, ninja throwing stars) and stroll down to the bank to cash a $368 billion check so that he could finally realize his dream of opening up the world's largest underwater Italian restaurant.

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